Date: 23rd June 2018 at 11:19am
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As the summer transfer speculation continues to gather momentum, we find the name of Tottenham Hotspur linked with the acquisition of a striker this morning.

The striker in question is Alassane Plea, a 25-year-old who is currently on the books of the French club, Nice.

With Mauricio Pochettino looking for some competition for Harry Kane and also somebody he can turn to when our star-man is injured, the tabloid publication, the Sun, has picked up on something in the French media source Foot Mercato, which confirms Tottenham’s interest in the player.

However, another news source, Talksport, is inferring that Tottenham may have missed the boat on this deal, insinuating that Plea has already entered into negotiations with the Bundesliga side Borussia Monchengladbach.

Plea, since joining Nice back in 2014, has averaged a goal in every three games, quite a respectable goals-to-games ratio considering he has been used, by Nice, as both a striker and a winger.

But, considering a possible deal, you have to ask whether the player brings anything to the club that we don’t already have.

However, with a fee of £22 million being mentioned, he could be, in these days of over-inflated transfer fees, a bargain if he can make the transition from La Ligue to the Premier League.

My view is that Tottenham should look to pursue a deal but is that a view you concur with?

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18 Replies to “Tottenham Linked With French Striker But Face Competition From The Bundesliga”

  • Personally I’d avoid French players altogether. They seem to find it tough to adapt to the premier league, too many Lacazettes.

  • In all honesty, I cannot get overly enthused on way or another about players that I don’t really know anything about. But the notion that we should avoid the lad because he’s French strikes me as off. The fact that some French players have had difficulty adjusting to the PL bears no relevance concerning whether this lad mightn’t be quite comfortable in England. I can remember quite a few outrageously decent French attackers in England. By this reasoning, Thierry Henry shouldn’t have succeeded in England. Nor Eric Cantona. I’d hate to loose out on such players simply because of a preconception against Frogs in the English pot.

  • Total knobhead – Try reading what people actually write. I never said French players always fail in England, simply that the odds are too high for my taste, there seems to be an uncomfortably high failure rate. All purchases are a gamble but you try and get the odds in your favour or buy at such a low price it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out.

  • It’s hard to get excited when N’Jie, N’Kou failed and Lucas is struggling to adapt.

  • I would tend to agree with Jod, the current, and very recent, generations of French players, tend not to convert very well to the PL, the French league’s general standard seems not to be what it was, PSG and Monaco aside.

  • I’d like to say that buying second rate French B teamers seems to be Poch’s guilty pleasure. Then I remembered that N’Jie plays for Cameroon and when I checked N’Koudou it turns out so can he, as well as France. As if that’s going to happen if Martial can’t get a look in. Perhaps the term I need is dual nationality French-Cameroonians that we seem to fail with. However, then I remember Assou-Ekotto. He was a success at Spurs and a French-Cameroonian which means there must be no correlation whatsoever and we’re all being paranoid about Plea 🙂

    What I’m most concerned about is that I don’t see any links to 1st teamers this summer. It’s just more squad players. They’re not even 18-21 year olds that can turn into better 1st teamers with a bit of nurturing from Poch. Plea is 25 and Grealish is 23. Yes, they have some runway to improve but don’t see either as world beaters.

  • Muttley I have to agree. We are getting linked with any player in Europe who can walk. Most of the links are rubbish, but even those with some credibility are linking us with players unlikely to improve us, just squad additions. None of the supposed links would be interesting any of our top 3-4 rivals. We need to be seeking and signing the one or two real quality performers that would improve us and perhaps move us to the next level. So far as Spurs are concerned this TW has been a very disappointing total non event, in spite of MP telling us we were wanting “to get our business done early”.

  • Not sure what thread is okay for this commment, but her it is: A big up to Our Harry Kane, Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspurs, for todays triple and for an early substitution to rest up. A well done to our Harry. proud of you lad. Pure class.

  • The way Harry is going we might soon be looking for a top striker to replace him. He is confirming the true quality that we know he has, on the world stage, and one wonders whether if a massive bid were to come in from Barca or Real Madrid either the club or indeed Harry himself would be able to resist the temptation.

    • He certainly isn’t going anywhere this summer. Up to Levy to back Poch and it’s up to Poch to use his wisdom to win us a trophy.

  • Real Deal I don’t think Maura has struggled with us. It was Poch’s plan to bring him on slowly. He played well whenever he played and will be a big part of our offense this year. He will certainly push Son and Lamela to up their games for us which can only make us better.

    Not certain what our agenda for this TW is which I am taking to suggest we are looking at substantial players some of whom may actually be at the WC. Once the group stages are over we may see some activity and that likely hood will increase with each elimination. Apart from that the pickings are what we are hearing and none have me excited. Or maybe the Bale transfer is happening and everyone is keeping it under wraps!! We can only dream.

    • Whilst I think Lucas has talent and is a good player he hasn’t hit the ground running. He has even admitted that himself.

      Like you I hope he gets a real chance next season. I can see him skinning players with ease at the new lane.

  • Kane just makes things happen. Very fortunate hatrick but deserved. Not worried about Kane leaving this season as I am sure he wants to stay and get a trophy at Spurs. It so much depends on how we perform this season. If we do well and the players earn their bonuses and see the progression and continued future success I believe we will be able to keep the core for a while and even build on it. I think we all need to remember we are becoming a financial force in the football world. This isn’t Spurs of 5 years ago.

  • Really hate players like Cesc Fabregas saying shit like “Kane needs to go to a big club”. What’s big about a Barca team that plays in a 3 team league. I’m seething and trying my best not to use foul language. Stupid arse. He is one of the few players I have never liked because of his arrogance.

    • If the new stadium goes to plan, we will over take the scouse and chavs sooner rather than later. He see’s us as a threat.

      We must keep the momentum going. We need to secure Eriksen and Alli. Then make 2-3 very good signings.

  • jvd….its not only CF who goes on about “Our Arry” needing to go to a big club it is every tom, dick and his dog, until we hear HK say he wants to leave then I am not even thinking about it, as far as I can see/hear he is very happy playing for his home club and being the Spurs superstar/legend.

    Well played today England and esp “Our Arry”, his heel won me some dosh at the bookies. COYS

  • Must admit, I do respect Fabregas’s chosen words aimed at Kane. If any top player knows what it’s like to be a spent force at 25, he should know. He’s right to warn Kane of the pitfalls of being world class and leaving your career in the hands of Arsenal and Chelsea :–)

  • Good to know that HK10 has already signed a new deal with us lol! Barrios had a good game tonight, would be an interesting signing but we have Dier and Wanyama already to play DCM so not sure what it would mean signing him but looks a good player especially around the £14m mark being touted. Apart from maybe replacing Dembele (would love Kovacic) finding it hard to see how we can improve our 1st team attacking wise – Son, Alli, Eriksen and Kane. Son is quality and he showed it again yesterday with another cracking strike for South Korea. Alli, Eriksen and Kane are walking into the 1st XI so can’t really see how we can improve apart from maybe some squad strengthening. We still have to blood Moura properly and then there’s Lamela who finished last season quite strongly and with a full pre-season behind him will certainly make the squad stronger for this season.

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