Date: 26th November 2018 at 1:17pm
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For most supporters, watching different players makes our own adrenalin run at different speeds. All players take to the field with a job to do. Some jobs are not quite as exciting as others. Watching Dier do his job rarely gets my adrenalin running no matter how good he is. But that is to be expected because his job generally keeps him away from the exciting part of the park, the opposition goalmouth.

But, at the moment, there are quite a few players in our team that increase my adrenalin flow when they receive the ball. It’s because I know what they are capable of and I expect something to happen.

When Kane gets the ball anywhere within range of the opposition goal I’m always anticipating a goal.

When Son, Moura, or Lamela attack a defence at pace and drive toward goal I’m expecting something magical.

When Dele is making a run through the middle I’m expecting something outrageous.

When Eriksen or Winks are moving forward in space I’m expecting a defence splitting pass.

And when the team break at speed, as they did against Chelsea, I’m expecting poetry in motion.

My expectations have also increased when Sissoko gets the ball …. I didn’t see that coming!

Okay, I expect a lot. But the thing is, they all create excitement and get the adrenalin running. It can’t be good for the heart!

Our defensive players can make amazing blocks or tackles, but it’s not quite the same. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking anything away from the value of their contribution or how good they are.

It was great to see our pressing game return against Chelsea. I was amazed to see the lads sustain the pressure until the final whistle, especially after such a fast and furious start. It was a performance that, to my mind, equalled anything we’ve produced over the last few seasons. The stand-out player to me was Son. I don’t think any other PL player has more energy than him (maybe Lamela?). He did nothing wrong and, with a bit of luck, could have had a hat-trick. Surely, nobody enjoys playing for Spurs more than him. It would take plastic surgery to remove the smile he wears before, during, and after the games.

After Arsenal we seem to have a string of (on paper) very winnable games. So, for many reasons, that is a game that should really get our adrenalin flowing.

What, I wonder, gets your adrenalin flowing faster?

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  • Well I cant remember a game I have enjoyed as much since we beat the Chavs at WHL during the Christmas fixture of 2012. Have to say I PMSL when Llorente came on for a kick about at half time and took a shot at an empty goal and missed it! Great atmosphere pity about the attendance being 58,000 was hoping for more. In Block N row 124 sat bang opposite Son when he scored the 3rd goal – we just went potty! Best performance of the season Sissoko played really well and Aurier was actually solid but we pressed them off the ball so much they ran out of ideas in the end. Many of the Chavs left by 80 minutes missed the Giroud Goal. Have to say Foyth is getting better but he really has to be careful in the penalty area that looked like a penalty think we got away with one there!

  • Oyveh …. I thought it was a penalty, too. I’d have been screaming for a penalty if it had been a Spurs player. Not that it would have made any difference.

  • What got me buzzing, Geof?

    The fact that from the very first minute to the last, we as a team were relentless. We overwhelmed Chelsea… I was overwhelmed with pure joy. Joy in our energy, skill and fabulous goals. Joy in MP’s perfect tactics. Joy in him showing faith and having trust in players such as Foyth and Sissoko and getting it oh so right…

    Seeing Dele, Christian, Son, Kane and Dier back to their magnificent best… Watching Sissoko win every challenge he made, come away with the ball and set up yet another Spurs attack. Whether running at them with pace and strength or finding a simple but progressive pass. And, Eric Dier standing firm and strong to make this all possible for Sissoko. Who was everywhere… The fact that Lloris barely had a save to make because all of the guys ahead of him did a grand job of keeping the likes of Willian and HazardKante and all pretty quiet and ineffective for the most part… And I mean the entire 10 in front of Hugo. Dele’s man-marking was simultaneously great defending from the front and effective in our attacking all at the same time… That was impressive… That was fun!

    The fact that Poch had Jan on the bench but was confident enough in Foyth not to use him. Whilst having in mind Inter on Wednesday and knowing that Foyth will not available.

