Date: 14th June 2019 at 6:30am
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Writer: Parklaneyido

So here we are again in transfer talk silly-season.

We’re already in mid-June and Daniel Levy still hasn’t loosened the purse-strings – I despair!

In 2016/17 we had a great opportunity to add to our squad in a fantastic way that would have made our magnificent team unbeatable in any competition. Somehow Levy was unable to see this and show real ambition, much to my disappointment.

During the summers of 2016 and 2017 we were linked with signing every player under the sun as usual and amongst other names, notable ones that we appear to have missed out on included:

• Moussa Dembele (Fulham – Celtic)
• Ousmane Dembele (Borrusia Dortmund – Barcelona)
• Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow – Leicester City)
• Tanguy N’dombele (Amiens – Lyon)

You can imagine my relief when in the dying minutes of the Summer transfer-window in 2016 we doubled are Moussa-count with the signing of one Mr. Sissoko. I had hoped that this was the beginning of a new era; the turning of the page leading to an influx of Mousa Beles adorning our colours. The deception was immense when in January of this year our beloved original Mousa Dembélé was sold for a minute fee to Guangzou R&F. I was inconsolable at this complete act of disloyalty from the Tottenham board.

Recent speculation would now suggest, we may be trying to sign Tanguy N’dombele, which gives me renewed hope that all is not lost. Mr Levy, I implore you, please, please, we must now build on this: bring back Mousa and sign all the other Musa beles up whatever the cost – this is the path to success.

In fact we must also sign our defence up to new contracts with a stipulation that they change their names by deed poll. The new Spurs 11 for 2019/20 season must surely become:

Moussa Lloris
Kieron Tribele, Jan-Mousa Vertonghen, Toby Alderbele, Danny Dembélrose
Moussa Sissoko, Tanguy N’dombele
Ousmane Dembele, Mousa Dembele, Ahmed Musa
Moussa Dembele


Paulo Gazzabele, Kyle Walker-Bele, Lucas Mousa, Heung-Min-Son-Bele,
Harry-Musa Kane, Harry-Musa Winks, Erik Lambele (Christian Eriksen must be
sold as his name is NOT Mousa-Bele compatible!).

Hopefully, Mr. Levy and the board will listen to my pleas. I cannot wait to listen to the commentary of our first match next season.

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53 Replies to “What The Moussa Bele – Silly Season For Spurs Is In Full Flow”

  • Semedo looked quality in the Euro Nations league finals but I’m starting to believe we’ll still be the same come August namely Trippier, Aurier and KWP. I would prefer to keep Trips and get rid off Aurier signing a top class RB but doubt it’s going to happen – hope they up their game next year and stop committing so many costly silly errors – ridiculous.

  • El Jefe, you know as well as I do we won’t be buying any top quality players, only those who just might with a lot of luck, and a following wind, become quality, or are just simply cheap. There is a price structure in the transfer market, and some on here and Titus Levy can moan and complain about players being too expensive all they like, but nothing will change. Nobody forces anybody into the transfer market, so anybody that is not happy can stay away (as Levy appears to do, window after window). Funnyly our esteemed chairman’s attitude and philosophy undergoes a dramatic change when he is selling rather than buying, suddenly the transfer fee structure is rewritten.

  • Gomes for £22m is a good deal but I watched him last season and was not that impressed but for £22m he would have been a good squad player. Bissaka should be around £40m what Utd first offered but fair play Palace for holding out for near £60m – that’s a lot of money for a RB especially a very young one – like I said hope he flops but if he continues to play as he did last season in 10 year’s time £60m could again look a bargain.

  • We have been achieving CL qualification regularly and even made the final this year, all within a sensible financial model, at the same time we have built the best stadium in this country. I guess this must have been down to good fortune as we have such a crap chairman then Frank?

  • Yes TQ2Spurs. But where did we finish in the league? How far behind Liverpool and Man City? In the end we were VERY lucky to make the top 4 due mainly to others poor form rather than our good play.

  • It’s the old thing about glass half full/half empty Ekkaboy, some choose to bemoan the fact we didn’t win the PL rather than celebrate what we did achieve i.e. reaching a CL final and again qualifying for the competition next season when Arseanal and Manu didn’t!

  • It’s all about perception, you could also say we were VERY unlucky in not being able to maintain the title challenge because our players became more and more knackered as the season wore on, the majority of the first eleven didn’t get a proper summer break or pre-season due to going so deep into the world cup tournament.

  • I get the feeling that many Spurs supporters are being denied access to any form of glass or receptacle of any description that could be half-filled or half-emptied.

    I have a few spare ones if anyone’s interested. But you will have to fill ’em yourselves. And unfortunately, they don’t come with a guarantee…

  • Tanguy Ndombele will be signed this window and then we have finally got the core of the team sorted after five years trying pretenders ( one team coys )

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