Date: 16th May 2018 at 10:15am
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The days of waiting outside the Lane for the gates to open on match day and then racing for a good spot on the shelf are over. It’s interesting how some people seem to think we have moved. We haven’t moved; we’ve just tweaked the playing area a few metres. Our new stadium complex is built over the same patch of ground that saw so much history made in English football. The ghosts of the past remain and will continue to take the field with all future Spurs teams. It’s a comforting thought.

There have been so many glorious games. There have been so many glorious players. There have been so many glorious memories. The memories will be different for each supporter, but they bind every one of us together.

Although we will continue to play on the same piece of real-estate it may take a few games to adjust to the new home we’ve built around it. That shouldn’t be a problem; after all, we didn’t take long to settle into the national stadium and make it our own, did we?

It’s almost mind-blowing to consider how THFC has developed since its humble beginnings in1882. Our rise to the forefront of top football clubs has been epic and our story over the decades has been amazing. The world at that time was a different place; as different as the first pitch Spurs played on compared to our new stadium.

Since the time of THFC’s first competitive match, two world wars have been fought, man has learned to fly, human beings have walked on the moon, the United States has had a black President, an empire has been lost, and I have been born (the latter two are not connected!). And, through it all, Spurs have gone marching on!

Our history is a book of many chapters. From its founding in 1882 until today, generations of footballers have performed before generations of supporters. The legacy is handed down from team to team, and from supporter to supporter. It’s all self-perpetuating with no end in sight. It now seems inconceivable that football could exist without THFC being a part of it …. well, to Spurs supporters, at least.

Through triumphs and failures, through tears of pain and tears of joy, through dark times and light; there are so many chapters to the THFC book. The chapters to come are yet to be written but, realistically, times of pain and joy will no doubt weave a thread across them. That’s how football works.

The past chapters of the THFC book make glorious reading. Our next chapter will involve a new stadium and …. whatever transpires on the new-laid grass that covers it. The dawn of a new era beckons. It seems to me that the pride we can embrace from the achievements throughout our history will form a strong base to propel THFC onwards and upwards as it continues its march into the future. May the chapters keep coming and the book never end. Gotta love football!


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  • geofspurs….very well written, becoming a bit of a habit with articles mate.

    The new ground/complex is actually closer/on top of White Hart Lane than its predecessor, so its still White Hart Lane.

    When the sponsor is finally named please keep WHL in the title, because for me it will always be White Hart Lane in my heart. COYS

  • Cheers PY. This is article No 105! I’ve got one more on my computer and then I’ll give it a break and go back to writing other stuff.

  • As I’ve said before he fans think in terms of the next season, the stadium is about the next 100 years.

  • Think I am staring to sound like a parrot, Spurs had their glory years ago, its the past, happy/great memories for some of us but that is where it must remain(history), some go on and on and on, to a degree it p****s me off, the football, the equality of sides/clubs of our so called glory years were so different to today’s blah blah, yes in the day the sides/clubs with the biggest attendances were the clubs, but today its about how deep the pockets are of the owners, some of it is getting so stupid even certain “rich clubs” still cannot compete because the margin is getting so wide.

    Pressure is mounting for every club, especially us because we do not conform/have the cash as say MC and MU do, plus add some of our fans with there entitlement expectations, world owe me a living attitudes.

    2 examples of what I said above is, (a) we must win trophies, ok fair enough, but what about the other sides we play, don’t they have something to say about that on the day (b) whinge upon whinge because MU beat us in the semi final, just say we had won but lost in the final, would just getting to the final have been enough, I very much doubt it, the whingeing would have been so loud and still have carried on, so generally the mighty Spurs just cannot win either way, this can also apply to our CL adventure.

    I live for today, yes get disappointed at times but that’s football, watching the progress we have made over past 4 years is excellent and more so, how our our non-net spend tight arse team/club is pissing off the so called big 5 and media. COYS

  • Sorry Py, all spurs fans have a right to expeditions of a team , and an entitlement to expect the team to win titles and trophies … Leicester, proved it can be done we have a higher budget than them if I am not mistaken… majority of supporters were not born 58 odd years ago, when we last won a title … my mum was not even a teenager … very team has expectations .. Huddersfield to attempt to avoid relegation etc…. how can you criticise a fan for not being happy at a pathetic semi final performance ,, a one of yes agreed but 8 on the trot , lost 3-2 to west ham .. over turned by juventus …. spurs, are a better team than man utd .. and it’s about time they started to show credentials if not this team will always be a nearly nearly team.

  • Ok E17yid, fair enough, do you think Leicester or a team of their likes will ever win the Prem again, that season was a one and only.

    If you read what I said I did not say fans were happy about losing the semi, all I was trying to say and obviously not very well, that Spurs have fans, that even if we had won but lost in the final they would still have whinged.

    Agreed regards expectations, we all have them, but to me regards Spurs it has got extreme, the entitlement factor, why are we entitled?

    All I am trying to say is how over the years I have watched with trepidation how Spurs fans and life in general has changed for the worse. COYS

  • E17yid…missed thanks for the comeback, my problem is that maybe I cannot express myself properly in writing, so that you can understand my opinion. COYS

  • PY, you know what life is like, when more is given more is wanted … MP has created this situation he’s taken a mid table team who was progressing to regular EL cup placement and propelled them to a top4 team … now, the fans have the taste of the higher life in football. They expect it.

  • Geof good article. E17yid.. Yes agree with your last post, spurs fans have got used to the top 4 placements and now want a title win, after coming so close. The Leicester season was too early for our players to handle the run in pressures. The Chelsea game where everyone got booked and Moussa had a go at Costa at the end shows the emotion / pressure we were under. Now players are older and wiser ! so next season will see the experience we have to win a trophy. COYS

  • E17yid…Yours “they expect it”, mine “expectations” nobody can expect! anything, maybe wish for is better. Good chat mate.

    block d spurs….very true, but also add the whole of the media rat race was against us and made that quite obvious. COYS

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