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Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been a big topic of conversation for Tottenham Hotspur fans in the opening few months of the 2018/19 campaign.

The French international has pulled off what many would consider to be his trademark stops at points, but equally, his form but mainly his decision making has dipped at others, to our detriment.

With another mixed performance in the eyes of some against Crystal Palace prior to the November international break kicking in, Steve Smyrk gives his thoughts on why he believes it’s time for the 31-year-old to be given a short break by manager Mauricio Pochettino so he can get his head completely right again.


Whilst Hugo Loris has been a great servant of Spurs over several seasons, like every player who has a ‘blip’ in their performances, he should be dropped.

Don’t get me wrong I was and still am, a great admirer of him as a world class goalkeeper, but apart from some great shot-stopping, his form since the WC has dipped. We’ve all seen his CL howler v Barcelona where he came rushing off his line, leading to Barca opening the scoring, he later repeats this madness in the PL.

Equally as concerning, is his lack of authority in the penalty box, this was just recently highlighted v Crystal Palace, flapping at corners and crosses. His distribution needs working on

Which brings me to the recent performances of Paula Gazzaniga. He’s also made some top class saves, at 6’ 4’ he does command his box and comes for corners and crosses with confidence and determination. Finally, his distribution is excellent and he has on more than one occasion instigated a Spurs counter-attack, with his quick thinking and distribution.

So like many other Spurs fans, I would like to see Gazzaniga given more starts in the EPL!

Writer: Steve Smyrk

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12 Replies to ““Which Brings Me To The Recent Performances Of…” – Is It Time For This Spurs Man To Get A Few Games To Clear His Head”

  • Open bar for daily campain against Lloris …. who is Behind ?
    First Time to see a club média supporting a campain against one of his Own player
    Who is behind ?

  • I’ve been perfectly clear, I think, concerning my deep disappointment with Lloris this season. I don’t know what’s behind his atrocious drop in form. Winning captain on the French WC team warped him? Too much wine with his French teammates and the drink driving night? Just getting tired of playing? Better thinks to do? Hanging out at bars with Gooner friend? I actually defended the man when some on here were raking him cross the coals for the drink drive, saying that he will pay the price and lets’ move on, but his sloppy uncaring play at times hs worn my sympathy away. My patience, too.

    agree with the idea of sitting the man, at least for a spell. hope he can find his center self and start playing like an asset to Spurs, not a deep hole into which he will make us fall.

    Paula Gazzaniga? lol. She would be great, but I’d prefer Paulo Gazzaniga. I’d surely even prefer Alfie Whiteman.

    But it’s clearly past time to separate for a while from our “captain” Lloris. I wouldn’t even sit down with a therapist for couple’s therapy with him until he does something to earn our trust again. Since July he’s been a captain for France, and not much of a GK for Spurs. And we give him the arm band? For shame. Let him sit on a dock in Marseille and stare out at the sea for a few weeks. I’d send him to the other side to smoke some kif in Morrocco. Let him take a leave of absence until next season.

    Too harsh, am I? I think not, I’d be happy to sit on a dock with some kif in a pipe and stare at the sea. But no more wine, man, of you’ll have reason to whine. LOL.

  • Someone will come on this thread and argue that Hugo the LLo was playing behind an unsettled defensive line. but, por l’amour de la merda, man, you’re supposed to be the class of the world class. the winning captain of the WC winning team. The captain of the winning club several times in the French league. Por l’amour de la merde, mon capitaine, don’t blame your shakey defense to your fore for you flappy about like a wingless drunk-drive penguin flapping wingless into the breeze.

    Peignez vos joues avec du rouge to hide behind your shame. This is on you, not on your shaky defensive line. None of them forced to you race out like you were on ice without skates. You dropped your teammates like a turd falling without a parachute. Sacre bleu, bro.

  • Okay. Feeling better now. Good thread. Needed therapy after watching Huginho the wine spiller playing some Paula for the first third of this season.

  • Hugo will not be dropped as long as when he is playing, we actually win most of the time…

    Hugo has made 10 appearances this season. 8 PL matches and 2 CL matches.

    Spurs have won 7, lost 2 and drawn 1 with him in the team.

    Drawn 1 lost 1 in the CL. No clean sheets. Conceded 5.

    Won 7 lost 1 in the PL. 4 clean sheets, conceded 5.

