Date: 12th December 2017 at 2:22pm
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Normal Service was resumed on Saturday and I see absolutely no reason whatsoever why that shouldn`t continue – if anyone can find one please post it below?we all need a good laugh.

It is always dangerous to underestimate the opposition, so I won`t; realistically they are just about better than relegation fodder.That does not mean they will roll over, but we are back now and the wobble feels over.

Brighton have been struggling in their last few games and look like a team who really are a one-man striking team (who does not strike often) – with just two points from their last 5 games they are in danger of a downwards spiral and failing to score seems to be a major issue for them – apparently Chris really did want to buy Vincent Janssen but tried to emulate his old boss who sacked him – and went all out to buy a goalscorer on the last day at the last minute in search of a Levyesque bargain – he must now be thanking his fairy Godmother that he didn`t have his wish granted.

It is important for confidence building purposes that we do not have a hint of a wibble let alone a wobble against `the Seagulls` – the thought of just one of them Seagulls nicking my post match celebration chips is unthinkable, let alone one dumping a great big white and blue dollop on our brand new top 4 aspirations – or do they only do that at the Seaside?

Chris, despite their recent run of poor results will have them all fired up for this as it maybe the only chance they have to play at Wembley until they are relegated and come back for a play off final.

He will be telling his players to enjoy it and play without fear, or he will show his tactical nous, shut up shop and go for a statement win. Neither of which I expect to save them from a jolly old spanking.

Newly promoted teams can often have a difficult season but Chris must be applauded for Brighton – that (at the moment) are above the relegation zone in 13th.

He can reckon on a warm welcome by the faithful as we acknowledge him once again for his years of service. I wonder if he will compare notes about Levy with Poch?

The key decision for Poch has to be after Saturdays` performance whether to play Dele – who whilst slightly improved against Stoke still seems unable to stop his feet from getting confused – giving the ball away whenever someone from the opposition gets near him and gives him what must be a mind controlling hypnotic cheeky grin that just screams ‘I know you want to give it to me`..

Poch will rotate and I just can`t see Dele being picked for this one, despite his great assist against Stoke, he looks in need of a positivity transplant and to find his enthusiasm (and touch) again.

To me, he needs a well-earned rest and some private one on one skills coaching (unless of course it is the one on one coaching from his girlfriend that is dragging down his performance levels, in which case it all makes absolute sense)?

Lesson 1 – how to pass the ball to a teammate.

Lesson 2 – how not to give the ball to the opposition.

Lesson 3 – oh you get the idea?

I suspect that this game might well be Lamella`s first start since his ops as Poch has a tendency to try and play returnees back into form – as he appears to be doing and beginning to do well with Dembo.

I`m going to keep my predicted line up for the wondrous Predict the score competition article along with my highly positive ‘we will spank them` prediction of 5-0 6 or 7?we just need one own goal to start the carnival…

Is there any chance I am just too bullish?


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  • In answer to your opening question Spursex, depends what type of bus Chris brings from Brighton. Again, score 1st and expect a landslide victory. 3-0, my confidence has been raised by last weekend’s win! COYS!

  • Living in Hove ,I watch Brighton quite a lot at the Amex.I’m going up tomorrow for my first visit to Wembley since the 1966 world cup. I want Seagulls to win enough games to survive their stay in the Premiership;but tomorrow, I want to see them tonked 5-0. Sorry Chris, but Spurs are in my DNA.

  • In Fairness Greavesaboveall, Brighton haven’t been conceding loads, but I do think their defence looks suspect and iffy…

  • There is only one acceptable result in this game, a home fixture v Brighton, a comfortable Spurs win, no excuses, blaming the referee, phases of the moon or anything else. Leading up to what may well become a rude awakening at the Etihad, we can’t afford to drop points here.

  • Greaves, I too have a soft spot for Brighton, mostly because my sentiments towards Chris Hughton. I think they will hang in there this year because they will scrape more points than Palace, Swansea and even Huddersfield. They are a steady little outfit, unlike Huddersfield who started the season strongly (top 4) and now rapidly heading in the opposite direction. Palace need Benteke to get his form back as Roy (the old fashioned manager) likes the orthodox wingers with AT and Zaha, but Benteke’s confidence is shot. Anyway, back to our game, a win is a must so that we can build a bit of head of steam before facing City. Hope to see Lamela start, as well as Sonny. I too would like to see Dele dropped for this one….will Poch?

