Date: 12th October 2017 at 12:48pm
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With the International games over with we welcome back the Premier League.

The mighty spurs take on a Bournemouth team desperate for a win. Spurs have a decent record against the Cherries. Three wins and one draw out of four games. With our last two home games against them being a 3-0 and 4-0 win.

Of course these wins were at White Hart lane. Winning at our new temporary home Wembley hasn’t been so easy. We have not won a league game at Wembley this season. If we want to finish in a Champions League position this season we must start winning games at Wembley. Especially against the weaker sides.

So far the smaller teams have come to Wembley with a game plan. Sit deep and hit us on the counter attack. It has worked and this strategy has frustrated spurs fans and players. Will the Cherries use the same tactics? Or will they come to Wembley and have a go?

I fancy a home win. 3-1 spurs. COYS


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  • The mental side of this game is going to be huge. Win convincingly, and the Wembley “curse” will take a back seat for a while and set us up well for the Liverpool game. If we draw, lose, or narrowly win on a fluke goal, the media will go crazy again. It’s time we start getting results at “home”. It’s really as simple as that: if we fail to win at Wembley more often than not, we can forget about top 4.

  • Massive game and I would like to think we can put the wembley gossip behind us and get a good performance and win.

    What a lift seeing Rose and more so Lamela back in training, be nice to see Dembele and Wanyama as well, but not sure they are back yet.,br>
    I think this match is going to be a very good match and we have a very hectic hard couple of months which is going to take the whole squad performing. I would like to see Llorente get some minutes, want Kane fresh for RM and I think we need to be clever with our players, may be its time for Poch to bring on subs a little earlier so keep players fresh. 3-1 win for me with Kane scoring two and Dier scoring.

  • This season we have played at Wembley 5 times. We’ve lost once, drawn twice and won twice. Not so much a curse there, or some kind of hoodoo but more down to a bit of a slow start to the season I think. I can’t see this match being particularly tough as much as I didn’t think Huddersfield would be, away from “home”. But it’s football and the EPL so you never know. I still think we will thrash them off the park.

  • Need to get a couple of quick goals then make early subs to rest players for RM. Looking forward to
    watching our team after the long international break, its a plus that we have a favourable match up with Bournemouth instead of a top 5 team (not that I believe any EPL team is easy) but I agree with Belgian Spur a win and this match will get us past the Wembley hoo haa that the media seems so fixated on. 3-0 to the mighty Spurs (my apologies to Geoff).

  • Last 2 seasons and this one have started with the same sort of pattern. A slow start, picking up stronger after the first 2 international breaks. Maybe our team is just better at getting back into the swing of it than others. I predict a convincing win with first goals for Dele and Llorente finally along with a trade mark brace and free-kick curler from Kane and Eriksen respectively.

  • I can’t agree that we’ve had a slow start to the season when our home and away form contrasts so wildly (2pts from a possible 9 at home, 12 from 12 away). That suggests to me that we haven’t quite settled at Wembley yet (in the league) for whatever reason. But I’m confident it’s just a matter of time.

  • I think we are yet to win at home in the league this season, this needs to rectified asap, so for that matter I expect it to be tight

  • The Wembley factor won’t be rectified after 1 game. We’ll certainly win a few at home this season, the problem is, we won’t be able to come close to matching our WHL form imo, which is a massive handicap. If we manage top 4 we’ve done really well. I remember reading it can take a year or 2 for teams to acclimatise to a new stadium, so even next season, assuming we start at our new ground, you expect similar issues.

  • Agreed Guyver. However our away form this season so far has far exceeded that of last year and if continues it should offset a lot of those lost home points.

  • It?s no secret that I like Spurs to win 3-0. It?s a nice comfortable score and suggests dominance over the opposition. When I first started predicting game scores, three-nil would have been seen as highly optimistic and somewhat delusional. Times have changed! A predicted three-nil victory in Spurs favour is almost short-changing the likely outcome for many games now. It took a while, but the team has finally caught up with me. Maybe it will soon be time to raise the prediction by a goal or two but, for now …. Spurs 3?0 Bournemouth (Kane 2, Davies 1)! Does anyone think this is optimistic or delusional? 🙂

  • Our last PL match was won by Spurs 4 goals to nil and yet I still read a lot of complaints on here. About individuals, the manager, not scoring more, Kanes greed and the team performance, overall.

    True satisfaction as a THfC supporter can surely only be for the delusional and the optimistic among us all. For the rest it seems (although I’m sure it can’t really be so), satisfaction is but a pipe dream and future glory is merely fantasy for a football-loving fool.

  • Gary, 5 of our 1st 7 matches this season were at Wembley. Hence my view on us having a slow start. Not that Wembley hasn’t been a bit of a problem for us. It has. I was also talking about all the superstitious rubbish that is referred to when playing there whilst pointing out that we have only lost once. And that was to the reigning PL Champions, after playing quite well too.

  • Gary Onedaysoon, correct me if im wrong, but I don’t think there was anything wrong with our away record vs bottom half teams last season, so we’d have to pick up the 3 points away to the top half teams to make any significant difference.

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