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It’s been a bad spell, a definite slump. We all know that. The beautiful football we have been privileged to watch in previous seasons makes the current situation even harder to digest. So what will happen now? What should happen now? Is this a short-term slump or something more ominous? Do we start from scratch or will Levy go all-in?

I guess the answers can be found in the business-like room of Mr Daniel Levy’s mind…and we’d all like to be a fly on that wall! There is no doubting that the Spurs Chairman is an astute businessman and he will be very well aware that all is not well in the State of Tottenham.

Maybe dropping to seventh, eighth, or lower in the PL and missing out on Europe next season, although unthinkable to some, would effectively force Spurs to focus completely on the PL title…and who knows, the reduced number of competitions may even help Spurs to win it. At the least, it would buy time to re-evaluate and make effective improvements to ensure THFC moves forward.

The philosophy of promoting academy players to the PL squad seems to have come to a halt. There are several young players with (apparently) the ability and potential to compete for a first team place but, suddenly, they are not afforded the opportunity…which does seem strange when the current action on the park is less than desirable. I’m not even going to mention the fact that some ‘proven’ current squad players can’t even get a kick…think, Moura!

The business-focused brain of Mr Levy must have factored the consequences of a ‘project’ implosion on the park into his thinking. A reduced global profile leading to a reduction of financial rewards being an obvious major concern for any business where the overall performance is in decline. And no businessman is comfortable with a decline in profits, certainly not our Chairman.

Will Levy go ‘all-in’ to ensure that THFC’s push to join the elite clubs of Europe, a push that has shown endeavour and progress across recent seasons, does not flounder? Unless the current situation improves swiftly this would mean some serious action in the next two or three Transfer Windows. I daresay one the most important considerations for our Chairperson would be to protect the integrity of his reputation…to be criticised in any sense as a failure would be unacceptable to a proud man.

The most obvious problem is that we do not have a settled set of starters. The fact that nobody, including the manager, has any idea what our best starting eleven looks like is an issue that requires rectifying. This is somewhat understandable when you consider that our two most recent signings have enjoyed minimal or zero action on match days. That, of course, is nobody’s fault but does have an impact on the team’s performance and future planning.

Perhaps all of the above is irrelevant and this is simply a period of poor form which, in time, will turn around and normal business will be resumed. But, unfortunately, I doubt that it’s that simple. But, if it is, it will still take some time for that to happen. And, as I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, we will need to achieve an average of two points per game across the season to contend for a top four finish. Despite this being so early in the season, the reality is that this target is already out of reach.

The only thing that supporters need to concentrate on is to take it one game at a time and enjoy each match in its own right…as if we have a choice! It’s still entertainment, no matter how frustrating it might be.

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  • The main problem has been the huge lack of form from our superb, pressurising team. Lloris great stopper, poor in the air, ghastly distributer, weak captain. Aurier…a disaster always waiting to happen even though he now knows how to take a legal throw in! Rose…totally out of form and too gung ho. Verts and Toby…beginning to show their age and no longer the best centre half pairing. Winks….pretty, tippy tappy that gets us no where., can’t shoot or pass forwards. Sissoko…works so hard but why can’t he kick a ball…unbelievable. Eriksen…hopeless case,has to go after such a great time. Dele…totally out of form and drifts around aimlessly. Skipp…see Winks (another Tom Carroll). Son, Moura and Lamela are ok and Kane is great but looks disheartened. Somehow, we seem to be unable to break down the poor teams and cannot match the good teams. The game against a very average Everton on Sunday will either confirm or reject my assessments. I hope the latter. COYS.

  • Geofspurs….thanks for a very good article again.

    wentworth….some good points there, though am not sure regards your points about Winks and Skipp, esp Skipp as he is still young and inexperienced, Winks I believe is playing under orders, suppose we will just have to wait and see. COYS

  • Geof , as I have frequently said elsewhere, I think it’s more a case of the wrong teams being selected from the squad (and the substitutions being too little and too late) rather than the inadequacy of the squad itself, And that is more down to the manager than anyone else.

  • Stan …. I think that certainly has a lot to do with it, especially bringing on the subs way too late. That serves no purpose at all.

