Date: 30th November 2017 at 8:58am
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Tottenham slide continues, as Poch book sales climb.

Poch critics are in 7th heaven, their moment has come, they are crawling out of the goalpost, their coffins and from under their beds, their time has come and it’s clear they want to make up for lost time…

The theories` and reason being spewed out for our dip in form has been done to death just about everywhere.

The two that haven`t been properly explored are Poch`s book; which as we`ve been discussing in the forum is beginning to leave those of us who`ve read it uncertain that it ever should have been.

Needless to say I`ve tried to maintain some perspective about it, but do now believe that it shouldn`t have been published.

You need to trust your gaffer, your boss, your manager. You need to trust that what goes on between you stays between you, lose or undermine that and it causes a nagging doubt in the back of your mind.

Those players nagging fears about it, are now writ large.

There can`t be a player at the club now wondering when (if ever) an anecdote about their behaviour, their feelings is going to turn up in a sequel at some later date.

I am now convinced this was the second step of erosion of the ‘Group` team ethic, the first was Walker, which I am not going to go over again, but will summarise it as his behaviour being rewarded, when a statement needed to be made and he should have been forcibly dealt with, not rewarded with the move he wanted.

Add to that Rose`s unprofessional outburst entirely designed to get him what he wants whilst enjoying the financial reward for not having to ask for a move, and you have the next nail in the teams moral, contrary to much that has been published, my source tells me that it has struck deep inside the team and has badly undermined moral and Pochs authority.

Poch has very clearly stated that ‘he is the boss’ and he makes the big decisions; treating one player one way and others another is inconsistent and can and will only lead to a loss of respect.

Pile on key critical injuries of Victor and Toby, a complete loss of form by the three ‘D`s – Dembele – Dier and you have a perfect storm.

Chuck Llorente on the fire as well for simply misfiring, which we are told is due to a big miss of games last season and a lack of conditioning this and Tottenham is resembling a serious of misfortunate events.

Throw in Pochs’ reasons for not looking for pace players, despite the book telling us when and how hes’ tried to use it – and this makes his recent protestations sound shallow.

I`m one of those that always believed that Wembley would be a problem; it has proved to be so historically, and the change in pitch size and the complete lack of atmosphere (it`s almost as bad as a visit to the Library) and it means our ‘home` games are anything but.

Rose is a bad egg now, a really nasty smelly one that`s stinking the place out, he`s polluting the dressing room in the worse possible way – Poch can`t say it, or won`t but that`s the score ladies and gentlemen.

All of the above is irrelevant (apparently); Poch believes things happen for a reason and that fate guides the outcome – he better be praying a lot, because we`re not in 7th heaven, we`re in a dog fight for 4th and we are now the third favourites to get it.

The question is, what should he do about it?

Any suggestions?

p.s. Poch, Levy will be warming up the task of putting another notch on his Walnut office desk; you need to keep that in mind when you whatsapp him this morning, as you do everyday…


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  • Haven’t read the book and must therefore defer to those that have. But if it involves in-house private discussions …. Houston, we have a problem.

  • Geof; we have a massive problem. We’ll find the measure of the man now as he has to put it right, if he doesn’t, Levy will have absolutely NO patience and that you can take to the bank.

  • spursex …. I guess you’ve read the book and I’m not doubting you for a minute but it’s very difficult for me to believe. It would almost be suicidal!

  • Top six in Prem –same old– season after season. Same old boring set up just like Formula 1. Oh no its not…Spurs aren’t there and there is an imposter with a population of 71,000. Thats smaller than Hastings, smaller than Eastbourne. By the way, Llorente should forego his wages..absolute rubbish and Sissoko, hopeless. Get rid in Jan…surely we’ve got some youngsters who can deliver more than these two.

  • Isn’t it funny that only a few weeks ago, whilst the cockerels crowed in Europe, everyone was itching to get their hands on the book…to read all the glowing background starting with his humble upbringing to his modern philosophy and the sought after status he had reached… Now, the finer details are being dissected and the whole idea of the book being questioned!

    Whilst I do think it was way to early in his managerial career to have been coaxed to allow Balague and Poch to a make few few bob on the side, it may well be the sword he falls on. I think the stars were perfectly aligned when he joined us and the chemistry amongst the ‘young’ players was an ideal platform for Poch to take his reputation a few notches up. He reached a limit at Southampton, fitted their model perfectly (develop and sell and repeat, whilst mid table was acceptable). Spurs was/is a perfect stepping stone in his career, but with financial constraints he will be forever be hamstrung as to how far he and the club can grow. As the players attain stardom status, they too have personal, financial and footballing ambitions and will seek to progress away from Spurs.

