Date: 7th March 2018 at 4:12pm
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Harry Winks.

Earlier this season the young midfielder looked as though he had the world at his feet whilst it also looked as though the ball was attached to them by a piece of string.

For sure, I thought as though he’d have a chance of going to the World Cup if he kept it up for the remainder of the campaign but now I’m just not so sure.

On form, he`s a more dynamic midfielder than much of what England has in the centre of the park and he`s certainly more forward thinking than many of the players potentially going to Russia in the summer.

However, he`s not been in form for a while and recent performances in the FA Cup have suggested he`s lost a fair bit of confidence from the start of the campaign.

Predictably, he’s going to draw comparisons with the other young British midfielders we’ve had come through in recent years.

Tom Carroll at Swansea and Ryan Mason both had potential but just fell short and I’m starting to think that Harry could go the same way.

Perhaps I’m being premature – all players go through patches of poor form – but it’s certainly easy to see why Winks could face the same fate as the aforementioned pair.

What doesn’t help his, and similar players’, cause is the fact we’ve got some of the best midfielders around.

Dembele, Wanyama and Dier all get in ahead of him whilst Moussa Sissoko has enjoyed plenty of game time throughout this campaign.

For me, Winks is a brighter talent than Mason and Carroll with all due respect but it looks as though he could do with a loan deal to a club where he`d be the main man.

I think he`d surely thrive in such a setting and so, with that in mind, Poch should be looking for a temporary deal for him this summer.

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12 Replies to “Tottenham Star At Risk Of Following Others Out Of The Door?”

  • Injuries have caused his dip in form. I expect he will be given another season with a good pre season to make ammends if he fails to impress next season then his career with us could fall short. he has the talent, but he needs to try and put is innjuries behind him and get back to what he was doing, having said that I wasnt sure how good he was going to become in the first place. Technically very good, but for me he had a long long way to go to make a real difference to this team, he needed to take more risks and I couldnt see what sort of player he was going to be, a dm, or attacking midfielder, but as an attacking he needed to be more creative and start to find goals, not sure he has that in his bag yet. I hope he comes through this slump but he has a lot of hard work ahead of him imo

  • Of course his form has slipped. He’s been out for some time and needs a good run in the team to get back to his best …. and when he does, his ‘best’ will be worth the wait.

  • There’s always been this attitude among some of our supporters that anyone who comes through the ranks can’t be as good as someone we pay money for. I was hoping Kane had killed it off but clearly its still there in the background.

  • I don’t have an answer to this but it’s very clear that returning players are taking a long time to get back to top form this season. Lamela is close to finding it, but he’s a very long term project. I would use Wanyama, Rose, Toby and now Winks as examples of players who we need on their top form. Perhaps it’s the type of injury they are returning from. My theory though is the ultra cautious nature of our manager, who just won’t expose them. We played Huddersfield last weekend, had a 2 goal cushion and brought on Sissoko for Dembele after 77mins. Winks not even on the bench so I’m unsure how he is supposed to find top form if he’s not allowed to cameo. Wanyama was our midfield powerhouse last season and now can’t get in the side. He’s been available for selection since December has played the FA Cup but only played in the Prem when Dier moved back into defence. It’s not as if Dier is setting the world alight. As I said, I don’t have an answer but do know that Toby, Rose, Wanyama and Winks on top form are formidable.

  • jod – You’re either good enough or you’re not, wherever you come from. As much as I understand your point of view, our academy players should be judged fairly and not given preference just because they’re from the academy. I rate Winks and I think he’s better than Mason or Carroll. This being said, he’s missed a lot of time due to injuries and the last thing we need is another Lamela. At some point, squad places have to be given to players who are not only going to be talented enough, but available too. Winks still has time to turn it around but if he can’t cope with the physicality of the PL, he should go. It’s premature to say. But just because he is from the academy doesn’t mean he gets a free ride.

  • BelgianSpur – Free ride ? if we’d bought him the questions wouldn’t be asked. Lamela’s a good example, now there’s a player whose had a free ride.

  • Looking at how Harry Winks got his injuries in the first place shows me that he does indeed have the physicality for the PL. It was because of his willingness to get stuck in that caused him such injuries… Look at the strength of Dembele as a mature and experienced player and yet look how much he has suffered from injuries and how long it’s taken for him to have seemingly shrugged them off, likewise with Rose and especially Lamela… Toby? Harry is young and should gain the benefit of any of our doubts, for now.

  • Not forgetting that in Premiership rules you can only have up to 17 overseas players. The rest have to be homegrown if you want to name 25. We have Trippier, KWP, Rose, Davies, Winks, Dele, Kane in this squad as Dier doesn’t qualify. There’s a risk of losing Rose whilst we don’t know what Poch will do with KWP yet. You can see why we’d be interested in Maddison at Norwich or someone like Sessegnon. Apart from his growing influence in the squad, losing a homegrown player like Winks is an absolute no go when you think about the current composition of the squad.

  • jod – I’m not saying Lamela doesn’t qualify either ;-). If we had bought Harry, the pressure would be even higher, as he would be used as an example of the latest failure in our recruitment policy. The fact that he didn’t cost anything plays in his favour, if anything. As HT said, I’m willing to give Winks the benefit of the doubt… for now. I was willing to do so for Tom Carroll for a while until he overstayed his welcome. I think it’s a big 12-18 months coming up for Harry. He should at least get that much time. But if it hasn’t happened for him by then, you have to ask if it ever will.

  • BelgianSpur – So Lamela cost us £26m and has been here 5 years with a much worse injury record than Harry, who cost us nothing. But Harry’s the one you want to write off ? You’ve made my point for me, thanks. Still I suppose if your football philosophy boils down to “spend more money” every home grown player is an embarrassment.

  • jod – you obviously have a hard time reading simple English. Nowhere did I say that Harry should be written off yet, nor did I say that I was picking Lamela over him. I was merely explaining that a squad is a meritocracy and every player should be judged on his worth, not where he comes from. Lamela has been poor value for money overall and questions about his value to the squad/future at the club have to be asked. Harry hasn’t been in the squad nearly as long, so he probably still gets the benefit of the doubt, but if his career goes the same way as Lamela’s, he probably won’t have a future at Spurs either. My football philosophy is “do what it takes to assemble a talented squad, whether that is developing players or buying them”. It certainly isn’t “let’s just wait and see what the academy can produce and hope for the best”, like you seem to be advocating.

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