Date: 11th June 2018 at 4:30pm
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Manchester United are considering alternatives to Toby Alderweireld as they are “not entirely convinced” that the Belgian is the best target available, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The main stumbling block appears to be the asking price with Daniel Levy holding out for £70m while the Red Devils are only willing to go as high as £50m for the 29-year-old.

Some fans on Twitter believe it could be a negotiating tactic by United, while others are keeping their fingers crossed that it means our no.4 will stay:


It looks as though that Levy is holding out for as much as he can for Toby. The chairman will probably want to get the defender sold, mostly due to the fact that he would be available for only £25m next summer.

Finding a good centre-half in this seller’s market will mean United will come back to the negotiating table at some point, and it’s likely that this transfer will be a drawn-out saga.


10 Replies to “‘We can’t be selling a player of his quality’ – Reaction as United Baulk At Levy’s £70m Asking Price”

  • How about 55m now then add a few clauses. If they win a trophy or get CL then they pay top whack.

    Some are saying the hold up is because we want Martial but United are making it very difficult for a deal being reached.

    • I feel sorry for Spurs supporters over the Martial gambit for the simple reason I don’t believe for a moment it was ever a starter let alone Pochettino’s top target. Look at this way. Martial is sulking because he’s not getting the game time anymore (not least because of his poor attitude, his lack of work ethic on the pitch and his agent touting him around Europe like some dockside tart) and yet people expect him to sign for a club that has Kane, Ali, Son, Eriksen, Lamella, Moura and Llorente. With that many players already in the pecking order where would Martial fit?

      His performances this season would only put him 5th in the pecking order at Spurs at best.

      Furthermore, he would expect up to £150k a week (especially now the Kane deal has been done) and would Spurs seriously commit to that given he’s likely to be a bench player more often than not.

      On top of that if Zaha is worth £70 million then just on the stats Martial is worth £100 to £120 million. Now are Spurs willing to pay £120 million (and you would be welcome to him at that price in most United fans book I suspect) and £150k a week for him in the knowledge that he’s gonna get upset pretty quickly when he realises he can’t hold down a first team place?

      Of course not and this is why I feel sorry for Spurs fans because I think Levy and the Pooch are cynically doing a Wenger on you by chasing unattainable players to avoid big spending in the transfer market. After all you lot have a stadium to pay for and a massive increase in player wages to fund just to keep the players you’ve got. Where does the money come from for new players as well? Sounds like a ‘sell to buy’ catch 22 situation to me.

      So if you want big new signings who are you willing to sell given the 30 year old top defender doesn’t seem to have any suitors at the current price?

  • It may surprise people to learn that across all competitions United conceded by someway the fewest goals of any EPL team(38 goals in 56 matches) last season. That will be the second season under Mourinho where United have conceded fewer goals pro-rata than any other EPL side across all competitions.

    They also have 5 centre-backs with a further one coming back off loan. As such unless one of those already at the club demands to leave, United do not have the need or the justification to spend the delusional amounts Levy expects for Alderwiereld and I suspect will now not buy any centre back at all this summer .

    Instead they will sit back and let the clock run down on Alderwiereld until next summer and review the situation again. After all 3 of United’s centre backs are 26 or under and potentially will develop considerably over the next season as they have done previously.

    Levy is kidding himself if he thinks he’s playing hardball because United just don’t need a centre back that much. Their problems are in midfield not in defence.

  • Manny Kent – Matic, Pogba and Fred – that’s some problem lol! Herrera, Fellaini, McTominay and Mata for back-up. Sanchez, Martial, Lingard even Rashford. Interesting stats as regards defence though and true they have 5 CB’s but are any world class such as Toby and also would he not be the perfect foil at 29 for those 3 under 26’s to progress?! Levy is bang on to demand ridiculous money seeing how good he is and also the fact that we are now rivals with Utd for regular CL footy. Hopefully he signs a new contract and stays and helps bring on Sanchez and Foyth.

  • Manny Kent – interesting info regarding Martial – I did wonder if he was a sulker, etc and disturb the family feel of the club with the players you yourself mentioned at our disposal not to mention he’s actually done quite well on the stats and I doubt Utd would want to sell him to a CL challenging rival. As discussed elsewhere he’s only 22 and came to the Prem very young with enormous expectations and I feel that Utd got it wrong with Depay and should only have loaned him out especially seeing how he’s progressing at Lyon. One need only look at Chelski – De Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku – bet they wish this little lot had only gone out on loan and not been sold.

  • Levys was never going to sell at the first offer from a rival club. Not with a world cup coming up and the opportunity for Toby to showcase his skills on the world stage and generate even more interest from other big clubs (preferably clubs not in the EPL). £70m is a bit much for a 29 year old, but Man Utd finished one place above us in the league, they have to pay a premium surely.

    BTW Man Utd have a great defensive record, as mentioned above, but their ability to pass the ball out from the back is poor and contributes to their sometimes dysfunctional attacking style. Toby’s passing is excellent. He’s like having an extra deep-lying playmaker in the team.

  • RD …. How about 55m and if they win a trophy they give it to us …. that should keep a few supporters happy for a while. After all, it’s not about football, it’s about trophies, isn’t it?

  • MK … How do you know Levy or Pochettino have any interest at all in chasing Martial? Are you simply believing what you read in the media because, if so …. big mistake!

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