Date: 21st August 2020 at 6:00pm
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With around three weeks to go until the Premier League kicks off again, at least one thing has been sorted; the fixtures. The other remaining ‘thing’ to be sorted, the Transfer Window, will hold our undivided attention for a while longer.

But with the release of the fixtures the upcoming season becomes serious. We have something concrete to consider and speculate on. We can examine the fixture list for all competing clubs and attempt to determine how the start of the season might progress and we can consider what would make for a successful season when it’s all over. It’s the time for all optimists, cynics, hopefuls, and dreamers, to show what they’ve got.

In this regard, nothing has changed for me since last season. I want to see eleven Spurs players on the park playing good football (however that is defined) as a team; a solid unit. I want to see Spurs finish in the top four with Champions League football on the horizon. I want to see a new and welcome Cup (any cup) added to our neglected trophy cabinet. And I want to be entertained. And I don’t think what I want is either unreasonable or unrealistic.

Looking at the list, the early games suggest we can be off to a very good start. A good start will give us something to build on and push us well into the season. We seem to have three winnable games before we meet United away. Three games to gain confidence and a belief when we face them. That game is followed by more winnable games. The United game could be crucial …. but not season-defining.

For those who believe in fairies, consider this. Our most successful season happened in 1960-61. This season is 2020-21. That season started with a home game against Everton (2-0). This season starts with a home game against Everton. I know, it’s freaky, isn’t it. (smile of amusement).

So, the questions are: What do we want? What is realistic? and …. Do you believe in fairies?

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  • Thanks for another thought provoking article Geof.

    While our opening games might look fairly comfortable on paper we all know nothing can be taken for granted in the PL. That said….I think we could get a result against United now we have Hojbjerg to stifle Fernandes, if we can avoid giving the referee the opportunity to give them one or more penalties we could keep a clean sheet against them. 🙂

  • I guess as a human being you have to feel a little sorry for Christian Eriksen losing in two consecutive European finals.

  • TQ
    Re your earlier Erikson post. He has another losers medal tonite for his off the bench performance.
    Another season for him no silver ware.
    Obviously playing attractive football was not enough for Erikson he wanted to win something (funnily enough) but not this year Lol.

  • ND …. Alanna Kennedy. She’s been part of the Matildas Australian women’s national team for some time now. Maybe the Spurs women’s team can show the way! lol

  • As always, pretend all the extra games in Europe won’t make any difference to the level of performance then blame it on the manager at the end of the season when the team is running on empty. I can see us having a similar season to Wolves this time around, playing a lot of matches and finishing with nothing. Wolves meanwhile aren’t in Europe and still have all their players, maybe a good outside bet for a champions league spot. Of course Jose has a lot of experience maybe he can figure a way to manage the fixtures that Poch couldn’t, we’ll see.

  • As usual.. THFC never do things the easy way, be it players in / out transfers / new WHL Stadium or games….. We are aptly named spursey as our players form over last season has landed us in this Europa League / PL fixtures nightmare. I expect Jose to have more ability than poch in handling these games, as he knows what to do, having done this before, and won 25 trophies. A full 25 player squad will be needed and rotation paramount, with individual player management (HK10, dele, etc.) by Jose & staff. COYS

  • Christian Ericsson has seen the wining of silverware is not easy, as Inter’s loss in Europa League Final proves that… He should now realise that his decision of minimal effort when playing at spurs was a wrong thing to do, for instance a CL winners medal could have been won if he had done what he was paid for.

  • block 108 spurs – I’d agree we need a full 25 man squad. The problem is the only way that will happen is if we sign two more English qualified players in the current window while keeping those we already have. Our track record suggests that won’t happen, hope I’m proved wrong. The other thing that will be needed is better rotation. I can remember Ferguson saying he rarely played his strongest team, he tried to pick teams strong enough to win the individual game while giving players enough rest to avoid burnout. We’ll see if Jose can do the same.

  • jod …. I think that’s the only practical way to manage the squad. It also maintains a match fitness level for all the players. Seems like common sense really.

  • Geofspurs – Agreed, but its not what we’ve been doing. While Pochettino didn’t like sending players out on loan he rarely used them. Kane on the other hand has been run into the ground, the lockdown meant he had the time to get fully fit for the first time in a few years. The problem is the manager has to be prepared to take risks. If he sends out a team that’s weaker than it could have been and it loses then he gets blamed, fans don’t think long term, not sure directors always do either.

  • As well as rotating his team, Fergie was prepared to “park the bus” against what he saw as stronger teams often flooding the midfield make them hard to beat, stealing a goal (usually in the 99th minute)
    He was prepared to be reactive and “boring” when needed.

  • Just watched the friendly against Ipswich. A lot of young players got playing time , we finished with two 16 year olds on the pitch. Thing is if Jose wants to sustain a run in Europe as well as the Premier League he’s going to need to use some of them so its good he’s getting some idea of what they can do.

  • Jose is showing his tactical and management ability today. Lot of youngsters playing today. Gives the boys some experience and motivation, while Jose can see their ability. It now looking like jose has been wrongly criticised about his management ability, and that younger players will get a chance at spurs.

  • Decent warm up match, Toby composed and in command, Foyth looked nervous and made a big mistake which could have cost us against better opposition, nice assist for Sonny’s second goal though. Wasn’t surprised to see him replaced by CCV after the break, he was steady without impressing.

    Sessegnon started really brightly and scored early but disappeared a the game went on, thought he had been subbed at half time and only realised at around 85 minutes that he was still on the pitch.

    Thought Gedson had a good game and displyed some good skill and pace, played all 90 and appeared to be playing as a right wing back in the second half. Dele applied himself pretty well and made two assists, could have had a goal himself if he hadn’t scuffed a shot, missed another couple of chances to shoot as well.

    Cirkin looked pretty steady at left back when he came on after the break, young Alfie Devine looked pretty composed for a 16 year old making his debut, must have been quite daunting playing in our stadium for the first time.

    Hojbjerg did what he does well, was a little surprised to see him playing further forward, Winks was sitting the deeper of the two in the first half.

  • its pre season, all managers bring few youngsters just to give them a taste of match days, im sure jose wouldn’t risk them in a competitive league match, as we have seen before jose like to have his little group of players he sticks with.

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