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Great win, but we have got into the habit of doing it the hard way.

We really should have had it wrapped up before half-time. A quick glance and summary of our seasons chance to conversion ratio is now the worst in the Top 6. we are creating, and creating well. But we are simply not being clinical enough this season, and that has to change if we want to regain our top form and start putting teams like Burnley away. Chance after chance went begging in the first half, and missing these gives teams like Burnley the sort of encouragement that gets them to nick points they should not have had a hope of.

It’s worth noting that I called for Alli to be rested, Poch did what he has to do and make the big calls and played him from the start – and it worked a treat, he looked close to being the sort of player he was last season – so let’s hope the Pundits and commentators recognise it as quickly as they have put the boot into him.

Talking to the London Evening Standard

Poch said ‘I think it’s an important victory for us,’ he added

‘Not only the three points, I think the way we achieved the victory was very good. It means a lot for us to be in a position again to compete for the top four and change a little bit the feeling from last week.’

Poch went on to applaud Kane’s incredible achievement of equaling Shearers record;

‘His contribution not only with goals, with attitude, professional, ethic, how he works, I think it’s fantastic,’ said the boss.

‘He’s a massive example for everyone and of course I’m so happy for him because not only we achieved the three points but he equalled the record with Alan Shearer’

Of course he needs one more to set the record and I think it’s a massive individual achievement for him.’

Anyway, here’s the tale of the tape:

Them – Us

5 Goal Attempts 18
2 On Target 8
4 Corners 4
10 Fouls 10
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
40 % 60


33 Replies to “Tottenham Wasters. Kane the Conqueror.”

  • Having watched the game last night… Dele was harshley treated on the yellow card, it was just a sliding attempt block of a pass, no malice at all. The media hype of last few weeks (anti spurs?) follows him every game. The penalty WAS a penalty the defender put his leg and hip in contact with Dele, so impeded his run in the box. As spursex says, we wasted 2 excellent chances by Sisoko / Son. Sonny unusual, sisoko lack of confidence, as he scuffed the ball from his foot / heel first shot, and unlucky in 2nd as goalie blocked with his legs (no nutmeg ) Defense looked a lot better, DIer in MF right choice. So a well deserved hatrick by harry and a good win… Harry was equalled Sherer’s goals in 1 year record in 10 or is it 12 ? games less…COYS

  • Getting so bored negativity from social media and blogs. Worse than the pundits! Today?s offers included Twitter followers ?slating? Ben Davies. Last few weeks it?s been Dele, Sissoko, Rose and a host of others. Apparently now even a 3-0 away win against an in/form side isn?t good enough. I?ve no argument with the writer?s observations that we?ve squandered too many chances but the realreason we?ve struggled recently has been more that we?ve missed Alderweireld. Dier has been doing a fantastic job covering but he?s really more a defensive midfielder these days and we?ve missed that too. Once Toby and Victor are back, we?ll start to look more like the unstoppable side we?ve come to expect of late. COYS

  • When is a yellow card not a yellow card? When it’s a red one?

    Almost throughout the entire BT match commentary yesterday, the commentators kept mentioning Dele’s early yellow card incident. And of course the Burnley supporters booed him every time he touched the ball. (Because of the tackle and then the pen). Could’ve been a red etc., but a yellow was fair. Was the conclusion from all around.

    When is a great tackle or block not a great tackle or block? When a player goes in at speed to make the challenge, was the conclusion on this. In other words, Dele made a fine challenge, without intent to injure, it wasn’t a foul as such but, it looked like it could’ve been dangerous even though it evidently wasn’t and all because of the speed of his actions.

    Well this was how Graham Poll explained it to us. But, I don’t really get it. And, likewise with the penalty decision. It wasn’t a foul as such but because of how the defender went in (uncleanly) Dele was right to go down even if he half-dived. Again this was how ex-ref Poll saw it and also confirmed for us that this too, was fair. I still don’t get it.

    Remember Poll? The man who infamously sent a player off in the 2006 WC after booking him no less than 3 times!

