Date: 6th October 2019 at 7:30pm
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When the immediate emotion-charged reaction to recent performances had returned to calm contemplation, I was able to find some perspective.

For many seasons we have been privileged to watch some of the best football Spurs have played since the sixties. Supporters have enjoyed high-class entertainment on the pitch and seen THFC’s world-wide profile climb to the point where we could all be justifiably proud of our club.

The ‘project’ that is THFC has been viewed by all as a huge success…not success in terms of trophies, but success in terms of the club’s development. We have witnessed the club’s growth with the addition of our training facility, state-of-the-art stadium, reputable manager, and various sponsorship contracts. All the groundwork for the club’s long-term future is in place.

The reality, in football terms, is that this was the easy part, the tangible part. Finding a squad of players that have the capacity to take the football world by storm is another matter…and far more difficult.

Every football club is embarked on a never ending journey of evolution which, by definition, means regular stages of transition. All of the so-called ‘top six’ clubs have demonstrated how the evolution of football works in recent seasons. The older generation of supporters have witnessed many such transitions no matter which club they follow.

It is beginning to look like Spurs are now in transition. Players have aged or not fulfilled their potential. New players have come in and some players have left. The squad is not the same one that delivered all of the stunning performances and glorious football we have witnessed for several seasons. And, believe me, there were many stunning performances creating many memories. Currently, the squad is not playing as the team, the unit, it once was. There is not the harmony or the understanding between players. Results and performances on the pitch have suffered since the start of last season.

It needs to change. But that change, that transition, will take some time. We still have a very talented squad of players. They are all parts of the jigsaw that completes a picture. Presently, the pieces are difficult to put together. There may even be a piece or two missing…but the foundation is there, as is the answer to completing the puzzle. It just has to be found and, personally, I believe that the manager and chairperson are capable of finding it…will find it. After all, they did get us to this point in the first place and neither of them would settle for it all ending here.

The periods of transition will not take so long if there is something real to start with and build on. There is much to build on at Tottenham. In a sense, Spurs are the victims of their own magnificent performances in recent seasons because ‘transition’ means there will be a lull, a backward step, and this is never acceptable to supporters who are emotionally connected to the club and demand never-ending success…which is never going to happen.

Evolution does not work that way in football.

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130 Replies to “Tottenham: Victims Of Their Own Success”

  • BS… are correct that Levy is the highest paid chairman in the Prem, so maybe the answer to my question “is Joe Lewis responsible/ to blame for the situation we are?” is YES! as in “Daniel don’t overspend and keep the outgoings even/costs down and I will pay you a huge salary” it seems simple to me that dear old Levy is doing the job that is demanded of him, and thus getting the flack! of course I could be wrong, but somehow I doubt it. COYS

  • It is clearly a problem that we have players nearing the end of their contracts and we cannot blame them for running them down and getting a big pay day. The question for me is how did we get it get to this stage with so many players. That is down total mis-management at board level , Levy’s usual tactic of doing the minimum possible in the hope of achieving the maximum possible result. This has always been the Levy way. He got lucky with Poch whose brilliant management has masked the inadequacies of the board. How will Levy feel next season with no Champions League money and falling gates in his shiny new stadium. He spared no expense on that stadium, is charging comfortably the highest prices in Europe and yet will not make the equivalent investment in the team. As a fan, I sometimes feel all I am doing is helping Levy pay for the stadium. It works both ways Mr Levy. You charge extortionate prices you have to give something back.

  • PY – Again, in the end it doesn’t really matter, as the result is the same. With ENIC in charge (whatever combination of Levy/Lewis), we are where we are.

    At the very least, Levy has been a very good company man and simply cannot be absolved of any blame, in that respect. If you’re willing to take the money, you have to be willing to accept the blame when it comes your way.

