Date: 17th October 2018 at 12:00pm
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With the release of Tottenham Hotspur’s minutes from the recent club and Trust meeting, Daniel Levy has claimed that manager Mauricio Pochettino’s transfer budget would not be affected by our new White Hart Lane spending.

In response, a number of fans feel that given the summer which saw no fresh players arrive at the club, Levy has simply shot himself in the foot and opened himself up to significant criticism and scrutiny come the January transfer window.

The minutes are available in full here and it doesn’t really reveal anything fans haven’t heard before as Levy has already claimed that Poch’s transfer budget was ring-fenced, but I believe his comments about Wembley Stadium and its future are definitely fresh.

On a transfer front though, few would expect him to say anything else but with the topic covered, it’s only going to intensify thoughts ahead of January as with no summer spending some fans will be expecting some kind of splurge.

As the above shows, plenty of others aren’t though.

The truth is probably in between.


5 Replies to “Tottenham’s Transfer Budget Remains Ring-fenced But These Fans Question Statement”

  • Will struggle to get any top player the way levy deals with it.He will never pay the asking price,its always 10 to 15m short and another comes in and pays it. If we are linked to any players u will notice, suddenly ,barcelona,man u,man city, liverpool or arsenal will join us,knowing that we will offer a lower price and they come in and offer the full price.I think all the top 6 clubs watch who we are linked to and then come in knowing they can out bid us and pay more wages.The only way we can win is go back to the good old days with klinsman and ardiles,straight in,do a deal and the first any one know,we have signed them.Nobody likes to lose a top player in january and i liked what liverpool did to get kieta,sign him,loan him back and get him for start of next season.Both partys are happy.

  • This stuff is really boring. Its all talk about signing men with no names and no explanation of how you can spend money you don’t have.

  • The problem is that Levy is changing his tune. He went from “we have a sizable transfer kitty, which isn’t affected by the stadium budget” to “we’re not sure how much money we’re going to have, because that depends on player sales”.

    In other words, the initial transfer budget was laughable and was only going to get sizable if we managed to sell a few players at good prices.

    Another example of Levy misleading the fans.

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