    So, 3 years of Poch philosophy, two years of challenging for the title, perhaps, he and the limited squad has hit a ceiling. But, let’s not panic…yet. This imo, is the 1st REAL dip that we APPEAR to have hit. Perhaps a combination of injuries, fatigue, poor recruitment, being sussed or even an element player unrest…. whatever it is, a draw v the Baggies and a defeat to Leicester does not warrant a lynch mob. The bar has been set higher every season and seems fans have very short memory and the AVB era quickly forgotten. This is a test for Poch and the players… a test for fans. Re-assess in January, especially after the TW. COYS!

  • What Poch needs to do is to have a plan B when things don’t work on the pitch as well as have a much stronger squad so that when we do sub, we bring on a game changer rather than like for like.
    Problem now is that due to the book and our form etc, what young prospect will want to come to us now. I hate to say it but even le arse look a better prospect than us. The reason we aren’t getting anywhere this season is simple, last season we worked hard and had a good ethic, but we always played the same way and we were getting sussed out. This season they have totally found us out but we are still trying to play the same way when all they have to do is park the bus cleverly and with good organisation and we are flummoxed as we have no ideas on how to break it down. Same with corners, notice how many teams give away corners against us during a game, often into double figures and me may,if we get lucky, score form one very occasionally. WHY are we so bad at corners when nearly everyone else is so much better??? With our so called world class players we should be scoring for fun. Also I don’t buy into this we miss Toby BS, it is ALL the players who need to step their games up, because if they played how they should we wouldn’t miss him. Look at when Kane was out last season, we were told we would miss him big time, but we didn’t and we shouldn’t miss Toby this much either.
    Lloris is starting to look decidedly dodgy and reminds me of a certain Octopus who we sold off because of his error strewn ways, even though like Lloris he pulled off some magnificent saves, but it wasn’t enough to keep him due to too many errors, Lloris is starting to look a bit like him recently. Dele thinks he can beat the whole defensive line then go round and beat them again, he needs to lose his over inflated ego and knuckle down to some hard graft and pass the ball. Then against The Foxes we had ample of chances to shoot on target, but Dele never took his and neither did others, even when they tried they couldn’t score. Everyone is on Llorente’s case about is miss, WELL WHAT ABOUT ERIKSEN’S MISS, it was horrendous and she MUST score form there as he is supposed to be world class. How come they can produce for country but not club? Something is drastically wrong and it is starting to smell rotten. I said we would finish outside the top four and I stand by that, we’ll be lucky to play in EL at this rate, but it is beneath our manager’s dignity to play seriously for that cup as is the same for the FA cup the Prem and the League cup whatever it is called nowadays. Maureen got it right when he called Poch out for that and said thet he got a winning mentality by going for the so called lesser cups and winning them which gives you a winning base to build on, all we get is a losing mentality with a loser’s base to build on, no wonder we are going backwards fast.

  • I would have thought that like politicians, football managers should wait until they finish their career before they write their books, especially if there is content that could adversely affect their relationship with fellow workers or colleagues. Having said that I am not so sure that the book has affected our results, although how MP has time to write a book and still give ample time to the “day job”is surprising. It looks like some of our ” birds have come home to roost”, too many players losing form, injuries to key players Ie. Wanyama, and particularly Alderwiereld, and the lack of Lamela as an alternative. We are also suffering from a long standing inability to sign a half decent 2nd striker to back up, or pressurise or augment Harry Kane, mind you this failure dates back to Klinsman leaving, he was our last decent striker signing. Another factor is that MP seems unable to adapt game by game and to determine the right team selection and strategy dependant on the opposition, we don’t seem to know when to pick a team to try an unlikely win in the game, rather than in some games (Arsenal away), pick a team or strategy to avoid losing. MP seems to be several steps behind his main rivals in terms of tactical awareness. Of course our long time reluctance or inability to recruit players of the required qualities and abilities in successive transfer windows is also reflected in our shallow squad, that means there is a lack of adequate replacements for injuries, or loss of form, to key players. We are now in 7th place in the PL behind the likes of Burnley, not exactly anything to be proud of after finishing 2nd last year. We have now won 7 and failed to win 7 of our 14 games so far, form that if maintained will ensure that we will have no European football to take to the new stadium for the introductory season. Surprisingly there are those who still claim we have improved. Somebody must have rewritten the definition of improvement. We now carry on with the run of “winnable games” after the predictable Arsenal loss, no doubt awaiting our next “surprise” failure to get 3 points.

