Date: 25th April 2018 at 8:00pm
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Watford, Newcastle and Leicester will be the last three games that we will play as home fixtures at Wembley with the club not taking up their option of a second season at the national stadium.

That had been expected of course with the new ground nearing completion, but there had been some concerns that development deadlines had slipped, and that an extension may be required to stay a bit longer at our temporary home.

With that not being the case, it shows the club are confident of the move going off without a hitch, although it seems like preparations are being put in place for the team to play the first four games away from home.

It will be a challenge in itself moving to a new stadium, but if we do indeed have to start the first month of the Premier League season on the road, it could truly be a baptism of fire for Poch and the players.

We have been very decent away from home this campaign, with ten wins, four draws and four defeats, but like with all fixture lists, we could be unlucky with the games that we start with.

We could have two of the top six at home in the first four games that have to be flipped. Of course, that would be very unlikely, but if it did happen, you can imagine a situation where we head into the first game at our new home having not had the perfect start.

As I have said before, a bedding-in period is inevitable with the new ground. The acoustics will be different to White Hart Lane and Wembley for one thing. The pitch and the atmosphere will take some getting used to for the players as well so there are some difficult challenges ahead.

The above is a worst-case scenario for sure, but I think we have to at least be aware of the difficulties that could face this team in August. Disruption is never a great thing when you want to make a good start and the stadium move will inevitably be disruptive to some degree.

To what extent it will trouble on-pitch results, we can’t predict, but the character of the team may well be tested much earlier than expected next season.


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  • Its the other way around bud. We want the tough away fixtures early as we don’t start the season well anyway. This would mean more home fixtures later on against the top teams

    No brainer

  • All depends on how we get on: win all 4 games and we’re laughing with 2 extra home games to spare. After Wembley this season, I don’t think the change will be anyway hard to adjust to. Pitch is nearly exactly the same size and it’s a purpose built state of the art Spurs stadium that we’ll fill every match unlike the compromise of Wembley with restricted ticketing etc. The atmosphere should be electric and that should only lift the players more!

  • I’d want the tough away fixtures first, not necessarily because we don’t start the season well (although Kane’s August goal drought is a thing now), but simply because if we drop points, there are still many games to make up for poor results later in the season. This being said I don’t expect the new stadium to be a factor. My only qualm about Wembley was the bigger pitch. By most accounts the pitch size in the new stadium will be almost identical in size to Wembley’s so I expect a smooth transition.

  • Like other spurs fans, I am expecting a transition period similar to wembley start this season. With 4 away games before we can play at new stadium, it is a big challenge for Poch and players. So this means a transfer window for spurs that must be completed early. No last minute bargain hunting Mr. Levy, unless you can surprise us with another VDV quality type of player, after the main transfers are done. So this allows poch and his new players to get into the philosophy of poch’s training / tactical methods, and and not be on the sidelines for 2 months. Another benefit is that new players can establish a rapport with the existing squad.

  • Who knows how it will go?

    Say we have United, Chelsea, Liverpool and City away in our first four games. Most of us will be concerned about losing to those teams away, whenever we play them, 1st few matches or last.

    If in those first 4 matches we are drawn to play say, Huddersfield Town and whoever else manage to just avoid relegation this year, then we will probably expect 4 wins, home or away in August or May.

    Let’s see. Maybe we will thrash Chelsea at the start of August at SB and yet go on to lose to WHU in our first game at the new WHL…

    Swings and roundabouts!

  • It’ll be difficult for Spurs next season as every player and the manager will have left by then. I know, I read the papers!

  • HaHaHa well said SF, now seriously, why get all concerned for the maybe idea that we could be playing our first 4 lge games away, they will have to be played anyway, so what? results will be wins, losses or draws that I can honestly forecast to be true, to me there is absolutely no point worrying or analysing it, because what ever! Spurs will handle it, as they handled the Wembley hoodoo bull***t this season. I suppose it will give Sky and its pundits loads more to spout off about us, looking forward to it. COYS

  • In the Poch era we have tended to get off to a slow start to the season. We might as well, then play the opening matches away so we then can play more matches at home after we hit our stride. We’re used to playing catch up anyway. LOL.

