Date: 28th December 2018 at 7:00am
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It’s been a good opening half of the campaign for Tottenham Hotspur and there’s every reason to be confident as we go into this Saturday’s Premier League clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

With eleven goals scored in our last two matches, we’ve hit a rich vein of form over the festive period and Wolves have improved of late as well so the game should be an entertaining one with them having lofty ambitions of their own having returned to the top flight.

Having skipped past Manchester City in the top flight table, we go into the game sat in second place just six points behind Liverpool and everyone will be hoping that as we take care of ourselves, we’re in a position to capitalise should they slip up between now and May – and they surely will at some point as even City have wobbled.

Focus on ourselves though, let others continue to underestimate us and we’ll see what the second half of the year brings.


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  • I don’t remember hearing anyone predicting how quickly we were able to pass by Man Citeh, but we did. Tend to our own business, keep on piling up the points, and not to worry about the bin dippers. We might just find ourselves alone in first place before the season is over. If we don’t, but we’ve kept on winning, then we will end the season as winners, and what’s more to want than that? COYS. Run the table.

    • Quickly, TK? It took 4 months and 19 matches!

      But, we were ideally placed for when City faltered. That’s what much of the so-called ‘winning ugly’ was all about. Keeping in contention with those above us, when not at our best. And we are now in a position to possibly capitalise on Liverpool dropping some points too. It’s as much about what we do as it will be about them… Liverpool lose their next match and Spurs win again, then they are just 3 points ahead of us. And so on…

      For me, this is not such a difficult outcome to imagine. Liverpool faltering as City have done and Spurs being in the ideal position to take their place.

  • Given our current form, I can’t imagine anyone is looking forward to playing us right now.

    I think Wolves have done very well for a team coming from the Championship, but I still can’t see anything but a Spurs win IF we continue to stay focused. This could be a banana skin game if we get complacent.

  • I’m a bit hesitant to give a score prediction for this one. I don’t want to cause unnecessary anxiety for any Wolves fans of a nervous disposition or a tendency towards depression. And, after all, it is the season of good-will and all that jazz!

    So, If you don’t want to know the score, look away now…

    Tottenham Hotspur 6-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers!

    But don’t concern yourselves too much Wolves supporters, as 1-0 to the Spurs will do…

  • 1-0 will do fine for me, as much as 6-0,Spurs.
    All we need to do is focus 1match at a time and keep winning.
    Let the clubs which spend crazy amounts on a CB or a GK or on their reserve team focus on bombast and hype.
    They will slip some time or the other.
    If we can avoid the madness of not playing our best defender in a key game like the NLD, else all in for blooding Academy youngsters, be they Foyth, or TJ, or Skip, or Brown, or Amos, Alfie, or Parrot or some young uns called Harry, we should be good. And we need to sign up Sen and Toby and create new space from Turning over Vorm, N’Koudou, Dembele (regretfully, but age and injuries are taking a toll), Llorente, Jansen, Wanyama. And get 1 extra top talent – even if we pay a premium, like N’Dombele or Grealish.

  • A 1-0 win for spurs will certinaly be acceptable, as will the 3 points onto Spurs total. However…When we played wolves twice this season, we were grinding out 1-0 wins and playing a bit below par… now we are stronger a better score line by spurs say.. 3-1 + will be more up to date. I’m looking forward to making the trek to wembley again, and seeing spurs win. COYS

  • HT….nervous disposition haha, though you could be right there…I had a chat over a coffee this morning with one of my ex-service comrades, who is and has always been a massive Wolves fan, a retort from him adds it up I think and I quote “Jesus I am sh*****g myself that we will get mullared tomorrow” haha I smuggly replied “you will be ok because 1-0 will do”. COYS

  • Should be a straightforward win if we want to aim for the title – Wolves are decent but we’re at home and we should have won a lot easier earlier in the season when Foyth conceded 2 penalties relatively late on. I doubt they’ll park the bus, they like to play football so that should suit us down to the ground. Looking forward to watching another victory and then hoping the Enemy can do us a favour and take a point off of the bin dippers so that we reduce the deficit to 4 points. Then we beat Cardiff on Tuesday evening and they lose to City away and we’re only 1 point behind them going into the FA Cup 3rd round weekend. I think that’s as best as we can hope for – let’s see what happens but correct above in saying that we should only be concentrating on ourselves and what we get upto – currently on league winning form though as on an excellent run – long may the momentum continue!

  • It’s not often VS are wanting Arsenal to win but it really is a funny old game. Arsenal to win 2-0. Spurs to win 3-0 and improve our GD. That would be the perfect weekend. Then again, it would be even more perfect if City and Chelsea drop points. Come on you football gods …. do the right thing!

  • Hi everybody, I have just returned home today after a Xmas break with my family in London. My Xmas present from my son was to go to Wembley to see the Bournemouth game. We had excellent seats and the whole experience was awesome for me as it is the first live Spurs game for several years and the experience and the outstanding result was something I will never forget. It made a wheel chair bound old man and lifelong Spurs fan very happy.

  • Hey Frank, sounds like a lovely Christmas present, good on you. Hopefully the boys can continue to demonstrate this new found belief and determination. COYMS

  • I’m Happy for you Frank… Your son managed to pick the perfect game for you to attend. Lets hope the season follows on in a similar fashion and that we can end it with a celebration worth remembering.

  • Frank, well done to you and your son, on going to Wembley and seeing spurs. I hope you can attend the new WHL stadium soon. I have always found that going live games is much better than TV as you get the atmosphere and can see a lot more off the ball action. COYS

  • Happy Christmas Frank, pleased you got to see a quality game and glad to see your back on here … for GeoffSpur… Spurs vs Wolves on SBS live tonight kick off 11pm starting at 10:30pm for you 01:30am for me .. rather be on TV then my Optus app lol.

  • E17 …. I’ll be watching it live on SBS at 11pm …. does that mean I’ll see the result before you? lol

  • Quote (from somewhere) …. ‘Wolves have a decent record against the top six this season having beaten Chelsea and held Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United to a draw.’

    Sounds like they have been defending well and breaking fast. But then …. we’ve beaten most teams that have tried that against us.

  • Hmm, not sure Geoff, I can’t answer that … I mean your watching it 3 hours behind me so is it delayed for you? All, I hope is we can carry on with our good form … 1-0 will do me let us hope Arsenal can actually take a point off of liverpool.

  • Wolves have a pretty decent team with quality in midfield, Traore can be a nightmare to defend against on his occassional good day, as can Jimenez but more regularly. A player who often goes under the radar but can be very influential is Docherty who makes good runs down their right.

    Wolves have scored 75% of their league goals in the second half of games this season (15 of 20), the highest proportion in the PL, so we can’t afford to take the foot off the gas later in the game and risk being caught by sucker punches!

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