  • There are a lot of assumptions being made here, the suggestion is that Levy has let these contracts run down without doing anything, does anyone have any proof that this is the case? We have numerous reports for example that we have been offering a new improved contract to Toby for some time now but he has refused to sign up. It seems very likely that we have done the same with Eriksen who may have turned down all offers because he (as he himself indicated) wants a new challenge and obviously thought the likes of Real Madrid would be knocking our door down to sign him. Funny how we didn’t appear to have any approaches for these and other players looking to leave, you can’t even put it down to Levy asking too much either, Toby would have been a steal for anyone at £25m, not sure the same still applies!

  • I don’t think players care about what a chairman earns, they compare themselves to other players and not the chairman. I know this could be a bit biased but the former Spurs director Paul Kelsey said that Levy will support Poch and not panic. He also claimed that the lack of recruitment of new players is not only Levy’s fault and instead suggested it was down to who Poch wanted and could not get. Dybala? It’s very easy to put the blame on Levy when so many players are out of form or injured. Last year half the team played in the semifinals in the WC. Against the best teams in the world!
    What’s gone wrong with Dele,Dier,Rose,Verts,Toby and others?

  • BS …. Why do you think that selling Eriksen will improve morale? Which players have said that they want him to leave, or that they don’t like or respect him. I must have missed those reports. Where did you get this information. Is it factual or supposition. Just wondering.

  • If Eriksen doesn’t pull his finger out, and put himself in the shop window throughout the rest of the season, he’ll be lucky to get a contract worth £50k pw with Norwich. Poor performances and poor attitude can become a habit.
    Real or Juve will be looking carefully at Eriksen’s displays and consistency over the next 7/8 months, and won’t offer him the deal he thinks he deserves (whether he’s on a free or not) if he doesn’t show he’s worth that deal!

  • Could someone please explain exactly how a club prevents a player running down a contract if that is what he wants to do ? You can’t sell him if he refuses to go and you have to pay him whether he plays or not.

  • TQ2Spurs – lots of assumptions indeed, but lots of quotes from players current and past suggesting that extensions were either not forthcoming, or failed to match the players’ expectations/values on the market.

    Toby’s agent in particular has been very vocal in the Belgian press. A quote from 2017:

    Stijn Francis said: “When you look at Toby’s statistics, they are impressive. Either he deserves an appropriate contract, or else he should be given a transfer.

    “Seven or eight big European clubs are interested in signing him.

    “There are not many central defenders around who can play like he can.

    “But these clubs will have to negotiate with Tottenham’s chairman, Daniel Levy.”

    The elephant in the room has always been the wages on offer at Spurs. Players like Walker, Rose and others have all been very clear about this in recent seasons. So we are making assumptions, but educated ones, based on quotes coming directly from Spurs players or their agents.

  • BelgianSpur – You obviously have great faith in human nature if you believe anything a player’s agent says without independent verification.

  • A bit of a to-do here, lets be honest we know jack all about whats going on inside the club regards the players whether they are friends or foe of each other, we hear comments from “please line my back pocket” agents and assume it must be true, I said on another thread we keep hearing rumour’s and non of them are either agreed or denied, oh sorry CE has just denied one, all we are making is assumptions, educated, maybe maybe not.

    Regards the wages Spurs pay, no player has his arm bent up behind his back to sign any contract at the time of offer, which some are now refusing as is their right, proving this, so as another writer said “why is this Levy’s fault?”

    Some players have been quite vocal about the wages paid at Spurs, Walker left, so why didn’t Rose or Wanyamah leave when they had a chance? less money on offer maybe!

    Regards CE it wouldn’t surprise me that his agent hasn’t already done a deal for him elsewhere, as for nobody coming in for Toby “who had a release clause” of £25m, my opinion on this is I doubt he had one, because that’s not Levy’s way. COYS

  • BS……so where were these seven or eight clubs in the summer when they could have bought him for £25m?

