Date: 23rd May 2018 at 8:00pm
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The decision to give Davinson Sanchez a new contract just a year after arriving showed without a shadow of a doubt how highly the 21-year old is rated by the club.

Spending a £42m on the defender clearly demonstrated the club knew the player had a massive future, but like many fans, I have been surprised by how quickly he has adapted during his first season.

For sure, there have been some poor displays, like the 3-1 home defeat to Manchester City, but the consistency the centre-half has shown during his first campaign in England has been quite remarkable.

His centre-back partner Jan Vertonghen had his own say on our no.6’s displays in a recent interview with the club:

“I still remember his debut, I think it was away at Everton, how well he did, how impressive he was. No doubt, no nerves, just like he started playing and he had the same level over the season and it was an unbelievable level.”

“It’s a big compliment to him. I came here when I was 25 and it was hard. He does it when he’s 21 and with only one season in Europe in his legs. He’s unbelievable and I’ve been very impressed with him.”

I think my excitement over Sanchez is not necessarily what I have seen from him already, but the potential for what may be to come. We conceded 36 goals in 38 league games last season, which was ten more than in the previous campaign, but you have to keep things in context as Vertonghen rightly points out.

Sanchez’s rise to prominence has been pretty meteoric. The defender was still playing football in his native Colombia for Atletico Nacional just two years ago. He helped Ajax to the Europa League final in his first season playing in Europe, and in his second helped us to a third-place finish.

With Toby Alderweireld’s injury problems and issues over his contract, it could have proven a much more difficult campaign if we hadn’t recruited the Colombian last summer.

There are clearly still deficiencies in his game. Positional awareness and concentration can certainly be still improved, but all the attributes are there. He possesses fantastic agility, he is capable on the ball and has some excellent defensive qualities.

It’s probably wise not to get too far ahead of ourselves. He has a good first season. We will now need to see if he can keep that up and improve during his second year and beyond. The £42m is certainly looking like money well spent though.


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  • A splendid first year with Spurs, with many to come. This one is a keeper, though not a goal keeper. Let’s keep him around for a long time.

  • I agree with Verts and TK. He could be another King of the Lane. He will certainly ease the pain should Toby move on.

  • Even though we spent £42m he was still one for the future, a player Poch could improve. We seem to do far better when we do that than when we try and sign the finished product.

  • Quality player and big future ahead of him – incredible to think how quickly has progressed. Now to get in De Ligt hopefully to provide a long term partner for him. What a potential partnership that could be.

  • It still makes me laugh that fans are surprised when Levy signs a player and a year later offers them a new contract. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Within reason, we put whatever clauses and promises that need to be in place to win the deal in the first place. Then we give a player a new contract within a year, remove those ugly clauses and replace them with a higher earning potential whilst balancing their base salary versus bonus ratio.I hate to burst anyone’s balloon but Sanchez’s new contract is very little to do with his performances on the pitch. I’m genuinely excited by Davinson, but this one’s about business, not football.

    As for Davinson himself, he’s had a great first season. From memory, it started by playing inside the very dependable Jan and Toby using his pace to create a back 3 with wing-backs. Then Toby’s injury happened and apart from one game at the end of the season, we move to a flat back four. What makes his performances more compelling is that right back on the outside of him wasn’t always impressive. He stood firm despite opposition managers targeting our right back area.

  • anyone remember when it used to be a big deal to write the first comment on a thread at VS? Ox went so far as to ban such comments. LOL

  • Is he for the future, yes he has had a great first season… he’s made mistakes as expected … but I feel he is a first team regular … I can’t believe the rumours are we might be in for hegazi and let Toby go to utd ? Seriously the best defender in the Leauge to a rival .. really can’t make it up … I wouldn’t want martial at all … rather moura given more of a run out … the best signing would be Toby a new contract, and let him help Sanchez gel … he is the future .

  • muttley…if you hate to burst anyone’s balloon, simple don’t do it lol let people/fans have their joy without putting a downer on it. COYS

  • Muttley, all contractual agreements with players are about doing business. But, the player does have to also do the business on the pitch to have their initial contract upgraded.

    It will of course also be about Sanchez and the football he has played for Spurs. If he had not been up to scratch all season or didn’t fit in or whatever, I doubt that Levy would be improving his deal at all and so soon.

    His initial deal was pretty substantial to start with, being for 6 years. His new deal is for a further 1 year extension. How many young and relatively inexperienced players get that kind of initial deal in the 1st place? Not many, I would guess.

  • Davinson is the youngest 1st teamer and for a 21 yo playing 1st season at such a high level i have to give him 10/10. As verts said he will only get better. Toby is the finished article and i doubt any of spurs top 6 rivals would sell Toby if he was their player. Levy is a business man, cashing in on players like Dembele and Toby makes sense to him, and to be fair Spurs are in a good place and it isn’t his fault that spurs haven’t won trophies, that was down to the managers the opportunities were there they just weren’t good enough to take them.

