Date: 29th October 2019 at 7:30pm
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It’s been a bad spell, a definite slump. We all know that. The beautiful football we have been privileged to watch in previous seasons makes the current situation even harder to digest. So what will happen now? What should happen now? Is this a short-term slump or something more ominous? Do we start from scratch or will Levy go all-in?

I guess the answers can be found in the business-like room of Mr Daniel Levy’s mind…and we’d all like to be a fly on that wall! There is no doubting that the Spurs Chairman is an astute businessman and he will be very well aware that all is not well in the State of Tottenham.

Maybe dropping to seventh, eighth, or lower in the PL and missing out on Europe next season, although unthinkable to some, would effectively force Spurs to focus completely on the PL title…and who knows, the reduced number of competitions may even help Spurs to win it. At the least, it would buy time to re-evaluate and make effective improvements to ensure THFC moves forward.

The philosophy of promoting academy players to the PL squad seems to have come to a halt. There are several young players with (apparently) the ability and potential to compete for a first team place but, suddenly, they are not afforded the opportunity…which does seem strange when the current action on the park is less than desirable. I’m not even going to mention the fact that some ‘proven’ current squad players can’t even get a kick…think, Moura!

The business-focused brain of Mr Levy must have factored the consequences of a ‘project’ implosion on the park into his thinking. A reduced global profile leading to a reduction of financial rewards being an obvious major concern for any business where the overall performance is in decline. And no businessman is comfortable with a decline in profits, certainly not our Chairman.

Will Levy go ‘all-in’ to ensure that THFC’s push to join the elite clubs of Europe, a push that has shown endeavour and progress across recent seasons, does not flounder? Unless the current situation improves swiftly this would mean some serious action in the next two or three Transfer Windows. I daresay one the most important considerations for our Chairperson would be to protect the integrity of his reputation…to be criticised in any sense as a failure would be unacceptable to a proud man.

The most obvious problem is that we do not have a settled set of starters. The fact that nobody, including the manager, has any idea what our best starting eleven looks like is an issue that requires rectifying. This is somewhat understandable when you consider that our two most recent signings have enjoyed minimal or zero action on match days. That, of course, is nobody’s fault but does have an impact on the team’s performance and future planning.

Perhaps all of the above is irrelevant and this is simply a period of poor form which, in time, will turn around and normal business will be resumed. But, unfortunately, I doubt that it’s that simple. But, if it is, it will still take some time for that to happen. And, as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, we will need to achieve an average of two points per game across the season to contend for a top four finish. Despite this being so early in the season, the reality is that this target is already out of reach.

The only thing that supporters need to concentrate on is to take it one game at a time and enjoy each match in its own right…as if we have a choice! It’s still entertainment, no matter how frustrating it might be.

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27 Replies to “Tottenham …. Questions To Ponder!”

  • I’d be delighted to experiment with Son and Moura up front with HK playing behind them. To me, this would be a splendid experiment.

    Might HK be leaving after this season? Wouldn’t be a shock if he does, but he’s with us now, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him shifting back to a no. 10 with Son and Moura in front. I suspect the result might be just as many goals for HK as he’s been getting, plus an appreciable number of assists from him.

    Things haven’t been working for us all that well in the last 10 months, have they? Why keep doing what we’ve not been doing successfully? Switch HK to No. 10 and watch him feeding Son and Moura and getting 20-plus goals himself. Might just keep HK interested in staying in N17.

    In the end, who knows?

  • TK – excellent post – would be good to see – don’t forget Lo Celso who should also be able to pull strings from midfield along with N’Dombele who looks another creative force whose still to come into the team properly.

  • TK …. Re ‘settled starters’ …. I didn’t actually mean for every game. Modern football is, as you say, a squad game. That means every game has to be taken on its own merit with a view to developing a plan to beat specific opposition. The problem is that nobody appears to know which players to select to carry out a specific plan.

    Re-wind our football back two or three years and we see a consistency of performance that is far removed from the last twelve months or so. We had an ‘established spine’ (used consistently for the bigger games) on the pitch which only required minor tweaks to rest players, or replace players due to injury or suspensions. It seems to me that we have yet to find that spine …. that foundation which makes the team perform to its optimum.

    As stated in the article I would love to see Kane move to an ‘inside-forward’ (remember the term? lol) position where he has more freedom to roam. He seemed to play in this position, albeit unofficially, when he first started in the team and was scoring more goals from all over the pitch than he does now. I don’t think he should be placed in a centre-forwards role (another old-time title) that reduces his movement and the ability for him to utilise his many attributes.

    I do agree with your comments throughout the thread.

    For the younger supporters on here, your confusion with the above terminology could be dispelled if you google the terms ‘inside forward’ and ‘centre-forward’ for clarification! : – )

  • Well I nearly choked ,”Levy go all in transfer market to join the European elite ” good god what are you on Geofspurs.The day Levy goes all in will be the day he’s selling up.Unfortunately this resulting slump has been blindingly obvious to the fans that haven’t been fooled bye levy and Enic and there “project”. Unfortunately for us all now there needs to be major changes in the squad,this should have began two seasons ago but zero spend was levy and Enic main objective with sparkling stadium.

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