Date: 11th June 2018 at 8:00pm
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You hear the phrase that a club has “made a statement” a lot in football, but with the announcement on Friday that Harry Kane has signed a new six-year deal with us, it was a perfect a statement to make early on in the summer.

Even just a month ago there was a lot of doubt and worry around. Why was Pochettino making some very cryptic public statements about his future? What was happening with the new stadium? Will our senior players be attracted by greater riches elsewhere?

Although not all of these questions have been answered, Pochettino and Kane’s long-term commitment to the cause means we have a very firm foundation to go forward from.

It’s looking like a domino effect will ensure all of the club’s major players will be tied down to longer deals. Poch’s new contract likely gave Harry the confidence to put pen to paper knowing the project that the Argentine has been constructing will be seen through. Other stars will then see the world’s best out-and-out striker commitment as the confirmation to sign on the dotted line themselves.

However, there is one important factor to take note of. The club’s highly publicised wage structure effectively no longer exists. Our no.10 is believed to be on £150k a week rising to £200k a week over the length of his new deal. Levy has decided that to keep our main man on board, he had to be paid a salary befitting his world-class status.

It’s a statement of intent that will precipitate others like Dele and Christian Eriksen in demanding huge pay rises as a result. A lot of fans will see these pay rises as deserving, but it could lead to some issues going forward.

Money is likely to play just a big a role in securing deals for out other stars now, as is the motivation of being part of the club’s quest to secure trophies under Pochettino. As we have seen with Alderweireld, Levy won’t give in to salary demands for every player, and there are now likely to to be some very tough negotiations ahead to secure our other top stars as a result of the precedent that Kane’s deal has set.


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  • So nice that a “penny a line ” hack who won’t even give his name at the top of the column can offer such brilliant insight to the poor incompetents who have been building this club over the last few years. I’m sure that Levy and friends never even thought of the implications of paying higher salaries to their top players. So nice of you to point it out to them. Have you considered the implications if they didn’t do that ? This is such a nonsense article; I don’t blame you for not signing it.

  • As Druid says Levy will have known exactly what the effect of the Kane deal would be. You can bet that he’s already worked out what he’s prepared to pay each player based on our net revenues. By the time Kane’s contract was announced most of the season tickets for the new stadium were already sold.

  • Kane should be on £500-600K a week minimum – facts are facts. You can’t call him the best striker in the world and then pay him relative peanuts – he’s on maybe half of that. If Sanchez is getting around £500K a week and Ronaldo is supposedly being offered and turning down nearly £600K a week then it’s obvious what Kane should be on. Will be with us 1 more season to see in the new stadium, Eriksen could well be on the move already hence pre-planning of signing Moura to play RW. If Eriksen stays – again expect him to leave next summer when he can be on £300-400K at Madrid/Barca. Reality bites bloody hard and we have a new stadium to pay for and unfortunately some of our players are that good that only the very best is befitting for them hence why they will move to the top Spanish clubs and earn the mega wages they deserve based on current market prices. No point deluding ourselves – only a miracle next season of winning the Prem or something alike (a la Leicester almost – given the challenge from the northern clubs) will surely keep them with us beyond the next 12 months.

  • Breaks my heart but reality is even Utd couldn’t keep hold of Ronaldo once Madrid came calling – MP – when they talk you listen. Best we can do is milk them while they play for us and then milk them when they leave. Luckily with regards to Eriksen we have Alli and Moura who will play ACM and RWF and then we can use some of the money to buy some young talent one expects and some gets put towards profit accumulation/new stadium, etc. Ericksen either goes this summer or at the latest next but he’s now 26 – same age Modric left with respective 5/4 years at the club. It hurts but it hurts less to be realistic, the new stadium was needed and that is now our priority – lest we dragged down by it into financial obscurity and massive trouble. I know about bum’s on seats but the fans will still keep coming unfortunately – shit we were and still filled out with 20k+ waiting list – so what will have changed?! Reckon we’ll keep hoping to nurture “quality” affordable young bargain’s and look to build from there. Hope I’m wrong, but it seems Sanchez was bought with Toby in line for sale hence why we paid so much in the first place. Attempting to read between the lines and that is what I find. Grealish not Bale is what we’re looking at for example – Bale Utd.

  • Alli getting put on £100-£120K a week – big deal – Zaha is already on that and I think is about to have that raised again. Fair play he’s been to Utd and proved vital to Crystal Palace but Alli is 1 of the best talent’s in the world and should be signing a £200-£300K deal. I’m just being realistic as to how good they are and what their supposed market value’s are. We love to talk top market value but pay peanut wages. That’s not our fault – it’s the battle/WAR we’re fighting especially with our aspiration’s of challenging the elite so like I said above – dose of realism, milk them and then milk them again and hope we get the rub of the green to still be in it sufficiently in say 5-10 years when we will hopefully be stadium debt “free” and looking at attracting, keeping hold off and paying top whack to the very best or thereabouts (afloat and challenging a lot easier). Utd had to sell Ronaldo yet now can pay Sanchez £500K a week (not worth it but hey ho and they still paid around £35m with the direct swap of Mkhityrian).