    He has made errors and not always been at his best. But he has still saved us a good few PL points in the process… And he remains one of the top goalkeepers in world football…

    Much like Harry Kane has not been in top form but still scored 10 goals in 16 Spurs appearances…

    When those two really start letting us down big time is when we should really start to worry…

    It’s a team game… We win as a team and we lose as a team… We don’t need scapegoats right now. They all need and deserve our full support…

    All for one and one for all!

    • Yup and you could argue on odd occasions he has been taken out of the firing line, so is there an element of being rushed back after his knocks, and then trying a bit too hard because he’s made clangers?

      As you say though, despite not top form he’s still doing a job more often than not that works for us, so when key players it top form….

  • It’s a fact that when we get into our 30’s our concentration isn’t as sharp and our reflexes start to deteriorate. Also we lose acceleration and pace.

    Think what style of keeper Hugo is? He has always been a sweeper keeper for us. Which heavily relies on concentration, reflexes, speed and acceleration.

    Like it or not Hugo is on the decline. It’s rare a keeper of his style can play at the highest level until mid to late 30’s.

    If the club has any ambition it will be looking for a new long term number 1. Ideally for next season.

    Hugo will always be a decent keeper until he retires. But last season and this, he has made way too many mistakes. Not all have been costly but plenty of warning signs there.

  • Maybe as an ex-goalkeeper, Im a little biased… But, then again, maybe I am a bit more knowledgeable because of this. Just maybe!

    Hugo is about to turn 32. He could quite possibly spend another 5 or 6 years at the top of his profession. Which would be quite normal for most goalkeepers that have no serious injury worries…

    I’m not denying that he has made mistakes in making some poor defensive decisions in recent months but that doesn’t mean he is on his way out. His reflexes and speed of foot in general haven’t been a problem that I can see, whatever his age. His shot stopping ability hasn’t worsened and the man has not slowed down in his reactions and reflexes at all in my eyes…

    Goalkeepers that are 10 years younger than him can, do and will make similar mistakes to Hugo. In fact I’ll suggest that his recent errors are ones that an experienced keeper of his age and talent should be making less of, not more and, are quite likely to be usually seen coming from younger, less experienced players. I don’t think it’s an age thing. At least as a man turning 32 years old in December, I won’t assume it to be just yet…

    We do have Gazzaniga who is no spring chicken at 27 come January (which is considered a prime age for a pro footballer), and he hasn’t yet managed to be a real challenge to Lloris, in spite of playing quite well in his very few appearances. But, if Hugo does worsen over the season then maybe he will step up to the plate. But, I honestly can’t see anyone taking over Hugo’s role just yet. Not as long as he is saving us many more points than he is losing for us. And he is. It really is as simple as all that.

    I will also say that his position is just part of a whole defence that also has to take responsibility of actually defending the goal area and field in front of him from invasion. And the fact that Hugo looks to be much busier this season, having to make many more saves on average than in the past 2 or 3 seasons means to me that perhaps our defenders are not quite up to scratch this season as well. And yet we are still not leaking excessive amounts of goals or losing many matches… So the problem is not yet a big one for me just now. I do see it as fixable…

    All for our No.1 and our No.1 for all!

    HUUUUUGO! Here to stay, I think… I hope.

  • Geof,

    perhaps, mate, perhaps. But I am tired of Hugo’s blunders since the WC went to his head (and the wine, too).

  • Why do folks (TK), so often feel the need to get personal and insult players when they hit some bad form? Why do it to your own teams players? And why do it when things are not even going badly?

    I put Hugo’s basic match stats up for a good reason. But I’ll repeat; He has played a total of 8 PL matches this season and we have won 7 and lost one of them. Hugo has kept 4 clean sheets and conceded just 5 goals. This is by no means bad. So he must be doing something right, surely. In this I can easily forgive the mistakes. But I’m certain that when he truly does become a full-time liability he will indeed be dropped. But not before…

    TK, I think you have it the wrong way around when; You joked and made light of Hugo’s drink-driving offence but then you go on and on with your insults toward him for a couple of footballing errors… One scenario often takes human lives and the other may or may not lose a football team a point or two… Perspective man… Perspective.

  • And, just to exaggerate my point further… 2 of the 5 goals he has conceded in the PL were the 2 penalties that Foyth conceded v Wolves. 2 well taken pens that he has no blame for in giving away or in not saving…

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