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OK, I’ll start by apologising for the truly awful attempt at a pun in the title of this piece. I am sorry!

It’s pretty obvious what this is about. Mr Kyle Walker. The noises about him moving on to pastures new seem to be getting louder and louder, with ‘Man Citeh’ being the most talked about destination. Are these noises just baseless, or do we think there’s something in them? Personally speaking, based solely upon Poch’s selections over the last month or so, I think Walker is as good as gone.

Let’s face it, he’s served us well, very well, in fact. Yes I’ve been very vocal on here over the years when it comes to Mr Walker, mainly because he is so bloody frustrating. The lad truly could be one of the best full-backs in world football, but an apparent lack of footballing intelligence appears to restrict him and his game. We see him every game, bursting down the line, leaving everyone in his wake, only to get to the edge of the opponents box, stop, dally, look around, dally a bit more & then play it backwards to whoever is behind him. Frustrating!

There’s also his ability to lack thought around our own area, often giving away silly, needless free-kicks in the most dangerous area of the pitch. Let’s also not forget his total dependence upon his searing pace, when he’s often upfield, way out of position & racing back to where he really should have been in the first place. Frustrating!

That’s the bad out of the way and, I should stress, although it appears that way, I am NOT bashing Kyle Walker. I’m sure there are stats out there that will show him as one of the top full-backs in the league this season, but stats really count for nothing in my world. Let’s just use Man Utd as an example here. ‘Stats’ will show that they went on a, what, 17 – 18 game unbeaten run this season? Awesome! How many were draws? And how bloody boring were they whilst playing to simply not lose, rather than playing to win? Stats are open to translation, performances and intelligence are there for all to see.

Why am I so un-bothered by this Walker situation? Simple, Mr Pochettino & Mr Trippier.

Many of the longer serving members on this site will remember me saying a few years ago that we should be going for Trippier (I also wouldn’t shut up about signing Ben Davies) and he’s proven to be a heck of a deputy for Kyle Walker. Sure, Walker is MUCH faster than Trippier & probably more athletic, too. Defensively I personally think Trippier is better, whilst absolutely believing that Trippier’s end product is vastly superior to that of Walker.

Would/will Walker be a big loss, of course! However, do I believe that Pochettino and his scouting team will find a more than adequate replacement? Hell yeah! Could we hold it against Walker if he is indeed off to Man Citeh? I don’t think we should. Man Citeh will most likely double, or even triple his salary. He’ll be playing with some truly world class players and, most significantly, he’s a northern lad. Maybe ‘going home’ is the biggest appeal of all for him?

I can’t even begin to think of the type of figure that Mr Levy would want to wring out of the Man Citeh hierarchy for Walker, but this article in The Telegraph appears to suggest that they would have to pay more than the £30mil that Man Utd paid for Luke Shaw – Telegraph article.

I could see a figure of nearer to £40mil being demanded, and I believe City would actually pay that, too. That is not a small figure we’re talking about there, especially taking into account the outlay that we all know the club is undertaking with the stadium/N17 redevelopments, though Mr Levy has repeatedly stated that the stadium costs would not impact upon squad development and improvements. I can tell you all that I’ve been told by someone with info/contacts that, after the naming rights are sorted, the stadium costs will almost be 100% covered. I can also tell you that there is another member of this site that has heard the same thing, but from a different source to me. Time will tell, I guess!

So I guess the point of all my rambling is, in short, do you think we’ll be making a mistake if we sell Walker? Or do you think we have a perfectly adequate replacement already in our ranks, or could use a portion of the significant fee that Walker’s sale would bring, to source an even better option?

Remember, Aurere-Est-Facere! COYS


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  • 40m+ is a good deal for us if citeh want him. re-invested in the squad further up the pitch…….

  • At the end of the day keeping a player who wants to leave rarely works out well. The fact Poch has been prepared to bench Walker in recent games tells you something. The interesting part is that one of the players Poch has said will get more game time next season is Kyle Walker-Peters, another right back with genuine pace. We’ll see how it works out but I’d rather have the cash than a Berahino situation.

  • I really rate Walker and would be sad to see him leave. However, if his head has been turned (and £150k a week can do that to you), then we have to let him go. We have a real team here and we don’t need any rotten eggs upsetting the cart. I’m sure Poch will make the correct decision for the benefit of the team. Here’s to going one place up next season.

  • As much as I like him..if his head has been turned let him go. Maximising a fee from him from city is great business when we have a manager who brings out the full potential in players and we have Kyle Walker Peters ready for promotion. I also expect Carter Vickers and Marcus Edwards to
    join Kane and Winks as successful academy to first team stars.

  • He has given us 6 years of service, so I do not begrudge anyone who fancies a change after that. I do not care if the motive is money, location, prestige, trophies, whatever. Just give me service, and you have earned the right to be sent off with a smile. A word of caution: how many full backs have gone to Citeh and faded away? Sagna, Clichy… Look at Delph…. Even Sterling hasn’t really progressed. Anyhow, it is his choice. Poch has proven that Walker isn’t as essential as it may seem. Actually before Poch, Walker was struggling with form. You could argue that it is Poch that is getting the most out of his fullbacks, whether it is Rose, Walker, Trippier – rather than the players themselves. I would rather not sell to Citeh, but 40m+ will go a long way to improving the squad in places more needing the investment. We would need to replace Walker with someone to battle with Trippier – someone pacier than him, so that it gives us options when up against a pacy left wing attack. But we would have to add more pace in other areas of th pitch too because I do feel that Walker’s pace would be missed.

