Date: 6th October 2019 at 7:30pm
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When the immediate emotion-charged reaction to recent performances had returned to calm contemplation, I was able to find some perspective.

For many seasons we have been privileged to watch some of the best football Spurs have played since the sixties. Supporters have enjoyed high-class entertainment on the pitch and seen THFC’s world-wide profile climb to the point where we could all be justifiably proud of our club.

The ‘project’ that is THFC has been viewed by all as a huge success…not success in terms of trophies, but success in terms of the club’s development. We have witnessed the club’s growth with the addition of our training facility, state-of-the-art stadium, reputable manager, and various sponsorship contracts. All the groundwork for the club’s long-term future is in place.

The reality, in football terms, is that this was the easy part, the tangible part. Finding a squad of players that have the capacity to take the football world by storm is another matter…and far more difficult.

Every football club is embarked on a never ending journey of evolution which, by definition, means regular stages of transition. All of the so-called ‘top six’ clubs have demonstrated how the evolution of football works in recent seasons. The older generation of supporters have witnessed many such transitions no matter which club they follow.

It is beginning to look like Spurs are now in transition. Players have aged or not fulfilled their potential. New players have come in and some players have left. The squad is not the same one that delivered all of the stunning performances and glorious football we have witnessed for several seasons. And, believe me, there were many stunning performances creating many memories. Currently, the squad is not playing as the team, the unit, it once was. There is not the harmony or the understanding between players. Results and performances on the pitch have suffered since the start of last season.

It needs to change. But that change, that transition, will take some time. We still have a very talented squad of players. They are all parts of the jigsaw that completes a picture. Presently, the pieces are difficult to put together. There may even be a piece or two missing…but the foundation is there, as is the answer to completing the puzzle. It just has to be found and, personally, I believe that the manager and chairperson are capable of finding it…will find it. After all, they did get us to this point in the first place and neither of them would settle for it all ending here.

The periods of transition will not take so long if there is something real to start with and build on. There is much to build on at Tottenham. In a sense, Spurs are the victims of their own magnificent performances in recent seasons because ‘transition’ means there will be a lull, a backward step, and this is never acceptable to supporters who are emotionally connected to the club and demand never-ending success…which is never going to happen.

Evolution does not work that way in football.

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130 Replies to “Tottenham: Victims Of Their Own Success”

  • Just read that Sissoko was played further forward as an attacking right midfielder by France, that maybe explains why he didn’t have a good game, we all know he doesn’t have much confidence in and around the penalty area!

  • TQ …. Yep, that works for me. The team selection against Watford should be interesting. We could certainly do with 6 points from our next two games.

  • Yes Geof, 6 points would certainly help towards getting back on track. Realistically, I think it’s going to take a while to get back to having a settled competitive squad again!

  • TQ2… I also have suggested a 433 shape ad now ….with son kane moura front 3. This with lo celo, sisoko ndombele / winks / dele mid line, Foyth… sanchez / toby …Jan / gadanga… Rose / Sess. Subs we all know who is available for injuries bad form..rotation.

    SO we have a mix of young fresh players, and experienced (HK10 sonnny toby jan moussa)

  • block 108, I would replace Rose with Davies but apart from that pretty much in agreement. We should assume Eriksen, Rose, Toby, Jan and Aurier will be going, I would add KWP, Lamela and Wanyama to that list. We need to replace with new right wing/back, two centre backs left and right, and we would need another deep lying playmaker, maybe Fernandes?

  • So going by info from Thst had said celso and sessegnon have been back in training since the foyth is fit.lets see how the weekend goes.
    And I still can’t see the sense in buying a player in the summer to loan back,if that had been the only scenario then go for a player ready to he’s getting no game time.

  • TQ2 – Fernandes is an attacking midfielder – doubt he can be a deep lying playmaker but would still love to sign him and play him with Lo Celso and Son behind HK10 interchanging with the likes of Moura, Dele and Lamela. Lamela has been good this season and for the time being I’m happy with him being a squad member. This all said we need a DCM to replace both Dier and Wanyama who are both not good enough for where we want to go and cannot even displace the likes of Winksy from the side. Again Winksy has done OK this season and I’m happy with him being a squad member for the time being – same goes for Skipp who hopefully can progress much further and develop into a valuable member of the squad – here a short loan might be in everyone’s best interests. I would keep Toby and Verts for their experience but would look for a LCB and a RB as Aurier and KWP need to go – KWP possibly on loan to see if can develop and we cannot rely solely on Foyth and that’s if he can make it as a RB and assuming that’s where Poch plans to play him because as we discussed fear for him at CB. Watched some clip’s of France v Turkey and Sissoko looked decent – it’s all about him and N’Dombele in a double pivot for me with Lo Celso playing inbetween Son and Moura and off HK10 up front. If Fernandes signs I’d consider dropping Moura back to the bench but then he might make that impossible as if given a proper chance he could well take it – quality player whose not being used enough to gain some proper consistency – that said still managed 15 goals last season which is an excellent tally for a RW who did not play every game week in, week out. I think I read everyone’s back in training so looking forward to seeing what Foyth, Sess and Lo Celso can bring to the team in the short term aswell as possible signings in January although won’t expect too much until next summer in that respect. We’ve got quality players, it’s about building a quality side and getting them playing for each other – upto Poch to show his now famed man management skills and get us rolling properly.

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