  • Off topic but still looking forward to next season:

    I’ve read that Wanyama, Alderwiereld, Dembele and Rose are all possibly set to leave in the summer.

    I say, that if this is so, then I look forward to a new look Spurs.

    If not, then I’d like to presume that they will all (or, whoever does stay) be determined to play much better next season than they recently have done in this one.

    In a way, even if all 4 were to leave, I’ll not be fretting. As I feel that perhaps a fresh impetus is now needed to push this team even further than the past 3 seasons or so.

  • I was hoping to spark a discussion with that last post.

    Not so much about the speculation on those 4 players in particular leaving but more to do with having a new look for next season to provide a new impetus for the challenges ahead.

    And, that rather than any all of those players leaving being a bad thing IMO, I would somehow relish the change.

  • Oh well, I do tend to talk to myself in the real world as well as in this VS one. LOL!

  • Anyway… (Not that anyone is that interested it seems). These are some of Pochettino’s most recent words from his press conference this past week and in response to a question about his post Man U match words that this article refers to:

    He told the media: “It was not a message I was sending to someone, I was only explaining in the context of the question that the project is so strong [and] we believe in this project,” he said.

    “The club cannot behave like different clubs and I think the club needs to keep going with the project, keep pushing in this direction, trying to achieve all the things that the club want.

    “But it was not a message for someone. It was what I felt and I told you how I feel.

    “I am working, and I work, in every single project at every single club like I am going to be here for life. The only thing I wanted to translate is that the club is in the right way, that we cannot compare, that we need time to win.

    “After three or four years now we are able to compete with clubs like United, City, Chelsea or Liverpool but there is still a lot of work to do.

    “I think it is an exciting project at Tottenham, different to other clubs, but I still have a three-year contract and then obviously there is a decision. I always say football is the present and then the decision comes from the owner of the club, my boss, Daniel, to trust or not trust in myself.

    Which is basically the same as he has been saying all along.

  • HT sometimes they say a change is as good as a rest, I do see where your coming from with the fresh impetus idea, it could well be the best thing to happen, a couple of fresh faces, thus even meaning kick up the backside for couple of our players as a reminder Spurs are serious and do mean business, I really do believe this is what is required, mainly because I believe complacency has set in to a degree. COYS

  • I’m all for freshing up this squad HT like you say , but selling Toby to Chelsea or Utd ain’t good . What does that telling us the the fans and the players we ain’t paying our best players the goin rate and strengthening our rivals there’s no positives out of that I.e. (Walker city) trippier, aurier average players.sissoko,gnk,Lorente,lamela, all need moving on. Danny boy stay out of buying the like of sissoko of this world please as poch was told you will improve him as a player by our esteemed chairman.its in pochs book.dembele if a big offer comes in from abroad i.e. China then that would be a good deal his fitness and durability are deteriorating sorry to see him go but midfield needs a major revamp, rose sicknote this season but before that was by far the best fullback in the league , looks like he’s exiting the club which means we need to buy a top fullback bcoz Ben me old son you aint cutting it especially against the top sides .new signings needed it 2 fullbacks with speed , centre half if we lose one of the best in Europe, midfield a playmaker very hard to get good luck with that modric absolutely class imagine him in our team again a joy to watch, player playing in France called Serri African looks good . Martial would be a great signing for us can play wide of three man attack or up top. Debate my fellow coys

  • I definitely do not want Toby to go anywhere, Pauric. But surely the choice in the end will be his at it was for Walker to go to City.

    And, it seems almost inevitable that he will be leaving, along with maybe Rose at the least. Who will probably also want to go up North himself.

    It’s all about the club and team, not a bunch of individuals. And as part of the Spurs team and squad these past couple of seasons, I don’t see any of the players you’ve mentioned as being mediocre.

    How on earth is it that without the two of Rose and Alderwiereld hardly playing this season, did we beat those top teams in our recent unbeaten 14 match PL run, if that was the case?

    They may not all be the very best in their positions but we ain’t no Barca or Real or (this years) City, just yet.

  • Sissoko complete joke of a player , gnk, lorente,lamela, aurier resembles headless chicken how many penalties is he going to keep giving away , your last comment us not been Barca, real or city well certainly won’t be if your happy with middle of the road players

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