    Nowadays, he is the ‘rules’ expert and a regular TV pundit. He’s there to supposedly clear up any doubts we may have on the so called controversial (official and non-official) in-game decisions. So, why do I nearly always end up more confused and uncertain, after he has spoken?

    I don’t want or need his explanations on what could’ve, should’ve, or might’ve happened. My only need from the pundits and commentators is to first highlight what’s happening in real time, on the pitch, who passed to who etc., and then after, to discuss the actual football and in some small detail. Rather than always be fixating more so, on the ‘unclear’, controversial refereeing decisions. Is it really necessary? Does it really help to improve our understanding of the game? I don’t think so. But maybe that’s just me…

    Rant over….. But, even after a good win, it still feels great to have a bit of a moan, don’t it?

  • I was writing that without having first seen block D’s post. So I agree with you on your view of it as well.

  • I’ll just add that from my armchair and in real time, I instantly thought that Dele’s challenge was a perfectly timed and fair one and not at all worthy of a ‘yellow’ and that it was indeed a fair penalty decision, given the ‘rules’. I didn’t need it to be mentioned again and again and again……. By the way, football IS still a contact sport isn’t it?

  • We do need to be more clinical in future, but I was happy with the quality and quantity of chances created. Burnley didn’t really park the bus, which played into our hands, but they do have an impressive home record regardless and we brushed them aside with ease.

  • I don’t think we gave them the time or space to effectively park the bus. Our passing and movement was too quick, neat and incisive for them. Along with our strength in the press and tackle. I only mention this because these are the things that the team have been regularly criticised for not doing or not doing well, this season.

  • I don’t think you need time or space to park the bus, you just need a full team of players to camp in their own half. Burnley tried to press us from the start, but we were easily bypassing them, (as Man City did to us). The obvious sign of their intention to press was Lloris being rushed on the ball, as Burnleys front-line closed in. Off topic, but Sanchez is class and clearly has room for improvement, which is a scary thought. Can’t wait for Wanyama and Toby to return to action. Our defence will be impregnable.

  • They did set up with a packed defence when we were attacking but it was a half-parked bus, if you like. I do think we pulled them around a lot with our clever play and that they found it difficult to keep their shape. Which is something they’ve done extremely well this season, until yesterday. I believe that we quite simply outplayed them and not that they were particularly bad on the day.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Chelsea had something like 28 shots against Everton … and scored zero goals. It happens.

  • I don’t think Burnley played badly either HT, we just played them off the park as we are capable of doing to most teams on our day, as we’ve proven time and time again. Geofspurs, I didn’t watch the Chelsea game, but ive seen stats like that before that are often misleading because most of the shots are low % chances from distance, due to the defending team doing so well.

  • Guyver, I think you see it all in a very similar way to me. Albeit with a more considered and less ‘jokey’ or ‘silly’ way than myself.

  • Guyver, it also helped that we scored so early. After six minutes Burnley had nothing to defend. So for the rest of the match (or up until we scored our second goal) they were caught betwixt and between – knowing they needed to score but aware they were vulnerable if they committed men forward. And our pressing game, particularly from our attackers, gave them no time on the ball. I enjoyed yesterday’s performance more than any other this season (in the EPL that is).

  • We played well, yes missed some chances, not unusual for Sissoko, he isn’t confident at scoring, Sonny can be inconsistent so nothing out of the ordinary to me. This time we were not punsihed, and then kane went on and showed the others how to do it, showed himself after coming close, and we wrapped up the points.

    I think the difference yesterday was Dier playing in midfield and dropping into back as and when needed. Dier gets slated and unfairly, its not easy being moved around, one cannot epect him to be perfect when he is covering different positions, when you play different positions your going to be good at best not great, and he is good and very good at times, but we have missed that DM when he has played at the back more than his form as a defender. Poor lad can’t do both, and now Sanchez is back I would stick to 4 at back and let dier play DM until Wanyama is back. He pressed and tackled and that kept us going and Sanchez is fantastic, he is probably one of my favourite players.

