Date: 14th June 2019 at 6:30am
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Writer: Parklaneyido

So here we are again in transfer talk silly-season.

We’re already in mid-June and Daniel Levy still hasn’t loosened the purse-strings – I despair!

In 2016/17 we had a great opportunity to add to our squad in a fantastic way that would have made our magnificent team unbeatable in any competition. Somehow Levy was unable to see this and show real ambition, much to my disappointment.

During the summers of 2016 and 2017 we were linked with signing every player under the sun as usual and amongst other names, notable ones that we appear to have missed out on included:

• Moussa Dembele (Fulham – Celtic)
• Ousmane Dembele (Borrusia Dortmund – Barcelona)
• Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow – Leicester City)
• Tanguy N’dombele (Amiens – Lyon)

You can imagine my relief when in the dying minutes of the Summer transfer-window in 2016 we doubled are Moussa-count with the signing of one Mr. Sissoko. I had hoped that this was the beginning of a new era; the turning of the page leading to an influx of Mousa Beles adorning our colours. The deception was immense when in January of this year our beloved original Mousa Dembélé was sold for a minute fee to Guangzou R&F. I was inconsolable at this complete act of disloyalty from the Tottenham board.

Recent speculation would now suggest, we may be trying to sign Tanguy N’dombele, which gives me renewed hope that all is not lost. Mr Levy, I implore you, please, please, we must now build on this: bring back Mousa and sign all the other Musa beles up whatever the cost – this is the path to success.

In fact we must also sign our defence up to new contracts with a stipulation that they change their names by deed poll. The new Spurs 11 for 2019/20 season must surely become:

Moussa Lloris
Kieron Tribele, Jan-Mousa Vertonghen, Toby Alderbele, Danny Dembélrose
Moussa Sissoko, Tanguy N’dombele
Ousmane Dembele, Mousa Dembele, Ahmed Musa
Moussa Dembele


Paulo Gazzabele, Kyle Walker-Bele, Lucas Mousa, Heung-Min-Son-Bele,
Harry-Musa Kane, Harry-Musa Winks, Erik Lambele (Christian Eriksen must be
sold as his name is NOT Mousa-Bele compatible!).

Hopefully, Mr. Levy and the board will listen to my pleas. I cannot wait to listen to the commentary of our first match next season.

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53 Replies to “What The Moussa Bele – Silly Season For Spurs Is In Full Flow”

  • HT…..humorous and light you say, I hear many saying “whats he on about? whats humour?” lol.

    PLY….well written with a sense of humour, haha. COYS

  • Really don’t see the point of VAR, and all the controversy around it, when incorrect decisions still lead to game changing situations but aren’t subject to review. USA just scored from a corner incorrectly given that should have been a goal kick which was confirmed by the TV replay.

  • The problem is not that we haven’t started our transfer dealings yet, but whether we actually do any transfer business. ENIC are business and property orientated, they are not devoted pursuers of football trophies, they may well say that the fact that we finished top 4 and got to the CL final proves we don’t need to buy. They will not be interested in squad ” continuous improvement” all they want is to sell one or two to return yet another transfer window profit and to settle back and enjoy the increased revenues and profits from the new stadium. Anybody expecting any significant transfer business is likely to be disappointed, as the best we can expect are perhaps bargains like N’Koudou and Jannson, at the tail end of the window when everyone else has had their pick and left the dregs to Spurs yet again. We are owned by ENIC not Fenway Sports and the difference is obvious, but there again we have rebuilt half of Nth London, rather than just built a football stadium.

  • Tanguy Ndombele Is best investment this team will ever make he is the game changer . GLORY or £200mill in a years time . Enic as to be done coys one team

  • I wonder if all of the transfer talk has affected Wan-Bissaka, he certainly didn’t look like a £50m player in the Engalnd U21 game tonight.

  • £50m for Wan-Bissaka?! That has to be a joke.