    I could go on and on but this is all off the top of my head without much thought… And, when the only real and fair complaint is that we really should’ve scored 6 or 7 then… Well they aint no real complaint at all…Really!

    If we ever want to see this Spurs team at its best then this was it… Scarily for Inter, Arsenal and all comers alike, I (and Dele) think we can improve on this and get even better…

    But then again as a Spurs supporter I am pretty biased…

  • Hazard should have been booked for diving. When you dive as much as he does your not alwaysgoing to get a legit penalty claim. If he wasn’t so high profile he could have ended up sent off. They were lucky a couple of their players could have got two yellows. We are in the title race, for now at least. If we’re within 4 or 5 points come February I think we will have a chance.

  • That’s true … Foyth did foul Hazard but he also exaggerated his fall in the process of Juan’s challenge. In other words he was looking for the penalty. He is a shrewd player Hazard but this time it went against him. It also went against him when he dived at last twice more but under fair and square challengers… It’s of his own making. But no doubt, he’ll get a few more free kicks and pens from it before the season is out…

    We’ve experienced this ourselves, with Bale and more recently, Dele. When quite legitimate penalty shouts were being ignored by refs because of previously perceived diving…

  • The prospect of carrying this level of performance into our new stadium is what gets me buzzing.

    We are promised an update in early December and my feeling is this could be a positive one at last.

    By the end of this week it looks like we will see the north, south and west stand exterior cladding completed which will leave all of the teams to crash on with the east stand but I don’t think this would affect the ability to hold at least test events prior to completion of this work. The weekend and this morning has seen a marked clearing of the protective boarding over the paved area in the north-west corner and now along the front of the west stand, clearly getting it in a fit state for public access.

    Maybe I’m being over optimistic in view of the announcement regarding Wembley but I’m hoping we could be looking at test events being held during December with a view to playing our first match there in January. There has been much talk about the Manu game on the 13th but how about an FA cup tie on the weekend of 5th/6th if we are drawn at home in the third round?

  • I’ll join that bias, HT, while wearing my Lily White tinted specs.

    Such a good performance, and result to boot, from the whole team.

    You’ve got it right there, geofspur – we’ve got really good options to create chances, either passing or dribbling, that we should feel confident of at least rising out of our seats for the most part.

    Let’s keep it going and take our chances vs Inter on Wednesday! Up The Spurs

  • It would be fantastic to get home asap, TQ2.

    I think we’d be at least 6 points better off if we were at the (new) Lane over the course of a season.

    Let’s hope Mace can get things sorted so we can have our housewarming party!

    I’m so impressed with our boys playing away from home for this long… soon come, lads!

  • Geofspur….thank you, another great article.

    There are some truly happy and positive posts on here, excellent.

    As am not a very good writer, better with my gob, lol, I do love reading all the reasonable and sensible real world posts, as like I said am not very good or just not patient enough for that matter. lol.

    Keep up the great writing lads n lassies. COYS

  • Just to add to my earlier post…….they have removed all of the live cameras within the stadium now, whether this is permanent or not is to be seen. They also froze the time lapse camera this morning and this tends to be done when they are things going on that they don’t want us to see!

  • For me that was the best performance we have had at Wembley and i include last seasons win against Real Madrid in that. Not just offensively but I thought our discipline when Chelsea had the ball was fantastic.
    The question is, can we keep this going. This was by a million miles our best performance of the season but the majority of our performances have been sluggish. it is so important that this now becomes the norm and that we keep the momentum going against Inter and then Arsenal. It would be so Spursy of us to put in a limp performance against Arsenal.
    Great atmosphere at last at Wembley on Saturday. I spoke to a few Spurs supporters when I was working in London last week and most of them are refusing to go to Wembley again and that included a couple of people that follow the team around the country and Europe. I wonder if Saturdays performance has changed their minds.

