Date: 8th August 2014 at 6:37am
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After concluding my final update on our transfer dealings this summer in yesterday’s article, I think its important to comment on some aspects of our summer trading that have surprised and disappointed me. Specifically, our pursuit of Rodriguez and Musacchio have left me thinking that Poch is driving player recruitment unchallenged at Spurs – and he ‘not a wet day’ at the club – implying that Broomfield and Baldini have been sidelined or their views not taken into account.

(1) The Rodriguez Pursuit: The pursuit of any critically injured player by any club would surprise and alarm most club directors and insightful football fans; J-Rod(as he is known) ruptured his ACL in early April, before my very eyes on TV(versus Man City) and has a 6 month recovery prognosis; now, we’ve seen the problems that Sandro experienced recovering and playing again after his, albeit probably more serious, ACL injury – a c.8 month recovery period – and how far off his best that he’s been since his comeback, with many of the opinion that, given the nature of the injury, he will probably not return to pre-injury levels of performance. And here we are looking to sign a player with a similar injury, and only 4 months into his recovery.

Given the risks involved, it beggars belief that we’d take such a gamble, even for a discounted fee – and what’s it telling us about Southampton’s confidence in a full recovery. Luckily enough, J-Rod seems to have more common sense than Poch & Spurs and made the right decision on a transfer – no move before a full recovery.

(2) The Musacchio Pursuit: Based on his Youtube footage, Masacchio really looks the part as a CB with his tackling proficiency when the ball is ‘on the deck’; he’d be in his element in any of the so-called technical leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Portugese PL etc) with his positional sense, technical ability and aggression, but, and its a very big BUT, in PL terms, he stands a mere 6′ in height and exhibits very little aerial prowess – an essential attribute for a PL CB – and Poch’s plan to partner him with Vertonghen, whose main weakness is his defending of high crosses, seems like a recipe for a short and unsuccessful partnership in the PL. And that’s ignoring some suspicion of a lack of pace on the part of Musacchio – again well matched with Vertonghen on that one. So obviously, I’m hoping that we ‘dodge a bullet’ with this deal.

Written by RathgarSpur