Date: 14th June 2019 at 6:30am
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Writer: Parklaneyido

So here we are again in transfer talk silly-season.

We’re already in mid-June and Daniel Levy still hasn’t loosened the purse-strings – I despair!

In 2016/17 we had a great opportunity to add to our squad in a fantastic way that would have made our magnificent team unbeatable in any competition. Somehow Levy was unable to see this and show real ambition, much to my disappointment.

During the summers of 2016 and 2017 we were linked with signing every player under the sun as usual and amongst other names, notable ones that we appear to have missed out on included:

• Moussa Dembele (Fulham – Celtic)
• Ousmane Dembele (Borrusia Dortmund – Barcelona)
• Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow – Leicester City)
• Tanguy N’dombele (Amiens – Lyon)

You can imagine my relief when in the dying minutes of the Summer transfer-window in 2016 we doubled are Moussa-count with the signing of one Mr. Sissoko. I had hoped that this was the beginning of a new era; the turning of the page leading to an influx of Mousa Beles adorning our colours. The deception was immense when in January of this year our beloved original Mousa Dembélé was sold for a minute fee to Guangzou R&F. I was inconsolable at this complete act of disloyalty from the Tottenham board.

Recent speculation would now suggest, we may be trying to sign Tanguy N’dombele, which gives me renewed hope that all is not lost. Mr Levy, I implore you, please, please, we must now build on this: bring back Mousa and sign all the other Musa beles up whatever the cost – this is the path to success.

In fact we must also sign our defence up to new contracts with a stipulation that they change their names by deed poll. The new Spurs 11 for 2019/20 season must surely become:

Moussa Lloris
Kieron Tribele, Jan-Mousa Vertonghen, Toby Alderbele, Danny Dembélrose
Moussa Sissoko, Tanguy N’dombele
Ousmane Dembele, Mousa Dembele, Ahmed Musa
Moussa Dembele


Paulo Gazzabele, Kyle Walker-Bele, Lucas Mousa, Heung-Min-Son-Bele,
Harry-Musa Kane, Harry-Musa Winks, Erik Lambele (Christian Eriksen must be
sold as his name is NOT Mousa-Bele compatible!).

Hopefully, Mr. Levy and the board will listen to my pleas. I cannot wait to listen to the commentary of our first match next season.

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53 Replies to “What The Moussa Bele – Silly Season For Spurs Is In Full Flow”

  • Real Deal, you’re not getting intot the spirit of the article.
    Surely you mean, we must sign Ryan “Mousa” Sessegnon

  • Ordinarily I might suggest you’ve spend too long in the sun p-l-y but if the weather where you are is anything like what it is where I am it’s very unlikely you’ve had enough to cause this issue! lol

    It has only been a couple of weeks since our last club game and just one since the last England game but you are clearly missing the action already, have you tried watching any of the Women’s world cup matches? There have been some pretty decent games like the Aussie v Brazil yesterday, you can watch all the ‘belles’ you like by doing so!

  • TQ2 …. Aus v Brazil was a good game. France and the US have played some brilliant football, too. It looks like being a very entertaining competition.

  • PLY …. Are you the ‘ITK’ person everyone refers to? What do you think of the African star De Mbele and Le Dembe from France? Bleemed if I know.

  • Whatever happened to a young man named Belli Alli? Anyone remember Gareth Bele?

    As for the Women’s World Cup? I love it.

    I love football. I love women, I love womans’ football and I love world cups! I just gotta love, love… Love rules, ok!

    Up the Love!

  • Silly season as it is – we’re being linked with a Dembele replacement in N’Dombele and an Eriksen replacement in Lo Celso/Fernandes/De Beek so it’s players we actually need. Sessegnon is another to replace N’Koudou and push Sonny for his place. We then need someone to push HK10 and ideally an Aurier replacement who was supposed to replace Walker. Been a month now since the season finished and still nothing – look at Madrid doing all their business early – for a club that’s sometimes considered a bit of a joke – they are actually doing things properly and getting the players in early and bedded properly for next season.

  • EJ…………..players probably take a lot less convincing to join RM!

    Hope we’ve also got some scouts in France, our Women’s team will need some upgrades in order to compete in the super league next season.

  • TQ2 – you are of course right that for RM it’s easy to attract player’s but they also need to close the deals and have done so quickly (when dealing with us the transfer’s dragged on and on and on) but I’d assume our targets are realistic and furthermore that we are actually in a position to make the deals happen. Apparently Fernandes is no longer for us after being a near on cert last Friday – dear oh dear – hope we get Lo Celso not that keen on De Beek – struggles to get into the Dutch team who are still playing the likes of Babel, De Vrom, etc ahead of him which to me says something already. De Ligt and De Jong are romping it up for Ajax and Holland but De Beek sits on the bench for Holland and they don’t necessarily have a world class player taking his role in the first team.

