Date: 26th February 2018 at 5:11pm
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3 things we learned from Tottenham’s win

Like the match earlier in the season at Wembley, we made this a lot harder work than it needed to be. With Palace ravaged by injuries and set up purely to defend their own penalty box, we had to work to get our chances yesterday, and at times we did labour despite clearly being the better team. So, what did we learn from the last gasp victory at Selhurst Park?

1. Persistence pays off

Harry was not at his best by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing that is guaranteed about him is that he never lets a miss phase him. Relentless in the pursuit of goals, and despite missing an early chance, and shanking another gilt-edged opportunity in the second half, our No.10 stayed alert.

When that corner was delivered deep into the box with two minutes to go, every supporter watching knew our talisman would be on the end of it. Kane rose higher than his marker, nodded the ball just high enough so Wayne Hennessey could only get his finger tips to hit, before it ended up in the back of the net. The breakthrough came with a huge sense relief and keeps ourselves right in the mix for Champions League places.

2. We miss the Belgian pair

Vertonghen and Alderweireld are such reliable performers that they are always going to be missed when they are out of the starting XI. We have had to cope without Toby for most of the season, but his centre back partner has been ever present this campaign. Jan`s ankle injury meant he failed to start a Premier League game for the first time this year, and his absence was felt.

Both Sanchez and Dier have their qualities. The Colombian has been very good this season, alongside an experienced centre half, but against Palace, the lack of a more experienced calm head meant there were some nervy moments, and our opponents could have taken advantage if they had more quality in the final third. Wilfried Zaha`s injury looks very fortunate in hindsight.

3. Aurier must make way for Trippier

It was Serge`s first start in the League for a month, and you could see why. Poch mentioned after the game that the Ivorian is still adapting to the Premier League, but his hat-trick of foul throws and the fact that he missed a sitter, weren`t anything to do with adaptation.

I`ve no doubt that our manager will look to re-instate Trippier to the starting line-up for the matches to come over the next few weeks. The 27-year-old has been absent from European matches with our summer signing from PSG having taken his place in Champions League games. However, surely Tripps deserves to be selected for the return leg against Juve?



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  • I agree with Poch that Aurier is still adjusting to life in the PL. Yet that is no excuse for his terrible crosses when he is in good positions with plenty of space.

  • Totally agree with the underlying theme of the post, yes we did make overly hard work of this game. Something else we should have learned is that we are a far better side when Son is playing than when he isn’t. If neither him nor Moura are playing we lack pace going forward.

  • Not the most crisp performance. Let it go. Do better in the coming matches. Big up to arry for never letting it get him down. good attitude that lad. lol

  • serge is banned for the second leg so trippier will play … them foul throws were shocking … he missed a goal was it intentional nope. however, he is still better than Trippier … he never stepped up and isnt as good as walker I regret saying he could be better .. Davies does seem to improve week on week …. happy to eat humble pie with him … Rose, hes gone in the summer, Toby, I think he will go if Levy is going to be stupid to not give him a decent rise ….

  • Did we miss Jan and Toby that much? I don’t feel that we did. Dier and Sanchez played very well I thought, especially Sanchez. I thought he was our best player on the day… Yet another clean sheet, is enough proof for me. Quite apart from what I saw from them both, in real time… And also, a big shout out to Aurier for such a perfectly timed, last ditch challenge in our penalty area that may well have been the difference between a 0-1 and a 1-1 scoreline. Thank you Serge and thank you Harry…

  • Will MP play Moura and Son together in the big games? These two playing add balance, however, MP doesn’t play balanced teams and seems to prefer midfielders filing the wide areas. Spurs were the only team in the top five not start with two genuine wide attackers. MP plays 4 attackers, CE, Ali, Lamela and Kane. Pep plays 5, De bruyne, silva, sane, sterling and augero. Pep has a better balance and blend and has lots of creativity and speed. MP set up is loaded with 3 Am’s all lack serious pace, they have creativity but like a quarterback they need good running backs to pass to. In Mps system the poor over worked FB has slog up and down the line as the main wide outlet.Time will tell but i think MP should play 433 like city, spurs have had the players to play this way from the Lester season, but for some reason MP just doesn’t use it.

  • Well, palmover, maybe you too could be a Spurs manager someday. What wiv your superior tactical knowledge and all that, of the game they call football…

  • All in all, I disagree with the article. Considering the run of fixtures we’ve had, playing twice a week, playing against quality teams, sometimes in hostile environments, the fact that we haven’t lost in a while is very impressive. Yes, Sunday wasn’t particularly pretty but we got the job done and we can’t expect 5 star performances every time the team plays. Results-wise we left with 3 points and that’s all that matters. Focusing specifically on the themes in the article, Harry Kane rescued us again out of nowhere and I suppose this is the type of game which will make Pep label us the “Harry Kane Team”. As I said, considering how immense some of our other players have been recently, I wouldn’t jump to those conclusions. I don’t particularly think we missed our Belgian defenders on the day, if I’m honest, except maybe in launching attacks. But overall Dier and Sanchez did very well, credit where it is due. Now, we also know that both of those younger player have sometimes struggled with ocnsistency and I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that we don’t need them anymore. Our team, and squad, is that much stronger with battle-hardened, solid, experienced and consistent CB’s, no matter how talented the younger players are. In big g

  • ames and pressurised situation, I’d rather see experienced faces in there. As for Aurier, I’ve made my feelings clear in another thread. He had a very poor game and that shouldn’t be discounted. It wasn’t good enough and there’s no point sugar coating that fact. However, we will need him in the run in and we can only hope he’ll get better. We can’t address the situation before July anyways, so we have to work with the players we have. I just hope this game will kick Aurier in the balls and hopefully push him to show a bit of pride. He’s got to be a better player than this.

  • Also to point out, city at start of the Season got a few late goals, to get points. But still city have bought the league pay ridiculous wages and fees

  • That we over rely on Harry for goals. Personally I thought this game was one on Serge’s better ones, but that is our weak area both sides.

  • Also think Sanchez & Dier had a good game and are fairly solid though my first choice would be Alderweireld & Vertonghen. Harry did miss a few more than normal for him, but he never gives up or loses belief in himself. I do major concerns over Aurier though and I would rather see Tripier and KWP rotated at least for the bigger games – just feel he’s a decision away from a red card, sloppy pass or conceding a goal!

  • Its about winning when its not your day, that’s what good teams do. Its what we haven’t done in the past.

  • Dier did ok, however, Verts brings so much to the LCB position, Spurs missed his ability to launch attacks and his passing ability being a natural left footer make him priceless. I am praying verts is back for Juve game as a dier/ sanchez partnership looks a little vulnerable against the likes of higuan. Coys

  • I agree with Palmover that we need the pace of Son and Moura in our attack, if not at the outset certainly with at least 30 mins to go if Plan A isn?t working. Putting them on with just 20 to 10 mins to go just doesn?t give them enough time to make an impact.

  • “Its about winning when its not your day, that’s what good teams do. Its what we haven’t done in the past.”

    Totally agree, how many times over the years have say “United” played poor but managed the win and people would rave about it. These players are not super human, had bad day at the office, got three points we move on.

    Excellent tackle from Aurier tho and feel even with his past mistakes made the dicision to go for challenge, others I feel wouldn’t shows good character if you ask me… But the crossing and foul throws were frustrating I’d admit. And I do not agree his chance was an easy chance either. And our main man does it again… But we really need to start making more of our corners and free kicks.

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