Date: 14th August 2018 at 7:00am
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Late yesterday afternoon the tabloids were kicking up a stink over news that chairman Daniel Levy has now booked up Wembley Stadium for Premier League and Champions League games until the turn of the New Year.

With headlines such as ‘secret payment’ and some capitalisation for effect, it’s a fuss over nothing in reality in my mind.

The Stadium redesign has already seen delays as we were supposed to move back into our ground at the beginning of the year and that didn’t happen. We had booked Wembley up for use until after this weekend’s Premier League clash with Fulham and now it appears we’ve extended our use until January.

The Sun carried the piece and quoted an unnamed Football Association figure who stated.

“Spurs have taken up the option to come to Wembley for a number of Premier League home games and the home games in the group stage of the Champions League. However, it is still their intention to play their home games at White Hart Lane after the Fulham game.”

This isn’t a last-minute clash or panic, building work often overruns and the clause to extend our use of the Wembley pitch was organised within the original deal as issues at the ground presented themselves.

It’s far safer to have a backup plan in place just to cover all eventualities and yes it will cost, the cost of having no backup plan could be even more expensive. It also makes more sense to get the ground right rather than rush things to suit self-imposed deadlines.

Not perfect, but hardly the end of the world.

As the night drew on there was plenty of speculation about ‘why’ this decision had been made, but if any of those claims are remotely true, then it remains the correct decision anyway and still doesn’t justify the spin some have given it in the media.


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  • I get the impression most people just don’t get how complex and challenging a major construction project is. Any end date is no more than a target and in my experience are missed more often than they are hit. Danny is spot on. Whatever the contractors are telling Levy its far better to have a backup plan. At the end of the day whatever problems we hit to my mind the stadium has to be built as without it we can never compete on even close to a level playing field. It will probably last a hundred years, a few years down the road no one is going to care much what happened in year one.

  • Good article Danny and good points Jod. People nearly always go beyond their expected move in-date by several months when building a house, which is far less complicated than a world class 60,000 seater stadium. The fact we are able to switch stratégies to play more games at Wembley so seamlessly shows good planning by the board. Levy-bashers can feel vindicated at having go about transfers, but the way the stadium project has been run appears very good. Whatever the security issue they encountered was, I’m sure it will be fixed before long and we will be able to enjoy the new stadium before the end of the season in any case.

  • Just posted the following on a previous thread but is a better fit for this one!

    Can’t believe the near hysteria on here but mainly in the media today over the stadium completion overrunning by a couple of months. It was always going to be an difficult target to complete the construction just 14/15 months after the last game in the old stadium. If you check back over the timelapse it is just 12 months since the demolition of WHL was completed, I don’t think anyone can realistically criticise the effort that has been made to try and achieve what I have always believed was an overly ambitious target date but surely you have to give them credit for trying?

  • Danny …. Good article. There doesn’t seem to be anything to get suicidal over …. or even mildly depressed. It’s our ‘Field of Dreams’ and, if you build it, they will come! How could Kevin Costner be wrong.

  • Its now looking as if the club are actually charging the same price for Wembley as for the new stadium. Since the whole justification for the price increases was the new stadium was going to provide a better experience that to my mind is a rip off.

  • Geoff – I think the issue is about trust between the club and the fans. There is very little right now. When the news broke about the delays, the natural reaction from the fans and the supporters trust was that they knew for a while and had withheld information. It’s probably not true, but when you have little credibility left then you have to deal with that. The comms were as clumsy as it goes implying that we were only told on the day as we may have found out by other means. There was also subtly a stronger message to the NFL miss than the Spurs fans themselves.

    We’ve had a mis-executed transfer window and so far the words that Levy will get our best players signed to new contracts are just shallow words. Apart from Kane, there’s no closure. When you earn £6m. a year, you can’t mis-execute on your deliverables 3 times in a year. You’re lucky to keep your job but football doesn’t work that way.

    For me it’s becoming clearer and clearer that In Poch we trust. However In Levy, it’s quite the opposite whether we want him as our chairman or not. He’s running an arrogant regime at the moment and has forgotten that we’re his customer paying our Sky Subscriptions / Season Tickets etc. By the way, we’re also his salesforce as Spurs fans spread the word and create more and more fans. It’s also fair to say that when the sh*t hits the fans, you need to be front of house. He’s not even fronting it up and instead working through average PR folks.

    The concern becomes when we have our “field of dreams” and our NFL revenues etc. Does he become even more detached from reality about the genuine Spurs fan? Levy has done a good job getting us this far. I’m in no way convinced that he has the leadership and strategic qualities to get us to the next place.

  • jod….if you are correct there, then I back your “rip off” theory, but I had heard/read somewhere that refunds were going to happen, again I suppose fans not getting correct info.

    Geofspurs….doesn’t seem to be anything to get suicidal over, lol, the ones moaning about the non signing TW will not be thinking that, just adding to their demise. COYS

  • muttley …. I don’t disagree with anything you said but it is all about business and it would be naive to expect any business to disclose everything … whether we like it or not. THFC may well have been able to inform supporters earlier and maybe they should have but, at the end of the day, it is what it is. I realise this will certainly not appease season-ticket holders who are the most affected.

  • Pompey, you should make your own forum for only your perceived realists to post, what a happy world that would be, as we getting this kinda comment from you,on nearly every thread these days.

  • Geoff – not expecting Spurs to disclose everything by any means.

    When Mace’s financial year-end is Dec 31st, it does strongly imply that we’ll be in the stadium very soon. A company like that wouldn’t want to miss stage payments or have to defer revenue into their new year. Their turnover is £2b+ and our project is very significant on their books.

    That won’t change the relationship and communication issues between our chairman and the fans though. That’s down to Levy to figure out himself.

  • Ossie…..So your saying VS is an unhappy forum then, as much as I would like to I do not have the time or inclination to set up a happy world forum sorry!

    To you, I am also sorry for using the word realist! and yes I do us it on nearly every thread because…no matter the subject/article up comes the same old same old spiel, again I am sorry for upsetting you. COYS

  • PompeyYid – As I currently understand it (and I could be wrong) they will continue what they’ve done for the Fulham game. That means they will credit your account with 1/19th the cost of the season ticket which you can either keep or spend on the Wembley ticket which makes the cost of Wembley the same as the new stadium at White Hart Lane. The strange thing is it makes the cost of seeing Cardiff the same as seeing Man City so you might get fans being selective on which games they actually go to.

  • jod…..yes I agree with your post, I read earlier today about the 1/19th credit, so you are right there, and yes your probably right about fans being selective, but I think they will be in the minority, whether it be Cardiff or MC your still going to see the mighty Spurs play. COYS

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