  • Palmover winning trophies is a team thing. It’s not just the Manager, the players have to want them also. They have to play in a focused manner for the entire 95 minutes including the added time. You can’t be making errors in possession and losing the ball all over the pitch. We aren’t ready as a team to win a trophy because we as yet don’t have the players concentration for the full game. However stick around it may happen this coming season.

  • @palmover, yup he is an excellent defender, I wouldn’t give 10/10. He has improvement to make. I am very frustrated if we lose Toby ( not so much to a European club) … as long has Sanchez has Verts beside him for 2/3 years, then he will be the senior defender at 23/24.. 42m is a steal, I personally think he is better than VVD of Liverpool … Poch was not st fault for the loss of trophies .. it was the 11 on the pitch yeah, he can take part of the blame but not all. As much as I admire Levy, he needs to take some blame. He needs to remain sensible, but needs to back Poch this window… if not this team will go nowhere.

  • For as much as Sanchez is a good investment (age vs price paid) i still don’t get why we are allowing one of the worlds best CB’s be sold to our rivals. Alders has grown as a defender under Poch and for the sake of a crummy bargain where he could have stayed for £150.00 a week were breaking up the Belgium Back 2 partnership. Lets face it Alders would have been good for a couple of more seasons whilst Sanchez developed but no, we have to sell yet another diamond to our closest competitors, a player who knows how Kane works and will be on his game when Spurs play Man U next season. Levy and his bloody effing wage restraints! 10th richest club in Europe worth £1.2bn, double gate receipts next season another £40m for CL TV Rights and were selling yet another world class player to, of all Clubs, United. If Sanchez gets crocked for any significant period next season who does Poch have then Dier ? Foyth? CCV? Who ever it is will not fill Toby’s shoes ! Levy’s a business man first and a football Chairman second the sooner he and ENIC are gone the better.

  • Oyveh Maria – Don’t know where you got your £1.2bn from but its a meaningless figure. A business is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it and I haven’t read of anyone offering £1.2bn for Spurs. You don’t seem to understand that the value of a business has nothing to do with its cashflow, ie how much actual income and profit (again two different things) its generating. You also don’t appear to have factored in the pay rises for the rest of the squad once you’ve paid Toby. Those “double gate receipts” are because we are building a new stadium which we will have to pay for, something else you seem to have overlooked. If you are financial illiterate its probably best not to make sweeping statements on finance.

  • I do think we tend to overdo this perceived need for certain players to remain at the club or we will inevitably suffer.

    When I look back on last season, I can see that some of the very best team performances and results happened without Toby in the team.

    This to me not only proves just how good Sanchez is, (or indeed Dier, for when he filled in for Toby) but shows us what a good team and squad we have built under Pochettino and that he and his coaches have worked small wonders with them.

    Toby is not indispensable nor is he irreplaceable. He is certainly not the be all and end all to this team of ours. To me this is plain and obvious to see.

    Having said this, who out there knows the real score on all of this? If we are goingto base our arguments and opinions on all the speculation on Toby over the past year of so then it is he who has been the problem in all this and not Levy or Poch.

    Because, in amongst all this speculation he was supposedly offered double his current pay but refused it. Not because of the amount of money offered but because he wants a longer contract as well. 5 years?

    If so, then I can understand fully why we would not agree to such an extension regardless of the money involved. He has just come off the back of a serious injury and took a long time to regain fitness from it. And, at his age, maybe he will never fully recover anyway…

    But, for now at least he is still a Spurs player… So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    • HT….very well written, you beat me to it, I had heard Toby requested or even demanded a 5 year contract. COYS

  • Oyveh …. If Toby wants to leave, for whatever reason, what would you do to prevent it? He could be offered more money and a longer contract (within reason) but …. if he chooses not to accept, what then?

  • jvd wrote that this team could have won a trophy but for moments in which it lost concentration. True dat. But let’s put a bit more emphasis on it: This is a team that could have won the CL, except that it lost concentration for a few minutes. In the most difficult group Spurs came in first. 1 x 1 in Madrid, and 3 x 1 vs Real Madrid in London. This team can play vs. anyone. If Poo can make the final vs. Real, there is not reason that Spurs could not do so also. Poo is not better than Spurs–this we know. But a lack of maturity cost us cups this year, including having a real chance at winning the CL. Do not sell this lot short. This is a team that was close to greatness, and could still be next year, in spite of the fact that our competitors are out spending us by gobs. Sanchez was an outrageous addition for relatively little, even though it looked like a lot at the time. If Pochemon and Danny Boy Levi catch a bit of luck we could see some cups without having brought in players like high priced call girls. Now there’s something to be proud of in this day of professional pimps. We’re doing without the pimping. Whatever team wins the PL, we know we have the ability to beat them, and but for a few minutes in which our players lost concentration, Spurs played well enough to have done so.

  • We were the better team than Juventus for all but a few minutes in our two matches against them in the CL, and we were better than Real when we played them, so we were closer to being the best team in Europe than many acknowledge. Now let’s learn not to blink when it let’s us down and we can win any cup.

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