Date: 7th February 2018 at 12:26pm
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Davies and Trippier have been outstanding of late and a big reason behind our good performances against United and Liverpool in the past week. Some would see it unfair of me to suggest that Poch should drop the pair, ahead of the weekend`s North London derby, but it is time to restore Rose and Aurier – especially after our shambolic performance at the Emirates.

We were well beaten that day and this was largely down to a lack of pace within the team. Arsenal pressed us high up the field and we had no answer to it, given there was no out ball or width in which we could stretch them on the counter. Both would provide that necessary speed on the flanks that will enable us to take the game to the Gunners and put them on the back foot from the off. Poch needs to learn the lessons from that defeat and ensure that there is no repeat at Wembley.

I truly believe that a big reason we haven`t been competitive at the top of the league this season has been down to the loss of Walker and Rose – given how integral they are to the way we play under Poch last year. Unfortunately, we haven`t been able to see playing in tandem this campaign, largely down to injury; however, they would bring a total different dimension to our attack as we approach the business end

I know Poch is usually loyal to those players putting in performances, but the weekend`s game must be the exception – given the pace the Gunners has at their disposal. We need to fight fire with fire from the very first whistle and Danny and Serge`s inclusion is pivotal to ensuring that not only we able to quell their attacks, but offer far more options on the counter attack.


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  • Not sure I agree fully with this. Liverpool are arguably pacier than the Woolwich and we weren’t 2nd best away to them. I think most would pick Rose over Davies as he’s far more attacking and nearly as good a defender. Aurier may have more guile but he’s more prone to a moment of madness. Tripier is also no slouch. You make a case for all 4 of them. I’d probably go with Rose & Tripier

  • Not sure I agree actually for NLD. If you could guarantee me last season’s Rose then I’d be all in. However, it’s probably more important for him to play this evening and get going again. His performances have been indifferent this season mostly based on him coming back from the injury and having minor setbacks along the way. We have no clue what shape he’s in for NLD but do know that he last played on Boxing Day.

    As for the other side, that’s a bigger debate.

  • Arsenal are no faster in attack than United or Liverpool. ‘Pacey’ attacks are what their games are based on. We dealt with two of these quite well so why not Arsenal in the same way. Losing away at Arsenal or any of the other top club is not a disaster. It evens up when we beat them at home.
    It’s normally how it works for all of the top six clubs (apart from City this season, of course).

  • The other thing is that, as quoted by several squad members, we play our own game. They are good at playing their own game. It’s worked very well for 3 or 4 seasons, and seems to be even more effective against teams that won’t get any parking tickets. Although it’s a tendency for supporters to ‘big up’ other teams before we play them I don’t think our squad is as intimidated as the supporters appear to be. It’s all about faith and confidence in each other. Thankfully, there’s plenty of that around Wembley at the moment.

  • Wield the axe or rotate? … I think Poch would call it rotation. … Needless to say Geof, I agree… At least I’m not called happy-clappy these days just for showing faith in a team that quite frankly has warranted my confidence in them on many occassions.

  • I’m sorry to repeat myself on this but since Sunday there has been 4 written articles and yet still no match-day thread for tonight. Anyone at VS know why? It does help to concentrate our thoughts on the game ahead and does help us with our moaning and anger, or even praise, post-match.

  • I would like to see Rose restored to the starting 11 asap (if he is fully fit) because I believe he offers so much more than Davies (not that Davies is a bad player, he could start for most PL teams). I actually believe that after all these years, a game against Arsenal actually means something to Rose and I think if he’s fit enough, he’d be a true added value and well up for the game. Arsenal always seems to bring the best out of him. With Trippier and Aurier, it’s the eternal debate. On physical attributes, I’d say Aurier but he scares me. With Trippier, defensively he is reliable enough, but he offers little going forward. Against Liverpool I specifically looked at his performance, and he just couldn’t beat his man to put a dangerous cross in. They defended against him by pushing him out wide to reduce his effectiveness, and it worked rather well. He never was able to run past his man. Tough call.

  • Anyhow, I’m going for a comprehensive victory tonight and even if we are 1-0 down at half-time. No surprise there as it is Newport County and not Man City. Then again, I’d be saying the same if it was City… Up the Spurs and Up the Wembley Way!

  • Agree with you BS that Trippier could not beat his defender. Couldn?t get a cross in most of the match. However by them keeping him wide it allowed the game to be stretched wide and gave Kane, Eriksen and Alli a lot more room inside and helped us keep possession, which is hugely important against a team like Liverpool. I would definitely like to see Rose start today and Aurier also. As both are coming off minor injuries which has kept them off the field for a few weeks I don?t think Poch will play them against Arsenal. Not worried as Davies has raised his game over the last two outings and looks to rounding into something to last season?s form. Trippier wasn?t bad against Liverpool but if we go 3at the CB position on Saturday I would prefer Aurier to play to give us the added quickness and cutting-in threat.

  • Sorry White Hart and all but I’m going to hijack this thread for tonight’s match.

    #THFC: Vorm (C), Aurier, Alderweireld, Foyth, Rose, Wanyama, Winks, Sissoko, Lamela, Son, Llorente. #COYS

    Welcome home Rose, Winks and Toby!

  • Made this result a bloody sight closer than it should have been, our finishing was abysmal. Lloriente wouldn’t have scored if we played till tomorrow morning, a half decent No.9 would have had a hatrick with the chances he had. Sissoko gave the ball away, or played passes at half pace on 50% of the occasions he had the ball. Son and Lamela were brilliant as was Eriksen when he came on. In fairness we should have won by 5 or 6. Our finishing ratio against chances created was just not good enough.

  • Half the fun has gone off of VS with the lack of pre-match articles to stimulate comment and opinions before, during and after the game, we used to get hundreds of postings on a game, now you don’t know where to post comments. Can we please have our pre-match articles back please.

  • Yes Frank, I agree. And, I don’t get it. Even just a simple heading:

    Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal. Wembley, Saturday 10th of February, 12.30pm, will suffice.

    Win, Lose or Draw? Would be enough. Better than nothing.

  • When a striker misses such clear cut chances as Llorente did last night. It’s easy to think to oneself that it was deliberate for whatever reason. It looked much more difficult to miss a couple of them… My Auntie Edna (she’s a Dame you know)! Would’ve put ’em away, blindfolded and from the comfort of her rusty old wheelchair!

  • I suppose any one of us could do that. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a ‘Spurs In General’ thread each week. Posters could bring up anything Spurs or football related. Anyone know who’s running the site now?

  • Lorente missing that good chance .. due to rustiness of not playing enough, right foot shot would have gone in… Dele hitting the bar should have scored, Newport goalie played a blinder, save 2 on the line shots Sonny & Lamela. So I agree we should have scored 6…

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