  • I see that the mega rich, super stars laden, Burnley are in the 4th place tonight! Their chairman must have done all his transfer business early and their manager knows all about plans a to z. I guess it must also be due to them not having European football or Wembley to contend with…..oh wait a second, they got a 1-1 at our ‘home’!!! :0). May be Rose will be even closer to his family if he moved to them hills in Burnley…..

  • All of our closest rivals look to have easy wins on the cards tonight, along with Spurs. Although I do have a sneaking feeling that the Hammers could at least take a point from the Gunners.

    I presume that Pochettino will choose to rotate 2 or 3 tonight in preparation for the weekend. And yes, it would be good to see Lamela start. (Is he match fit enough?).

    Personally I would prefer MP to rest Son or Eriksen or both, and not Dele. I think young Dele Alli could be just one blinding match away from stepping up a couple of gears for the rest of the season. Why not tonight?

    Back 4 or back 3? Which pair of wing-backs should he use? Will it make any difference tonight? Who should be/will be preferred against City? … I can’t say myself.

    Needless to say that I’m backing Spurs for a win. A comfortable win? I think so. I hope so.

    Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Brighton and Hove Albion!

  • critical, theres always one team defying the odds, maybe this season it will be Burnley? Maybe in the champions League it will be us?!

  • Brighton will certainly park the bus. It took Man City 70+ minutes to break them down and that was from a Brighton mistake. They seem quite toothless up front mind.

  • Just a dull 1-0 will do if their bus parking and stout defending is up to scratch tonight. And Chris Hughton is no mug, defensively. I never presume that it’s an easy task to break down any team if they work hard and do it well. If they have a bad night or Spurs are just too sharp and too good for them, then hopefully my prediction comes close. It will be a good boost for the lads to carry it on convincingly from Saturday’s result.

  • Hopefully we score early. The longer we take, the more the supporters grow restless and that tension translates onto the pitch.

  • Yes Guyver, I know! (about Burnley and defying odds). Just as well we’re not playing catch up with Leicester…..depends on your outlook!!

  • I’m a little bit worried about this game. We’ve dropped silly points in games we were expected to win comfortably. This has accident written all over it, especially after a good result against Stoke. Funnily enough I feel more confident about our chances against City, who will attack us and leave space to exploit on the counter. Against Brighton, I expect a scrappy game, against a team that has no intention of scoring from open play and who will be content with being hard to beat and strong on set pieces. None of those things particularly suit us. I am of course hoping for a comprehensive win, and I would expect us to win on paper. But as recent history has taught us, what should happen doesn’t always. Last year, I was confident enough that we would win the games we were expected to. This year, our form is more erratic, and we are capable of the best and the worst. I’m not confident.

  • I will just add to that BS and say that our PL form probably looks a lot worse right now than at this time last year. As we have already lost as many as we did in the entirety of last season, (4). However I think we are just 2 points less well off and so not as bad as it could be or, at least, seems to be.

  • Don’t underestimate Brighton. I’ve been watching them closely as they’re my second team.They’ve got some decent like Knockaert and the Colombian guy on the other wing (with Solly Marsh to step in if needed). Also Gross who is up there on assists and Dunk, Duffy and Bruno are top defenders. If they hit if off they could cause a surprise, particularly if we start missing chances again.

  • Verts is on 4 yellow cards if he picks up one against Brighton he wont be available for the City Game! That would mean no Toby Verts of Sanchez for the City Game! Poch needs to play a back 3 of Davies Dier and Trippier with Aurier and Rose as WB’s. Lamela should get a start this time around but knowing Poch it will be Kane Eriksen and Dele – Moussa and Son. Chrissy will come to frustrate just like WBA Swansea Burnley CP did! It will be all hands to the pump on Saturday so Poch had better hope we don’t pick up any injuries tonight!

  • Frank, you’re setting yourself up for a difficult night with those expectations, m’man. I think there’s an 80% chance we’ll win and win well — as long as Sissoko doesn’t play. We may as well be a man down if he’s on the pitch… Hopefully Dele is “rested” for this one and Lamela starts as he’ll be chomping at the bit to perform well. No need to tinker with the team that battered Stoke, just Lamela for Dele IMO. Dembele’s played a couple of games and is due his customary injury, he should be taken off if we establish a good lead. He’s needed for the big one on the weekend. Without him, we’re very lightweight in midfield.

  • I think we’ve got too much for the Seagulls, even if they try to park the Bus. As for Saturday Night, really looking forward to it, giving them their first defeat of the season, just as we did last year. COYSS!!!!!!!!!

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