    There are posters on here who, even at the beginning of this season, rated Toby and Verts not just the best centre half pairing in the PL but one of the best in Europe, I have suggested for quite a bit longer that they aren’t as good as some and they themselves think they are and haven’t been for a while. I think others are possibly seeing this now and maybe that’s why the club supposedly haven’t been offering Toby what he and his agent think he is worth.

  • well!….. having had a good look through the various Twitter feeds you could almost hear “Stand by your man” playing in the background for all the punters who are saying Levy would be mad to sack Poch….lets face it? who would want to be the 12th Manager of THFC since Levy arrived in 2001…..Abramovich made Chavs a poisin chalice for managers and Levy is going to do that too if he sacks Poch! Even Arsene is throwing his hat in the ring for Poch!….bit of a kindred moment for our Arsene but Poch is no where near the duration that Wenger had at the Woolwich………But as Jod says if you have players that want to run their contracts down they take up the space and the wage that a new player could have…if you then add a player running down his contract and doesnt want to perform for Spurs and you have to take a fresh look at player contracts…I cant imagine a Chief Exec of a company being allowed to see out his contract till he leaves being tolerated by any company. Give the little shiseters the balance of their contract value and have them leave the club on garden leave until the season ends that way they got their money their off the books but they aint got any game time either for half a season! …bottom line its a pile of doo doo and Poch has to get a team out on the pitch that want to play for the shirt not their bank balances!

  • BS …. From your reply, which has nothing to do with my question, I’m guessing you are making assumptions about how Eriksen is affecting the team’s morale after all. But I really would like to know which of his team-mates have stated he is destroying their morale.

    Now if you’d said that Eriksen is affecting the morale of many supporters, that would be a different matter. The proof of that is in this thread.

  • Don’t get me wrong ….. I’ve always liked Eriksen, but I’ve never thought he was good enough for Spurs. If he does move on I’ll be very interested to see how that works out for him.

  • I don’t quite get this idea that players are and always will be unhappy with the wages that Spurs pay. Especially if a player like Rose is mentioned in this. He has been with Spurs for 12 seasons now. That’s a long time. in fact he is the longest serving player at a single club in the entire PL… Walker was at Spurs for 8 seasons. In the modern game this is also a long time. Eriksen himself is now in his 7th season at Spurs. Considering that his agent has insisted that he has been wanted by top European clubs since he was a teenager, this is not the sign of a man who wasn’t happy to be at Spurs for this length of time, for whatever reason.

    Harry Kane is now into his 15th year as a Tottenham player!

    It’s funny because when I mentioned not so long ago on here, that Spurs had a team with one of the longest average stay overall for our players, for all clubs in Europe, I was (conveniently) ignored. (I think we stood in 5th place in this just last season). And now people still use the argument that players aren’t and can’t be generally happy to stay at Spurs on the pay we give them. Even though this suggests the opposite of that… I can only assume then that Levy either hypnotises them into their (relative) loyalty or that we just happen to have the least greedy PL squad there is…

  • Speaking of Harry Kane…

    He is apparently, currently the joint 7th highest earner in the PL. He shares this place with Salah and De Gea on the same basic pay. Above those three in earnings are:

    6. Rashford
    5. Martial
    4. Ozil
    3. Pogba
    2. Alexis Sanchez
    1. De Bruyne

    That is 4 Man U players and 1 City player in the top 6, above Harry. Surprise, surprise! Oh, and a solitary Gooner…

    Of those top 6, I will suggest that if any one of them (apart from De Bruyne) were at Spurs and on the wages that they are on, many Tottenham supporters would probably be complaining that Levy was overpaying them, by far.

    So when people talk of the going rate for PL players; What exactly do they mean? United and City Rates? Or the rates that all the rest of the PL clubs fork out fo their top players?

    And if you are thinking that because we have the new stadium and the vastly increased revenue that it now brings, has suddenly moved THFC into the high-flying money-land of the likes of City City and United, then you are being rather silly. I mean, we’ve only been playing in it for 6 months… You know, overnight success never really does happen overnight! Haha!

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