  • Sorry that was De Room not De Vrom, same difference lol. Looking at their midfield only De Jong and Wijnaldum stand out but yet De Beek struggles to get into the 1st team starting line-up playing both Nations League Finals games from the bench. Fernandes and Lo Celso the one’s to go for, for me but let’s wait and see what happens.

    • Daniel levy will never stop dragging his feet on signings that are not bargains hoping that someone else snap them up then say he tried.
      After that he goes to bottom of the list for the cheapies that can’t take us anywhere.
      Hope poch is on his case cause we’re the only club that has so much difficulty signing up players.,and it’s not like we’re tiny compared.
      His style has gotten downright boring and obsolete.
      Time he hit the delete button and create a new account…coys

  • I agree with you 62rovinella. Lewis is only interested in making money and likewise ENIC who after all are an investment company. To think that will will sign two of N’Dombele, Fernandes and Lo Celso is dream time stuff. Leopards don’t change their spots no matter how much we hope they do!! I hope I am wrong.

  • EJ……as a supporter of almost 60 years standing I’ve long since learned not to believe the majority of what I read regarding players we are supposed to be interested in.

    I agree, it would be helpful if we could get business done a bit earlier so that incoming players can be integrated into the squad sooner rather than later but appreciate this is not always possible, the selling club will often need to procure a replacement before allowing an experienced player to leave so it’s not always down to negotiations being drawn out.

    I am quite optimistic that we will do some serious business in this window, I believe Poch will have accummulated a decent transfer pot as a result of not spending in the past two windows, plus the addition of some of the income from our CL run and resulting additional TV income.

  • With regards to RM closing deals quickly……..I think it’s fair to say they operate in a different (and very possibly shady) way to many others, it’s very likely the Hazard deal was made in principal some time ago, even up to 1 year ago, in a similar way to Modric giving us one more season on the understanding that he could move to RM in the following summer transfer window. It is well known that they are adept at ‘tapping up’ players they are interested in, usually through the supporting Spanish sporting media, so they always have a head start over everyone else!

  • I think it is pretty obvious that one by one, our targets will fall away, probably go elsewhere. Levy will then offer cheaper alternatives to Poch which he won’t be happy about. Why do I think that – because it has happened in every window that I can remember. Why will this one be any different. It is how Levy operates. It will be bye bye Poch if it happens again though.

  • TQ2 I agree I’m also hopeful we’ll do some serious business this summer to overcome the problems of last season – let’s wait and see what happens – hopefully we get in some real quality to push us onwards and upwards.

  • This is certainly the most important transfer window the club has seen for a very long time. Everyone has their theories about Levy and how he operates, but there can be no denying that at the end of this window we’ll all have the answer as to Enic’s plan for the future of the club.

    Another window of bargain hunting in light of what Poch has achieved with a depleted (injuries, quality) squad will cement the belief that the owners aren’t the least bit interested in the football team, but are more interested in lining their own pockets.

  • Ekkabo…. always the same….
    To…real Madrid signs their players early except when dealing with levy…lol….so according to what u say,we know our targets so nothing except levy is stopping us from going early for them.
    For every target he has to do the haggling when he wants top dollar for players.
    If you want to be in the big league you have to spend,and not in the dollar store.
    Stop offering half of what other clubs want and dithering until the chance to sign goes.
    Anyone not fed up with this is not normal I think.
    If he continues in this fashion he may as well get a rookie manager cause no good manager is goi ngto Hang around all that nonsense….just my opinion.

  • It will be a defining moment at the close of TW this year. As to Levy’s actions in signing or not of top class players. Hopefully poch has clearly stated what he needs in player upgrades, and as in media stories recently he will depart spurs if nothing is done.

    So now the stadium is finished and Levy has his attention / work schedule reduced significantly, he can deal in transfers as we all hope he will.

  • It must be because I am abnormal because I’m not at all fed up. I’m quite upbeat… Why? because I’m quite sure that we have just competed in a CL final… If I’m correct in this and I haven’t just made it up, then we must be doing something right… Mustn’t we? …..

    Guys, to compare Spurs with Real Madrid in any way whatsoever is daft. It’s like comparing chalk and cheese. Real are the most wealthiest and most successful club ever and, by miles when held up against Spurs… Funny thing is though, is that Spurs are the only top 6 PL club to have purchased a player so far in this window. Shouldn’t we also hold up City, Pool and the rest for their (pathetic) non-action in the TW so far? …..

    C’mon guys this thread is supposed to be humorous and light… Why can’t we give the moaning a wee rest for a change? Things at THFC really aint that bad… Are they?

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