Date: 15th August 2018 at 9:00am
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Paris Saint-Germain seemed a popular football club for the press yesterday, not only were Tottenham Hotspur linked with a free agent move for midfielder Adrien Rabiot (as covered), but another outlet had a player speculated to make the journey in the opposite direction for a reported £100million.

The Express of all places latched onto something to claim an exclusive and suggested that Christian Eriksen was a target this month for PSG and with their recent spending they were willing to cough up £100million for the 26-year-old Denmark international.

With the English permanent transfer window shut, the European window doesn’t close until the end of the month so we can probably get used to more stories like this – but I’ve picked this one out because it’s wrong on so many levels.

There’s not a single shred of proof behind their claims other than, he hasn’t yet signed a new deal like other players have when they got to the point of having two years left on their existing deals.

That’s your lot. That’s the proof apparently.

Pleasing to see that some guff from a journalism canteen gets treated with the respect it deserves!

It won’t be the last one though.


2 Replies to ““We’re Going To Sell Him Now” “Jog On” – Some Spurs Fans Rightly Unconvinced By Big Money Transfer Speculation”

  • Danny, I didn’t know Eriksen was 16 years of age. Check what you write before pressing send.
    Levy and ENIC’s antics has really made THFC an easy target for the nonce’s in the press/media Worldwide over the years. Where Eriksen’s concerned, it’s obvious to me that the twat masquerading as a journalist ITK at the Express has jumped on the bandwagon to bash the club, knowing that Spurs new stadium has gone over time and budget and the owners of the club have to dig a little deeper to find the extra cash. Levy is perceived as a money grabbing skinflint known to cash in on highly valued players at the club in the past. Eriksen fits the bill, he was linked by the nonces to the two big Spanish clubs since the end of last season and he hasn’t extended his contract as yet so lets use him as a patsy in an exclusive to get the fans agitated. Not difficult to put two and two together and make a story up is it. My only surprise is that it’s not Kane’s name in the frame again. By Friday, it’ll be Alli off to a number of clubs as he too hasn’t extended his contract.

    • Obviously never made a mistake in your life Ray. I’ll aspire to be you in the future and why didn’t anyone tell me to check before posting? I’ll try that but can’t promise to not miss something.

      Ps – pay attention to apostrophes, it’s easily done, isn’t it.

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