    Spurs bought Trippier (who was a couple of years older than Bissaka is now), for £3.5m just 4 years ago…

    AND, Wan Bissaka is much further down the ladder as a proven, experienced player than Kieran was back then.

    Wan Bissaka has made just 46 total career appearances for his only club, Palace… 46!

    It’s all gone nuts in the transfer market! Madness!

  • The transfer market hasn’t gone mad at Spurs, neither will. We will probably maintain Levy’s stance on transfers, waiting for the last day or two of the window to sign a couple of cheaper bargain 2nd class players, after all why break the habit of a lifetime, why spend a shilling when a halfpenny will do. It is unbelievable that some suggest costly potential signings at Spurs, when it is probable that we will keep cost/ player below £20 M.

  • Frank, Spurs spent more than twice that 2 years ago on a player that’s not even a first choice in the team. £42m on Sanchez…

  • ……. Of course, the Spurs supporters that do love a regular moan about our spending, complained that Davinson Sanchez cost too much!

  • Sanchez is going to turn out to be a bargain – top quality defender and still only 23 – being held up a bit by the Verts/Toby partnership but that’s a world class pairing so is natural. How much will his old partner leave for now namely De Ligt? Like I say he will prove to be a bargain. Still hopeful on signings – wait and see approach required though.

  • Wan-Bissaka definitely didn’t look like a £55m (that’s what I read) player in the England U21 game last night!

  • Maybe you misunderstood me TQ2. I wasn’t having a dig at you. I was agreeing with you. I’ve read the reports about how much Palace are supposedly asking for him. And my opinion is that if this is true then it’s madness…
    I don’t think he has warranted that kind of fee all season, let alone from his performance in the U-21 match… But the guy is good and he is young. He will have bad games. They all have bad games. But my point about him is that he is barely experienced as a pro footballer but once again the hype rules the day. And the hype inflates the price… Not his fault of course…

  • Yeah I knew that HT, not sure how my post gave you the wrong idea? :- )

    Reading this morning that Everton have agreed a fee of £22m for Andre Gomes, he’s not the the best but is a very decent player, you have to wonder why such ridiculous fees are being talked about for players that aren’t much different from his ability level.

  • You also have to wonder how Leeds can reportedly be asking for £20m for the young lad Clarke, who has only made 4 starts for them, in relation to £22m for a player of Gomes experience?

  • It has to be that these players: Clarke, W-Bissaka, Sessegnon etc., are home-grown. Which almost defeats the object of the home-grown rule in the first place…

    • Apparently Fulham want £25M for Sessignon, so what is the hold up, we have been his approved destination for about 12 months. The tactic is a well worn one, we will hold back until somebody else steps in and buys him from under Levy’s nose, then we will get the hackneyed phrase from our chairman “we tried, but we’re unable to get it over the line. What with the deal with Betis failing, and this one floundering it looks like yet another ” A” typical Levy transfer window, strong on rumour, light on action, with the wallet remaining firmly shut as usual.

  • There was never likely to be a flurry of early signings in the summer transfer window, many of the reported targets (not just Spurs targets) have been, or still are, involved in summer tournaments such as the European Nations Cup and Euro qualifiers which finished only a short time ago, and the Copa America and Euro U21 Championships which are both still live.

    Sessegnon is currently taking part in the latter so there is no possibility of anything being done until he returns from this, even then he will no doubt want a holiday! In addition to this Poch is currently holidaying in the Balearics but will no doubt still be in contact regarding transfer targets.

  • Hi frank hope your well . I really do hope this time they take the step or drop out of top four . It’s needed and they know it’s time to rumble or fade . hope it’s all we got . ( one team coys )

  • It’s now being reported that Wan-Bissaka to Manu is going to be £60m…………….absolute madness and driving the game closer to the cliff edge.

  • Utd have Dalot – who is very highly rated and played decent for them last season and cost less than £20m and they still have Young. Why do they even want Bissaka especially for £60m? Hope he flops lol!

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