  • I’m not going to bash MP after this hiccup ,I think he is hampered by a poor recruitment policy .Our recent recruits-Jansenn,Sissoko,N’Koudou & Llorente would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious to our dreams of challenging the ‘big’ clubs. MP must be in despair when he looks at the bench when his top 3 forwards-Kane,Dele & Eriksen are misfiring.MP has enough on his hands coaching our squad without expecting him to scout good players around the world. That is the resposibility of our scouting network which appears to have collapsed.The rot starts at the top-Levy hold your hands up!

  • I’m reading the book at the moment so I cannot say just yet, only a short way in, but what struck me was how obvious it was that Poch didn’t choose Sissoko, just what he said about him and what he thought Levy’s thought were about Sissoko, this struck me as being a Levy signing. Other than that haven’t got to any juicy bits, but I did say I don’t think books should come out while your still working in the environment, it may have had the intentions of trying to help others who want to go int mangement, but football is about trust, respect and not a self help envirnment. I will give my thoughts once I have read it all.

    I do think and have said selling Walker was madness, and that triggered Rose outburst and it sent wrong message out to our players that I thought had worked so hard to bring together and commit to the club and the cause, now the likes of Rose, Toby, Eriksen, Dele who have all been linked with bigger clubs know if they push hard they can force a move no matter what contract they have signed, it’s already started with Rose outburst and no way can that have been forgiven or forgotten. Rose cannot stay now unless he whole heartedly regrets what he said and comes out and says he didn’t mean it. When we lose now you can imagine Rose going home thinking he was right in what he said, justifying his actions, saying to himself and those close ‘I’m out of here’, the others will not feel he is in it with them now, and this started with Walker being tapped up and then doing what he did and made worse because we bloody well sold him to a rival who are probably going to win the title.

    What sticks in my throat is Licester winning the title. Can we say their players 1 to 1 are better than ours! I don’t think so yet they won the title, it bugs me even now that at the end of the day players like Vardy who isn’t a patch on kane, and other players in their squad will look back and say ‘I won the title’ and yet they are bang average players, good players but not as good as most of ours. Our players must look at that and feel we have won nothing andyet those lesser players of Liecester won the title, and they must listen to people who say ‘Spurs are a nearly team, they won nothing for years’. In fact Rose said that in a damning interview a few weeks/months before his outburst video, the signs were there then.

    I don’t think we can blame Poch for this dip entirely, yes he has to look at his part, but come on, every manager we have has struggled, we never get the players we want or need and recruitment is bang average to poor. When you finish 3rd and 2nd you push on, you bring in players that will compete and make a difference, we haven’t done that in the last 2 seasons other than Sanchez. But also when we were close to the title in Jan we didn’t strengthen and take that punt, gamble and we fell short at the end. Finances are not there, both for transfers and wages, that is not Poch fault, and neither is him not getting his targets.

    I think we will now see what Poch is made of and what players are happy and want to be with us, you always learn more in adveristy, that is what it is there for, so lets see who steps up and how we come through it and lets not panic or expect too much this season anyway. I say we will know better after next season when we are back at WHL.

  • But Ive no problem with his book, it has nothing to do with anything, it maybe a lil premature, but I dont know whats in it to say that.

  • MP is not shrewd and seems to have a big ego, why else would he write a book? If the book was about how spurs won a trophy i would be the first to buy it. MP has achieved 86pts that’s the only thing in 3 seasons that stands out. How can a manager not win a trophy when blessed with a 25 goal a season striker? This spurs team should have been built around Kane, Ce and Ali instead it’s all over the place i don’t even know what MP’s preferred formation is. Walker should have been told your going nowhere, he would’ve had a sulk on for a while, however, it’s a world cup year so like courtino would have buckled down.