  • Just had a chat with a mate who went up Sat’ and I asked him about players making him buzz at a live game his answer “was all of ’em except Davies” he reckons him and his buddies saw a weakness there as in “every player pressed and bugged the Chavs instantly giving them no time that is except for Davies who seemed to give them all the time in the world to think what they are going to do with the ball” he went on further to say “that around the 80th min they worked it out thus the cross for the ex-gooner to score from” and “was chuffed to bits that it took them so long to work it out”, another comment was “he is a weakness and we need Rose back fast or sign a new LB”. What do do you say to that? COYS

  • Maybe I am biased but I don’t think Hazard should have had a penalty. The touch on him was so slight and not enough for him to go down. Foyth needs to be careful though

  • DH….couldn’t agree with you more regards Hazard, he is an actor/diver, also true about Foyth, though he will learn as he is so young. COYS

  • Wow how good we’re we, and how good is the article at getting the adrenaline flowing ( perfect thanks Geof), as all I could picture whilst reading, was Saturdays game.

    I can’t find fault in any performance both individually or as a team (bar a few extra goals if being really picky) It was near perfect, and against that lot too!!

    So in answer both performances and fixtures like that really gets the adrenaline flowing. More please!

  • a couple of brief comments: (a) I’m not totally surprised by the recent good form of Sissoko. I remember similar form in the Euros two years ago when he played for France. I’ve always wondered where that form went when he’s played for Spurs. This is how he should be playing, The weird thing is that he hasn’t been. Where’s he been? What’s his excuse been? Why did Poch allow him to be so far below what it is that he can be? (b) Call me old fashioned, but my juices really get flowing from a great tackle just as much as by a shifty offensive move by a forward or wing, or a great save by a GK when I’ve already thought the goal was a sure thing and miraculously is kept out. In your face! Take that!. My truly favorite moves were watching Arsene Wenger toss a plastic water bottle in frustration and watching any time José Mourinho totally loses it. But to be honest there’s nothing quite like a spectacular tackle that robs the ball from a world class opponent to make me shake.

  • Good article geof. Yes fans were up and ready for a goal every time sonny, dele, harry ericcson were on the ball in chavs final 1/3 of pitch. From where i was the 2nd half willan & co. had davies beaten, and crosses in. He tried his best just a bit below the quality we need in a LB. COYS

  • The Chelsea game was confirmation that this team is capable of great things. It makes for great watching.

    That’s where the frustration comes from when we have a poor game. We know this team is capable of great things but it doesn’t always come together for us. Luckily it did against Chelsea, an opponent I have come to hate even more than Arsenal (the “battle at the Bridge” of a few years ago is probably not unrelated to that).

    I still want to see more consistency from several players. We should aim to go from seeing this level of performance occasionally/in spells to this being the norm. The day we achieve that, the PL trophy will be coming.

    Unfortunately for us, I have to say that City and Liverpool make for exciting watching too, at the moment. They will take some catching. But if we can play against them like we did against Chelsea, we are capable of beating them (and anyone else in the PL) too.

  • That is all very well BS. But what is your simple and straightforward answer to Geof’s final question?

    A question that sums up the whole point of his article.

  • I think this may have been the first time that Son, Harry, Eriksen and Dele have started the same PL match together all season. I think so… And so, it came as no surprise to me that this match was what I predicted would come when all of those guys are together and unhindered by injury, fatigue, and lack of match fitness, poor form etc… Or, a combination of all. Which has been the case…

    Meanwhile Lucas and Lamela have done a grand job as well.

    This time last season Lucas wasn’t yet a Spurs player. And this season, this was the first PL match that he hasn’t played in. Now at least we know that he has the required talent to do a good job for us and will have increased his understanding of working with his teammates and in the PL… This is why I (and others) have been suggesting that our Squad will more than likely be stronger for the absence of some of them and not weaker. Now add Foyth to the equation and even though Jan is back, we know that Juan can also do a job for us… As with Gazza, Winks, Sanchez, Aurier and others… This is my main buzzzzzzzz, baby!

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