  • Was discussing this last night – We don’t need to sell (Apparently it’s his Mrs that wants to be back up north) – with that in mind, I say we hold out for 45+…huge figure I know, but there are many reasons for this: We cannot, now more than ever, be seen as a ‘selling club’, If we sell to City or United then we weaken our squad and improve a rivals first 11, Both clubs have shown that money is no object to them…. ideally they both come in for him and we can have a bidding war. City in particular are desperate for English players… Levy will get top dollar. The one thing I will say though, and I’m sure most of you will agree – get it done ASAP. Forget waiting till August 31st, get it done as soon as, and get that money re-invested.

  • Coopsieyid. Great that you are posting again. I remember your interesting comments on potential signings. You are a “football” man. I agree Walker is so frustrating and with your assessment.
    He is good but never really fulfilling his potential.(A bit like Dembele). If Kyle Walker Peters is to progress he needs game time or if another Pochettino plan exists then let Walker go. But why Man City would want him and pay more than £25 Million beats me!.

  • I personally think Walker, at his best, is a tough act to follow and Trippier, while improving, still has ways to go, if on nothing else but experience. That’s not to say that Trippier is a bad player or unable to one day get there, but I just think that if there is anything reasonable we can do to keep Walker, we should try hard. Trippier will never have Walker’s pace or ability to beat a man. His final ball may be better and his defending probably as good, but I still haven’t seen him be capable of matching Walker’s ability of terrorising left backs with great frequency. If Walker’s mind is made up, it’s best to sell him of course. But we would be losing a quality player, a homegrown player, and a player who would be hard to replace at any price.

  • The term “selling club” is an aimless lazy taunt that is really meaningless when moneybags Man U had the similar issues with Beckham, Ronaldo and more than once with Rooney… They upped the money with Rooney, and now he will probably be the most expensive squad player that there will ever be…and it has hardly been worth it. Even giants Real Madrid had the issue with Robinho…and they were better off letting him go. We will not be selling because we HAVE to. We are merely allowing a long-serving player to choose to move on. No embarrassment in that.

  • …very hard to become consistent with merely 5 EPL starts in a season. Walker has has 6 seasons at first choice, and we probably have seen the best that we can get out of Walker. We haven’t seen the best of Trippier, and we won’t unless he becomes first choice. Of course that is unknown, and with Walker, we know what we will get and what we won’t get.

  • That’s exactly it Dele-Arri, the stats can be presented to suit an argument. How about assists per minute or assists per game, or even assist per v top 10 teams in PL. But I do get the gist of what you are saying. In an ideal world, I’d want to hang on to BOTH the players and rotate as necessary. However, if his head is turned, and no doubt Poch will have had a chat with him, then I’d like to think he has already considered his options.

    I have been pretty vocal on Walker and my opinion matches that of Coopsie in the 1st half of the article. If Walker is sold and a speedy winger is bought (ala zaha) then the wing load will be shared, as Zaha can play on either wing. It wouldn’t surprise me if Poch is planning on tweaking the formation to accommodate a winger. Wing backs may not be a regular feature in our play. Wing backs stranded up north have often left gaping holes at the back allowing ‘on the break’ attacking teams that park the bus otherwise. It was evident v United and has been v other teams too. With none of Jan, Toby or Dier being speedy merchants, I feel we do leave ourselves exposed. And before someone points out the least goals conceded stats, imo, that’s because we defend as a team and not entirely down to the back 3 + Hugo. Personally I’d accept whatever the outcome with Kyle. I am all for however Poch wants to tweak things. COYS!

  • The only thing I would add is that we are betting on potential vs. the finished article. As much as we hope Trippier can improve further, and eventually become as good or better than Walker, it’s just speculation at this stage. In Walker we have a solid, proven performer (with his flaws, but overall an above average full back in the PL). If we want to challenge f or things next year, we’ll need a mature team with few gambles. Why gamble there if we can still do something about it (a big if, of course)?

  • Basically, I agree with everything you’ve said Dele-Arri. BTW, did you manage to get to the mecca for the finale? As for your very last comment, the only thing I’ll add is that once the team reaches giddy heights with consistent performances and stability in squad, we become accustomed to the new benchmark and imo, somewhat get attached to the players. However, if further improvements are to be sought then some sacrifices may need to be made and hopefully a newcomer can add the missing ingredient or just take us to the new level. I know that we were never really able to replace Modris, Berby and Bale, but we are no longer reliant upon an individual. Hence I sense minor tweaks on an ongoing basis.

  • Exactly Belgian…a gamble! Our record on throwing the dice throwing (signings) needs to move up a notch. I have no idea what the scouting structure is at our club any more.

  • critical – I suppose we’ve been lucky on a couple of occasions, but some will say that luck favours the bold. We gambled on Alli and that has proven to be hugely beneficial. The gambles on N’Jie, N’koudou, Stambouli, Janssen less so. If we can keep unearthing gems like Alli regularly, I would still see some merit in this approach, even with the expensive failures around the gems. But it’s a risky approach.

  • A football man…, so glad we finally got one amongst us now. But no I dont want Kyle to leave, as much as he frustrates me, we better with him then without, will be hard to find a upgrade on him.

  • DA, that sea of banners was something and accompanied by incessant chants. Hope to see those (or similar) banners on a regular basis. An incredible feeling at the end seeing those joyous fans. My face has been in a smile mode ever since. What a season, what an emotional day….and it ain’t over yet!

  • …if Poch thought that Trippier was a better fullback than Walker, than Trippier would have started more that 5 EPL games. Obviously this isn’t the case.

  • Tony, true. But, Trippier has started more games than Walker of late. There must a reason for that too!

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