    • Putting Ndombele on the bench is a bad choice from Poch BUT having said that why doesn’t he take off the deadwood and lawnmowers at Half Time, not at 80 mins That would shake up the opposition.
      10 mins is a joke for the likes of Lo Celso and Moura

  • To be perfectly honest “the bringing on subs to late” is one of my biggest grievance with Poch , no matter who plays, so am in agreement with you there SR, this in turn goes with his team selections, which includes his loyalty to the wantaway players whom I believe give us a rotten core, so I say play the ones who want to play. COYS

  • Great article Geof first of all – agree with a lot of it. As I wrote on the Liverpool thread last night I don’t think our kids are upto 1st team duties yet and need to be loaned out like the Chelski lot were in the last couple of season’s to learn and thrive from playing regular minutes both in the Championship and Premiership ideally. I would loan out the likes of KWP (last chance saloon as 22 already), Tanganga, Skipp, Clarke and Parrott. I would get rid off Aurier, Rose, Wanyama and Eriksen and possibly Dier although HT has almost convinced me he deserves another chance. I would get Moura into the 1st team alongside Sonny and HK10 and give them a prolonged run in a 3 pronged attack – if it works for Liverpool and City why not us?!

  • Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes a number of Chelsea’s youngsters are ahead of their Old Trafford counterparts in their development because of the time they have spent out on loan – taken from BBC gossip page referring to an article in the Times. Backs up what I said above and last night on the Liverpool match thread.

    • I have to say I agree with Wentworth. We have several players wanting away, we have players who are ageing and past their best, some picking themselves as there are no alternatives. We have several youngsters who, sentimentality aside, are not top quality or not ready, to compete at top 4 PL level. We are at the end of an era at Spurs, and unless there is considerable investment, something that Levy is not known for, things will certainly get worse before they get better. There are hard and frustrating times ahead. Never mind finishing in a top 4 place to qualify for next years CL, we will be fortunate to qualify for the EL meaning a loss of revenue making signings even more unlikely. One thing for sure, Harry Kane apart, our academy graduates are not good enough to return the club to a top 4 position.

  • Frank – great post – most worrying apart from missing out on top 4 and CL is what will happen with HK10 and Sonny?! Our 2 best players – will they still be around in a year’s time?! What of N’Dombele and Lo Celso and Sess – quality signings but if we lose our 2 best player’s what signal is that to them?! Will we be able to attract similar again anytime soon?! A lot of question’s up in the air if we do eventually miss out on CL footy next season. Let’s not give up hope until it’s over but it’s not looking good – we need 3 points on Sunday nothing less.

  • As a member of the “happy clapper club” I am slowly joining the ranks of disheartedness, all the problems that we have opinions on seem dam obvious to us but am afraid not to the important people.

    In answer to Geofspurs question…no! Levy will not be splashing the cash in January, one reason could be simple…to tight, a second reason could be Poch thinks he has a good enough squad and does not need any reinforcements and that he can turn things around/sort out the problems of the mess we are in. I just have no idea.

    I am also of the opinion now that this poor/bloody crap run we are on means that top 4, is gone, unless of course the Chavs, Leicester and the Gooners all start to or do have bad times/runs themselves, a big ask, but remember we have to turn our crap run around at the same time, so here’s hoping. COYS

  • PmpeyYid – with Champions League football looking unlikely, there is no way we will be spending in January. We will also be losing Ttoby, Jan, Eriksen, Rose, Wanyama and Aurier in the next few months for little or no money. Any signing in the foreseeable future will be strictly bargain basement.

  • DH….thanks for that but I did say the same thing only shorter, that is…No! he would not spend, lol! COYS