  • Slow down guys (and girls, if any), Poch didn’t write a book. It was written by Guilleme Balague (Spanish football journalist) about Poch’s career with Poch contributing, so let’s be clear before we start saying he’s forgotten he had training but was late as he was writing chapter 13…. Many have been waiting to get the knives out for Poch and it’s taken into his 4th season for that to happen, so let’s cut him some slack before we start sounding like the #WengerOut brigade…. This does appear to be his worst run of form and the Jamie Redknapp’s of this world would be quick to write off the season, say we’ll finish outside top 10 and Kane will leave for £0.37 in July 2018…. I’ve been disappointed by the football we’re playing; starting slowly, predictable backward passing and lack of hustle, all which go against the trademark football we’ve been playing for the last 2 years…. Alli has been poor; giving the ball away cheaply, others have missed goal chances and our general passing has been too slow… We are really missing Toby (Wan Kenobi) and Wanyama…. There shouldn’t be excuses from the players as it’s a World Cup year, so playing for Russia should come first to most of our squad…. Blaming Levy over recruitment, in a crazy transfer window seems like a cheap shot….. Team needs to up their game, yes, but we need to keep our heads as fans or fall victim to the PochOut brigade.

  • melloSPUR, I also said along the lines of it was Balague that actually wrote it, but no doubt Poch spent hours with him (in person and phone) , filling him in with the details of what has been written. I just wished he had spent some of that time either scouting or phoning the scouts to sort out his recruitment.

  • So many factors come into it. The wembley factor, teams sussing us out, a thin squad ect ect. But i mentioned this in the match day article that i think the players are believing their own hype, maybe even poch too. When players get praised a lot from the press while also coming close in the last 2 seasons they can get complacent, and subconsciously or consciously they might feel like the extra effort is not needed it as they’re good enough. I think this could also explain why we start slow.
    Without a doubt this is Poch’s roughest patch as our manager, Poch is usually good at responding to bad form but this is a real test of his managerial skills.

  • I haven?t read the book and I won?t bother to buy it. The question at the moment is, is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning for the team. In other words have they peaked or is this a temporary lull before phase 2 of development begins. I think Poch has done enough so far to suggest that he should be given the chance to move the team and the club to the next level but he will need investment from Levy and better targets from the scouting network, plus he will need to adopt a strategic game planning approach on a match by match basis. If this current run of results continue into the New Year it may well see the break up of the current team and Levy certainly won?t have the money to replace and improve the squad. Any changes are unlikely to happen in the January window, and even if they do their impact will not be felt until the latter stages of the League run in. It?s a worrying time for everyone connected to the club and will likely make or break Poch, but we should continue to support him and the team in the meantime. That?s not to say we can?t criticise if performances warrant it.

  • can;t understand why people are not happy about how much time Poch put into his book. Apparently he rights a journal every day, reflects and uses it himself and this is what has been used in most of the book. Besides from what I hear and read in the book, he spend smost of his days at the club working, there about 12 hours a day, and the only rest he has is his two weeks break at the end of summer. So in that respect I think people are being harsh. Also him having an ego because he writes a book is also harsh. He said he wrote it to give insight and help for those who want to go into management, and to get a honest perspective if just how much there is to being a coach/manager and proceeds are going to chairty, does that sound egoic, not for me. It seems people just arn’t happy unless they stick the knife in at the soonest opportunity. Of course have opinions but there is aline imo and the first hiccup and people are enjoying sticking the knife in. Even if we have a bad season does that mean we should sack him, no, he has done enough to ern the right to have a bad season and for the club and fans to keep faith in him, especially when its a season if huge change and a lot of injuries.,br>
    I do think he has a problem on his hands because players are out of form and our squad isn’t strong enough with the poor recrucitment and injuries, so players are not ebing dropped. But lets not forget those out of form players are either young, Dele, possibly mentally fatigued, Eriksen/Dier or been injured, Dembele, or missed pre season, Arurier and Son. So lets cut him some slack and get behind him and the players.

    I do think it’s going to be hard with the squad we have but not impossible to bounce back.

    We will know more by end of the festive season, and even then we have to keep faith. I know its hard because we have been getting used to progress and good times and now we have hit a few obsticles, but Poch always looks for solutions and the players have grown through such times, look at last seasons CL compared to this season, so lets give them all time.

  • We have got as far as we have by not doing what everyone else does. You could make a similar comment about Burnley. So going back to the herd mentality and firing the manager when the going gets tough will do us no good at all. For a start who exactly would you replace him with ?

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