Date: 2nd November 2017 at 6:42pm
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The Game Is About Glory

Is this the Tottenham Hotspur of the past?

Or are we made of different stuff?

Personally, I see us as the new United. Stability in management. Focussed. Intense. Each player pushing every other player. Mentally and physically tough. Adaptable.

And above all……relentless.

The relentless hard work that is being done behind the scenes in training, on the pitch and off the pitch is what champions do. They don’t waver every time there is a set back. They analyze, adapt and move on.

Players come in, they adapt to the environment or are moved on.

This isn’t glory glory.

This is a machine designed to win trophies. And if the management stays stable it will.

We get closer every year.

It’s coming.


18 Replies to “Who are we?”

  • We are Spurs Madrid want our players and manager to stay the best but with the new stadium coming and the team progressing well and the talk that with poch it would be a lot more of a success to win the CL with spurs and more than just another manager successful at real big deal p. We are going to be one of the the teams at the top for next decade as spurs time is coming coys we are Spurs one team

  • This is a tought I have had a few times and as all the older guys here know how much I have went on about Harry Kane . I would like all the fans if you would like to show Harry we love him to put on end of odd message and keep it up now and again like a tag ( one team HARRY KANE spurs ) coys

  • We are SPURSY …. ignore us at your peril, under-rate us and suffer the consequences, disdain us and feel our wrath.

  • Well, Lloris out for two weeks, no update on Toby. Glad the int’l break round the corner…. but 6 Cockerels in the England squad….. No more injuries please. Unless, Sissoko’s versatility Covers us for ALL eventualities.

  • We are not the “new United”. We are not the new anyone. We are not the new anything. We have, have had and always will have our own strong, unique and individual identity as a football club.

    We are Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

    Harry Kane doesn’t change that. Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t change that. Not even Moussa Sissoko changes that. A win against Real Madrid doesn’t change that. Win, lose or draw doesn’t ever change that.

    We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham, We are Tottenham, from the….. Yet to be named, New “Lane”.

  • A couple of years back, I was at a business dinner Sir Alex was the guest of honour – I was reminded of this as I read 80’s brief but pointed article above; but what struck me all those years ago was his complete single mindedness and his desire to reinvent the club and rebuild it’s physche, often many times over – I get the strong impression from Poch book, that he’s doing exactly the same thing, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that was what he took away from his lunch and interactions with Sir Alex since… I quote:

    ” Sir Alex Ferguson warned entrepreneurs and business owners that true leaders must be ?ruthless?, and that ?winning is all important? at an event held in the principality of Monaco today.

    During his 26-year stint at Manchester United, Sir Alex was forced to make many tough decisions, he admitted. ?I was paid to keep winning, that was my job, so I was ruthless. I?m not going to deny that,? he said.

    Speaking at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year awards, held in Monte Carlo, the former Manchester United manager addressed an audience of more than 100 business owners, hailing from 50 countries.

    According to Sir Alex, true leaders must possess several key attributes. ?You have to have a strong personality when you?re leading people,? he said, ?And I?ve got a pretty strong personality.?

    Self assurance is also a crucial leadership trait, he added. ?I never doubted myself,? he said. ?Even in the dark days when I first joined Manchester United, I knew that what I was doing was completely right.?

    His strategy was to focus on finding and developing young players, ensuring a steady pipeline of talent for the first team. ?Managers usually only think about building the first team,? he said. ?I felt that I had to build a football club.?

    This remained his strategy for almost three decade and this consistency inspired loyalty in his staff, Sir Alex claimed. ?If you keep changing your mind, I don?t think it?s positive.?

  • Club’s do change, Ferguson changed United, Wenger changed Arsenal. Partly its about the manager, partly its about circumstances. Back in the doubles era players were paid peanuts, the game was largely domestic and any large club could afford any player they wanted. It would be simply impossible for Pochettino to build a team the way Nicholson did because the world has changed.

  • Ferguson said: ?In the 26-and-a-half years I was there, I never changed my conviction or my philosophy or my attitudes, and I think the players recognised that.

    ?Every day it was the same guy. That consistency created players who were consistent. The club was consistent, and that?s what made it the best club in the world, without question.?