    Dele was much better yesterday, that edge to his game was there, its make you feel stressful as he comes so close to doing something stupid or getting sent of but it improves his game, that is his game and it was more like himself yesterday, still a bit petulant when he lost the ball or something didn’t come off but didn’t stop working, work rate was better and he will be back soon. He may need to still be protected because the media are out for him, that is what they do and its ugly.

    City imo have wrapped up the title after Utd drew, so its a top four battle now. I fancy our chances if we can bget players back and have a good festive period, and we don’t get any injuries for the rest of the season, we will see.

    For me we are just 4 players from having a better squad. I think we need another CB if we are going to persue with 3 at the back, a midfielder as Dembele is struggling fitness wise and Winks is still learning his trade, a attacker and a striker. I would say Barkley is worth a gamble, PL experience and raw and needs a challenge and Poch can work with him, if he comes and helps in midfield share minutes with dembele I think that would be great addition. Defender, I am not sure who, I like McGuire, someone like that, but who is available and prepared to come and sit on the bench because when fit Toby, Verts and Sanchez are first choice, but if Foyth isn’t ready to step in then may be we need to bring someone in who can step in until he develops. I think I would keep Llorente unless a good offer comes in, but we need a younger striker and I would say a offensive player, who not sure but most important, we need to keep Toby and sort LB out if Rose is going.

  • Gary Onedaysoon, thats true, they were out of their comfort zone. If as HT states, their initial intention was to park the bus, then our early goal forced a change of strategy.

  • Sissoko played very well yesterday, imo. And, I think it has become far too easy for many supporters to not see any of the good he does and more often than not only highlight the bad. He hasn’t been the best of players but I don’t think he is anywhere near as bad as some keep making out….

    Pochettino seems to have often given him a completely free role and more so than even Dele Son or Christian usually have. He was everywhere yesterday and put in some very good challenges. He always works hard and yesterday, he was often involved in some very good phases of play and passing, with some quick thinking in his timing and movement of the ball. His set up for one of Harry’s goals was instant, sharp and precise. His run from our excellent counter-attack was also fast and effective, even if he didn’t score from it. It wasn’t even a bad attempt. The goalkeeper made two fine saves from his efforts. Even so, Sissoko is not known as a regular goalscorer (much like Dembele) and doesn’t have as many opportunities as Kane and others will. If he did then I think he would probably have scored more goals than the 2 he has so far this season. The difference being with Son, CE, Kane and Dele being that they will have many more attempts on goal but still miss quite a few. As was seen yesterday and on other occasions. So, I won’t knock Sissoko on his finishing until such time as he has as many efforts as the others do. They all miss more than they score!

  • Guyver … That’s right, and many of their shots were off target. But my point was that some people think it only happens to us. Not true!

  • I am glad that so many of you feel the same as I do re Alli?s Tackle and penalty yesterday. When he made the tackle I did say, ?crap, you dumb ass, that?s a red for sure?! But when I saw the replays a couple of times, I realized it was a 50/50 ball and both players when at it at the same time. Alli?s studs were not up, as some commentators described the tackle, his boot was on the ground and he actually looked to get the worst of the encounter. The penalty was an obvious call as the defender clearly and intentionally brought him down. There?s not even a question of a dive. You have been stopped from getting to the ball by being blocked from it by a defender?s interference and you are moving at pace, what does on expect would happen? Should he have tried to balance himself and stumble 3 or 4 steps until he righted himself? Would it still not be a penalty? Hate the media for always trying to stir up negativity to gain notice.

  • By the way, it was a decent game but I have become super critical because of the plethora of missed scoring opportunities which we create and throw away. 3 breakaways yesterday where we had clear chances to score and didn?t. Very frustrating. But great to see us actually score some. Can?t wait until Harry get this Shearer record out of the way so others can actually start scoring themselves, without constantly looking for Harry or him being supremely selfish whilst others are in better scoring positions. I guarantee from January on this will be a much more formidable team.

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