  • Regarding settled starters – great point I alluded to in other thread’s also. Settled starters at the moment include Aurier, Rose, Winks, Eriksen and it’s not good enough. Winks unfortunately has not performed upto standard and needs to be dropped to the bench because our best formation is 4231 and the double pivot for me is a no brainer – Sissoko and N’Dombele. Sissoko was our best CM last season indeed player of the season along with Sonny7 and N’Dombele in a short period of time has shown tremendous ability especially on the ball and getting it moving with forward passes and great creativity aswell as shooting ability with 2 goals and a few forced saves so for me it’s obvious who needs to play in CM. At full-back Aurier and even Rose are now complete liabilities – red card’s and mistake’s waiting to happen and we need shot of ASAP – I already felt like this in the summer but reading on here I almost became convinced Rose could become his former self and return to past glories unfortunately this season has proved I was correct in wanting him gone in the summer and feeling he was no longer good enough. Foyth and Sess for me are now the go to’s but Sess still needs to prove his fitness so for the time being I’d go with Davies at LB. Foyth at RB is again a no brainer – he’s doing it well for Argentina so why not us indeed last season he played a blinder there against Man City away and it was us who introduced him to the role so it’s just a question of getting him back into the side and firing. In attacking midfield Eriksen has been poor and given his contract situation the minutes as playmaker should go to Dele and Lo Celso unfortunately both are injured and off form so for the time being I’d give the role to Lamela and bring Moura onto the right. Sonny7 and HK10 pick themselves.

  • As regards spending – we are in desperate need of a RB as Aurier (sold) and KWP (loaned) need to go. We need a LCB as a long term replacement for Verts. We could do with a DMC depending on whether Dier gets back to form. I would like a winger forward added to replace Eriksen as I feel we have already enough ACM’s in Dele, Lo Celso and even Lamela and HK10 has shown that he can drop back and play no.10 perfectly so as we only have Sonny7, Moura and Lamela I’d like another winger forward added – who can also cover for HK10 up front like Sonny7 and Moura.

    Likelihood of getting?! Depends on where we stand in January – if we’re back in with a shot of top 4 we could see some spending to try and guarantee it but if we’re at the same stage as we are now we may well see players leaving but very little coming in as we evaluate several things including budget for one given going to miss out on CL and even Poch’s future so a kitty possibly reserved for a new manager – all depends on how we get on for the next 2 months or roughly the next 10 games.

  • “The most obvious problem is that we do not have a settled set of starters. The fact that nobody, including the manager, has any idea what our best starting eleven looks like is an issue that requires rectifying.”

    I’m not convinced that we ought to have a settled set of starters. There ought to be constant competition for most spots, and we ought to adjust the personnel selections from match to match depending on the local conditions–how the opposition tends to play, whose in form or not, who needs to be shifted to accommodate specific needs, etc. I know that when I started following this crazy game Spurs played the same 11 in almost all matches for the entire season, but that was an unparalleled group. Further, the game has changed since then, and there not longer is a consistent English style against which we can prepare week after week. Tactics and strategies vary more than they once did, do personnel selections must adjust from match to match, depending on what we are going up against.

    Thanks for starting this thread, geof.

  • For the time being I’m keeping the faith with Lloris and Gazza but wouldn’t it be great if Lloris could match his kicking to his shot-stopping – would make him the best in the game probably with the likes of Ederson and Alisson indeed how good are they and both Brazilian – rare thing them having such good GK’s and both at the same time. That said, Lloris is still up there with the De Gea’s and Kepa’s etc but he’s not the very pinnacle as stated – shame for such a great shot-stopper.

  • TK – good post – it’s a squad game these days with so many matches and so much money involved – that said there’s still a place for starter 11 – look at Liverpool – they have a very settled side and rarely change shape or formation. 2 good players to each position I’d agree but there’s still a place for knowing your best 11 more or less.

  • olá el jefe.

    our problem is that our best center forward is the same player who would be our best no.10 and might be our best at most of the other positions as well: HK.

  • Until we find someone as good as HK for no.10, I’d play HK there. He must be getting truly tired of lack of feeds to the center forward that only he could provide if he could play both the 9 and 10 positions. LOL. The poverty of such a richness.

  • Hola TK – I wouldn’t get too attached to HK10 – I think he could be offski in the summer – no doubt he’s our best player along with Sonny7, I agree that he looks just as class when dropping deep and playing the no.10 role and spreading passes, crosses around – perhaps if we played Moura more often along with Sonny7 we could benefit more from HK10 dropping deeper and them both running on to through-balls, etc from him?! Hopefully also Lo Celso will come good and take over from Eriksen who was HK10’s main provider all these year’s as stated by the man himself and HK10 will benefit from Lo Celso’s inclusion and adaptation. We have the tools already in the most part up front just need Poch to use them properly – I guess for that we need everyone back fit and pulling in the same direction though.

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