Date: 17th March 2014 at 3:38pm
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I ask the question because of the number of people who trot out that famous phrase of Danny Blanchflower’s’ the game is about glory’ as if somehow justifies what we are doing.

I can’t see any glory in what is happening so I ask the question; where is the glory in losing? Where is the glory in grinding out meaningless campaigns in the Europa which almost inevitably end in ignominy for English clubs against fresher teams from weaker leagues while the top teams play in the champions league?

Where is the glory in watching players with some ability but no heart or commitment fail to deliver? Where is the glory in the in the merry go round of managers, hired and fired so quickly they can never build a team?

Where is the glory where buying and selling players seems to have become an end in itself and far more important than getting the best out of what we already have? If someone can explain where the glory is, please explain, because I can’t see it and I suspect Danny wouldn’t have either.

Written by jod