  • The club still have a lot of work to do, as the stadium rises, so the rebuilding of all the internal structures of the club are also being over-hauled and rebuilt.
    And just like the stadium we are still a work in progress.

  • Spursex – The internal structure will never be static simply because of staff turnover. We will always lose back room staff and have to replace them. Even though most fans couldn’t tell you who they are these people are in demand and inevitably some are made a better offer and move on. Its no different to any other business in that respect even if its a largely invisible process.

  • If we are the new anything, then we are the ‘new’ Tottenham Hotspur’.

    I’m not having a dig at 80′ and his article, I’m just averse to calling anything the ‘new’ anything. It always seems to me to be meaningless as a phrase.

    I get that we can find similarities in the past and that those similarities in traits and methods can be used as a good example of how things can and maybe should get done but, football is far removed from when Sir Alex joined United. And although I dislike this too, as a phrase, Pochettino ain’t won nothing yet.

    There is one quite pertinent similarity I can also find between SAF and MP and that is that after a couple of seasons as manager of their respective clubs, there were many supporters that were not at all impressed with their management skills and wanted them ‘out’ of their club. The difference being that Sir Alex’s initial impact at United was not quite as impressive as Poch’s at Spurs and these days he would have been lucky for his owners to have the same insight and foresight as back then and, he would have quite conceivably been fired before his 3rd season was out.

    Black was never the new (lily)white. Marcus Edwards ain’t the new Messi and Harry Kane ain’t no Alan Shearer! He’s much better than that. 🙂

  • …And, as I have often said before, the two most successful THFC managers in our clubs history would be lucky to have got past or even finished in their 1st seasons at Spurs, if they were transported into todays PL and had similar results as they had way back when. Nicholson’s Spurs finished just above being relegated and Burkinshaw’s Spurs were indeed relegated. ….. As jod has pointed out, the world, and the world of football has changed. I can’t see Poch being at Spurs for the next 20 odd years and I can’t see Dele Alli doing a Ryan Giggs and retiring in his late 30’s, still a Spurs player. Or indeed, any PL club ever being as prolific again under 1 manager, as SAF’s United were.

  • I am reluctant to use SAF as a benchmark anyways. His self-belief, or arrogance in some cases, may have been a good thing in certain situations, but it also cost Man U dearly at various points in time. He drove quality players away (Stam, Keane, Beckham – the infamous boot incident has no place in football), and his reluctance to change things and admit he was wrong also led United out of the top 4 and through a dark period a few years ago. MP seems driven to succeed (and he certainly has no problems moving unwanted players on), but he seems to have a lot more empathy in doing so. SAF can take credit in trusting kids, but he was fortunate to have those kids at his disposal in the first place (credit to the people running the academy back then), and in the latter years, was always backed by the club financially (Ferdinand, Berbatov, van Persie, Veron being examples of high-profile transfers for world record fees). If anything, I actually think our rise is much more similar to Arsenal’s a few years ago, except I hope we will take things a step further.

  • Agree with HT managers rarely last 3 seasons nowadays. Most are signing 3 year contracts due to the pressure of the job. Some of the abuse managers take from supporters is criminal. MP has done well to last 3 seasons, however, if spurs remain trophyless this and next season the pressure will raise on MP from the fans and press who think trophies are what count.

  • Hot, no matter what it?s called as it is basically on top of White Hart Lane to me it?s only a remodelled White Hart Lane stadium so will always be the lane. The name given by sponsors that is what it is a sponsor to make money to pay for advertising and pay spurs for the let sign no matter how big. ( one Harry Kane team ) one stadium White Hart Lane coys

  • Supersex agree with the United consistency and after reading other message and quotes on Pochettino book. Also the set up he as installed at the club as all the players are developed to play his way and in most cases better for the player and club. Right down the ages. Say in five years time some of these kids will be so tapped in they will be probably be a lot more developed and confident with playing the Tottenham way and Pochettino?s guidance. Coys and the only way is up

  • bazdog , me too. Us supporters at the matches are still singing of the “Lane” and I’m sure we will be for some time to come.

  • Future generations might call it something else but for most fans today it will remain the ‘Lane’ until they stop breathing.

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