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We all know about the many records our lads have broken this season. They seem to be endless. With two games to go we will continue breaking records with every point we put in the bank. It has been an absolutely brilliant season and anyone on Vital Spurs who thinks otherwise should transfer to VA (I make no apologies for that).

One of the biggest worries for us Spurs supporters over the PL years is our record against the top six teams. We have been extremely good, albeit inconsistently, in most areas of the game but our matches against the top clubs have not provided the points required to be title contenders. That seems to have changed. Our points record against the top six teams around us this season head-to-head is…

Spurs 1 v 4 Pool 0 1 Draw/Loss Spurs 4 v 1 United 1 3 Draw/Win Spurs 4 v 1 City 3 1 Win/Draw Spurs 4 v 1 Arsenal 1 3 Win/Draw Spurs 3 v 3 Chelsea 3 0 Win/Loss Spurs 4 v 1 Everton 1 3 Draw/Win.

Our points total against the six closest teams to us is twenty out of a possible thirty-six. Only Pool has out-pointed us over two legs. Throughout the season we have also kept in touch with the two-points-per-game average which usually achieves CL or EL football. Towards the end of the season we have blown this average out of the water. I don’t think we have come anywhere close to that in the PL era. What this does, effectively, is result in a squad full of confidence and high on team spirit. The other thing it does, after finishing third last season and second this season, is establish us as a club which is well and truly in the mix as title contenders.

We don’t know where this will lead but one thing is certain…every other PL team will treat us with some serious respect on the park next season. Of course our immediate future is dependent on a number of factors, the most important being the imminent Transfer Window activity. But … what a season this has been! And doesn’t it feel great to be in the mix?


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  • the 20 points has been a reasonable return, I think Bournmouth, Sunderland and the Spammers away undone us more then the top 6 points tally.

  • You need to separate out the home and away records, they are completely different. As WestStandEnclosure has pointed out you can’t focus on the top six if you are dropping points against lesser teams, which everyone has this season.

  • jod … Yes, that would tell something else but, overall, we are doing much better, don’t you think? It’s a comparison, not a focus.

  • Geoff, we lost away against Man Utd, so it’s 19 not 20 points.

    The only blot on our league form this season for me, were our away performances against Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool, the latter being absolutely woeful. But then we did play really well away from home against said three teams the previous season, so this season’s performances may be just a temporary aberration rather than a weakness.

  • Geofspurs – It depends on whether you are content with where you are or look on it as just another step along the way to being the best (which is the way Poch would view it). If you want to win the title you look at this season and ask yourself what did Chelsea do better than us ? The away record is the obvious answer so you ask yourself how can you improve it.

  • jod …. Imo, this is the time to be happy and look at all the positives and our progress during a fantastic season. I think we should enjoy the moment before thinking too far ahead. After all, we have not been in such a good EPL position before. Just try and chill and enjoy it for a while.

  • DA …. I dare say you are as delighted with the season as me. Relegation would have sucked! 🙂

  • We were ‘Spursy’ last season, we were Spursy this season, and I hope we’ll be Spursy next season. I love it when we’re Spursy!

  • Here’s a thought that will cheer some VS people up … it’s probably all downhill from here!

  • Homeless and nothing in the cabinet. How much worse can it get? Even the neighbours have a stadium and they nearly got relegated. Football is so unfair.

  • I have always believed that records against other top 6 teams are overrated. 3 points is 3 points, and a victory against Arsenal isn’t worth any more than a victory against Burnley. Games between top 6 teams are often nervous, close affairs and draws are very likely, with neither team wanting to lose. I think that the difference in the table is made by how the big teams perform against the smaller teams. Historically, we could beat any of the big boys on any given day, but we often struggled against smaller teams. In those years, we had very little success in the league and we were more of a cup team. It’s no surprise to me that our improving PL finishes coincide with the fact that we are beating smaller teams with much greater regularity. I think a table showing how the big teams perform against the smaller teams would be more telling.

  • BS … I disagree. Three points we take off of the top teams is three points they don’t get. We’ve never even finished on a par with them before, let alone been in front. But I agree that all of the top teams have to do well against lesser opposition …. which is hard enough in itself. No easy games, etc.

  • First season I can remember (and I’ve been supporting since 1962), where I haven’t felt nervous playing A***nal. Any other season, with the points tally we have, we’d be champions. Just a shame that everything came together this season for Chel$ki. Next season, they’ll have Eurpean football to contend with. We just need to keep our manager, our best players and get used to the Wembley pitch. If we can do that next season, we have a realistic chance of the title. COYS

  • I just did the exercise for all top 6 teams, and that table exactly reflects the PL table as it stands, with the exception of Liverpool. Liverpool have dropped more points than any other top 6 team against the smaller teams (having only gained 53 points so far against the smaller teams, with 3 more in play on Sunday). Yet they have done better than anyone else against top 6 teams. For me, this just validates my point that beating the big boys counts for nothing if you can’t systematically perform against smaller clubs. For the rest, Chelsea have taken 74 points from smaller teams (with 3 left in play), we’ve taken 65 with 6 left in play, City have taken 62 with 6 left in play, Arsenal 60 with 6 left in play, Man U 55 with 6 left in play. So we are there or thereabouts when it comes to our record vs top 6 teams, but assuming we win our remaining 2 games and Chelsea wins on Sunday, we’ll finish 6 points behind Chelsea in the table against smaller teams, ie almost exactly the actual gap in the real table. If you want to see where we lost the title, look no further.

  • Just need to turn some of those away draws into wins. The difference between us and chelsea, they have 29 wins, could end up with 30 wins in a season. And yet in my opinion, not the best chelsea team of the last decade. They found a way to win, we need to do the same.

  • As you pointed out, we weren’t talking about what is more satisfying or what gets fans excited. It goes without saying that winning a NLD beats winning at home to Boro from an excitement perspective. The point was that records vs. top 6 teams may be good content for lazy media outlets, but the reality is that they aren’t very reliable indicators of success in the league. I would much rather lose all games against top 6 opposition and win all the remaining games (which would put us on 84 points, definitely enough for top 4 most years) than the other way around (30 points, which would see us relegated). I just think that fans banging on about records vs. top 6 teams put too much emphasis on bragging rights, and don’t think enough about what it means in the table and how it affects our position. I remember West Ham being proud of “doing the treble” against us a few years ago (beating us twice in the PL and once in a cup the same year. They made a T-shirt for it. That year, they finished about 10 places below us in the PL. For me, that’s just an example of little things pleasing little minds.

  • BS … But that doesn’t reflect OUR record against the top teams, which was my point. It does make a difference to US. The rest I agree with.

  • vicspur – that’s saying the same as me. Wins are the important stat – it doesn’t matter if the win comes against a top 6 team or a smaller team. It’s still worth 3 points either way. The only difference is that we get far more opportunities to win against smaller teams than other top 6 teams – 28 games compared to 10.

  • Dele-Arri is correct that Chelsea went that step further than us. Bemoaning dropped points is silly as Chelsea dropped points too. Chelsea had no Europe distraction, and it helped them focus more on title. We are on 80 points with 2 games to go…. That is more than second place got in 3 of the last 5 seasons. 3 seasons ago, second place got 84 points, and we could potentially beat that too. Last season, title winner Leicester got 81 points……

  • To create a scenario, from this discussion, in which we could get relegated, is a little over the top, and where I drop out.

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