  • I think it a more financial common sense to give a lucrative contract to Harry. Poch just signed on the dotted line and Kane followed. It is obvious how Levy is playing this. Nothing masterstroke about it. To replace Harry with a prolific striker would’ve cost well over 75 mill and even then it’d been a gamble, that’s excluding any wage demands of a newbie. So paying harry another 60K pw, is mere 3 mill per annum extra….i.e., bugger all. It was imperative to tie up Poch and Harry, even if we only get a year or two out of them. Should tempt others to follow suit. We can’t afford to rock the boat and start a new project at this stage. It’s how we cover ourselves, planning ahead, with suitable replacements/additions. If we can recruit a couple of ‘1st team starters’ this window, win a trophy or two, then this concept will have paid off handsomely. Time will tell. In the mean time, Levy should sleep better knowing the fans will be happier and stay off his back for a while. I welcome it. I should also add that keeping our star players and show-casing our new stadium will easily add the extra revenue through greater TV coverage and general media exposure. COYS!

  • Good reply CS – good reading! HK10’s replacement I’m sure they’re pinning their hopes on young Reo and so am I. IF he’s anywhere near as good we’ve got another diamond!

  • el jefe, Just going by our recent record of trying to find a back-up, let alone a replacement for Harry, shows how important and ‘cheap’ this deal really is. Just got to recruit smart to plan for the future. Yes, instead of wasting money on the likes of Jannsen and Llorente, I too would like to see us utilise the academy to find the next Harry. Let’s hope Reo doesn’t get a mention in Poch’s new book and get thrown under a bus! Is he a young Messi or Ronaldo?!

  • Not just money, also vital foreigner spots in the squad as we’re right on the max at 17 already and have Janssen and N’Koudou going spare.

  • Hopefully Reo will be given an opportunity in the 1st team squad – Carabao Cup for starters. We also have Sonny who can cover HK10 as he did last season briefly so unfortunately it’s bye-bye to Janssen and Llorente. Hoping we get some kind of sell on clause on Janssen as he could prove to be a top quality striker in future – so best to either put in a buy back clause or a % of sale or something clever like Levy always tends to do.

  • Do you reckon we can keep hold of Ericksen another season or does he go now?! Modric went at 26 after giving us 4 years, Ericksen’s already given us 5 years so I reckon it’s a question of when not if. Let’s see how good a WC he has because that is another thing that might prompt an even earlier exit ie this summer instead of next.

  • el jefe, those that don’t sign a new contract may well wait a little longer to see what signings we have lined up before deciding. Some times a good player may see that he alone can’t carry all the dross around him and until Poch declares his hand on his targeted signings, some will keep their options open. WC performances and subsequent offers may be other distraction at this point. Apart from Toby, don’t think anyone will want to rock the boat. Rose will be busy googling. If we get Eriksen + Dele signed up to extensions, the trio + Poch will be a great attraction for players to join us. …stadium and CL being the other obvious draws.

  • Eriksen is going nowhere. He and Poch have a special relationship as does Kane and Lloris. Kane is especially an England lad, he isn’t going to Spain. He has a desire to see Spurs become a true force in Europe. I can’t understa the mystique of RM or Barca. If I was an English player I would do everything to make my club better than them, not join them to make them better or carry on their heritage. What the hell is worng with the world!

  • For me “Our Arry” isn’t/won’t go anywhere, as I have said before he is Tottenham Hotspur through and through, he is one of those as jvd said, English players who wants to make the club, he has supported since being a kid and having his dream fulfilled by playing for them, better than others and make Spurs a true force in Europe.

    Also is it possible? all that has been said prior to my post, that players will leave in 1 season’s time, will not happen and that being happy in their job is more important than the super wedges quoted, after all you can only spend so much, maybe I am a dreamer, but hey! after all I have supported Spurs through thick n thin for 58+years. COYS

  • Critical_Spur, retrospectively, anything can seem like “common sense”, or “obvious” but the facts are, there are a series of well made decisions, stretching back several years that allow us to safely offer competitive wages to star players, that clubs on par, or above us when Levy took over, are not even close to being able to replicate.

    “So paying harry another 60K pw, is mere 3 mill per annum extra….i.e., bugger all.”

    Well not when you factor in other players expecting a wage increase relative to Harry’s extra 60k, plus the net increase on transfer spending expected by most fans, irrespective of our limited pre tax profits over the last 5-10 seasons, which btw doesn’t include regular CL football and a 60-90k capacity stadium. in other words, it took a lot of, apparently, unappreciated effort to make the so called “obvious” decisions Levy is able to make today. Decisions the likes of Leeds, Everton, Newcastle and Villa clearly failed to do over the last couple of decades.

  • For the past three years we have been told repeatedly that all our players and our manager were leaving. Harry was being sold to Madrid and United on alternate weeks. Three years later most of them are still here.

  • As mentioned above… paying harry extra wages is a prudent move by Mr Levy. Also Dele & Ericsson, will be similar. This is still cheaper than replacing them, and paying new players and any agents involved… will keep consistency with the squad we have. This also keeps poch’s project on track, with the exciting new stadium effect on players and fans, to make the new WHL a London rival to Man Utd. Theatre of Dreams….

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