Date: 26th November 2018 at 1:17pm
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For most supporters, watching different players makes our own adrenalin run at different speeds. All players take to the field with a job to do. Some jobs are not quite as exciting as others. Watching Dier do his job rarely gets my adrenalin running no matter how good he is. But that is to be expected because his job generally keeps him away from the exciting part of the park, the opposition goalmouth.

But, at the moment, there are quite a few players in our team that increase my adrenalin flow when they receive the ball. It’s because I know what they are capable of and I expect something to happen.

When Kane gets the ball anywhere within range of the opposition goal I’m always anticipating a goal.

When Son, Moura, or Lamela attack a defence at pace and drive toward goal I’m expecting something magical.

When Dele is making a run through the middle I’m expecting something outrageous.

When Eriksen or Winks are moving forward in space I’m expecting a defence splitting pass.

And when the team break at speed, as they did against Chelsea, I’m expecting poetry in motion.

My expectations have also increased when Sissoko gets the ball …. I didn’t see that coming!

Okay, I expect a lot. But the thing is, they all create excitement and get the adrenalin running. It can’t be good for the heart!

Our defensive players can make amazing blocks or tackles, but it’s not quite the same. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking anything away from the value of their contribution or how good they are.

It was great to see our pressing game return against Chelsea. I was amazed to see the lads sustain the pressure until the final whistle, especially after such a fast and furious start. It was a performance that, to my mind, equalled anything we’ve produced over the last few seasons. The stand-out player to me was Son. I don’t think any other PL player has more energy than him (maybe Lamela?). He did nothing wrong and, with a bit of luck, could have had a hat-trick. Surely, nobody enjoys playing for Spurs more than him. It would take plastic surgery to remove the smile he wears before, during, and after the games.

After Arsenal we seem to have a string of (on paper) very winnable games. So, for many reasons, that is a game that should really get our adrenalin flowing.

What, I wonder, gets your adrenalin flowing faster?

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27 Replies to “Tottenham: The Adrenalin Creators”

  • BS, Liverpool and City make more exciting watch, is that for you? Surely they cant excite you more than your own team, I cant imagine one game from Liverpool or City that was more exciting than the game at the wkd.

    In my opinion Hazard should have got a penalty (altho Im glad he didnt) he was fouled by Foyth, who’s very cultured on the ball but seems to be a penalty waiting to happen…

  • It’s easy to big-up the teams that are above us and playing good, exciting football… But it’s far easier for me to praise Tottenham. Not just after a great performance and result.But also because we have been winning when below par… To me this is always a sign of strength in a team and definitely not a show of inferiority or weakness…

    If we then look at those two above us and see that we are just 3 points below Liverpool, having won the same amount of matches and scoring just 3 less goals. And if we then say that Liverpool have arguably been playing the much better football overall, then what does that actually say about Spurs that can be perceived as bad?

    If we then look at City, knowing full well that they are easily the best performers in the PL and that Spurs, whilst underperforming by far, in comparison to City…. Have still somehow managed to win just 1 game less and are only 5 points adrift. And with another 25 games left to play and a further 75 points left to play for… Even our apparent ‘bad’ is pretty good, I think…

    So when we get going? Really get going? then I still think that we are bona fide PL challengers… The Fat Lady don’t even know right now the song she will eventually have to sing…

    It may well be a little number with Glory, Glory in it’s chorus…

    Ooooh I’ve gone all tingly!

  • HT – what makes me tick is to see the team go into uncharted territory. See them achieve something they have never achieved before (or at least, something they have never achieved in my lifetime).

    I understand that this is setting expectations quite high, and it doesn’t mean that I can’t rejoice in more humble achievements. But if your are asking me what really gets me excited, that’s the honest answer. Craving what you haven’t had yet.

    The more we achieve, the higher the sights. Continuous ambition.

  • My ultimate joy will come with Spurs becoming PL champions for the first time. And it will also be the first time I too would have witnessed them winning the league.

    I was alive at the time of the double but I was a wee baby still unaware of what football meant or even what a football looked like… I don’t even remember England’s 1966 WC win. Alive but unaware… I may as well have been born in the 1980’s! LOL

  • Ossie – I have never claimed that City or Liverpool make for more exciting watching. I have just said that they also play attractive football, and they too are not only getting results but doing it in style.

    I was pointing this out to illustrate that we have our work cut out for us. You have to give credit where it is due.

    For example, Man U’s style under Jose is not for everyone, even on days when they win. However City under Pep and Liverpool under Klopp make for exciting watching for a neutral fan, much like we are a joy to watch when we play like we did against Chelsea.

    It would be easier to knock City or Liverpool if they were beating teams luckily, or through controversial refereeing. That’s not the case. They are playing great football, smashing teams along the way, and we’ll need to be close to our best systematically if we are to catch them.

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