Date: 8th August 2018 at 10:54am
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Here’s one for the non-believers!

So now we know! The Transfer Window for incomings is almost over and the first game of the season is just a matter of hours away. The question now is; was the transfer window really the supreme success we all think it was? Due to the amount of activity we have been involved in, analysing the effect of the window is rather complicated. Okay, it’s not quite over yet, but let’s assume it is.

  1. There are so many obvious positives?
  2. We saved some money.
  3. We can even show a nice profit before the European transfer window is closed.
  4. We don’t have to waste time training new players to perform the ‘Poch’ way.
  5. There was no need to raise the salary limit due to any unrealistic demands from a new player who was under the misguided impression that he is worth more than he really is.
  6. All current squad members will be confident that their position on the field is not threatened by some new player they’ve never heard of and who comes from a place they did not know existed. The Spurs ‘family’ will not be corrupted by outsiders.
  7. We can have a good laugh at the expense of our rivals as their mega-pound new stars fail to produce the goods whilst our own stars continue to perform their magic and, just like cream, rise to the top of the bottle.

See …. we really do ‘bottle’ it.

How can anyone be unhappy with all those positives?

As far as negatives are concerned it seems really difficult to identify any. I suppose that one negative is that the bench will be a colder place with fewer bums sitting on it after the European TW is completed. The only possible blight on the crop is if Mr Levy destroys all the good work done so far by venturing even further into the market in the twilight hours often described as ‘Levy Time’. And I’m sure we all hope and pray that he doesn’t do that! Apart from that, it’s all good.

And a ‘Newcastle 0-3 Tottenham’ result on Saturday will really set the scene for greater things to happen this season. Don’t ya think?

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75 Replies to “Tottenham: How can anyone be unhappy with all those positives?”

  • Unintentionaly, I think you’ve nailed it! Just goes to show, even a broken clock is right twice a day 😉

    • Yep I agree.. Tired of these Harry Hotspurs with their negative spin on Levy and everything else to do with Tottenham. To listen to him, you’d think Mr Levy hates Spurs. What Mr Levy does do, is keep us liquid not overspending and supplying a new training ground and stadium at the same time.. There again, I’m sure Harry Hotspur knows the finances better than Levy!

  • LOL, Levy has to pay over the odds now if he wants Grealish, that’s what you get for being greedy. As for our very special relationship with Real Madrid, it looks like Kovacic is going to Chelsea even though we can offer him Champions League football and they can’t, it’s been fantastic this special relationship Levy created with them, we’ve given them our top players and they give our rivals theirs, what a joke. And people still think Levy’s gods gift. LOL

  • Very odd article – the ENIC/Levy/Pochettino fan club often post parodies of what they see as relentless negativity on the part of doubters like me, but this is the first self-parody I can remember. No one – absolutely no one – thinks this has been a good window to date (unless they’re stupid enough to believe the line that extending a current player’s contract somehow improves the team – will Sissoko suddenly come good if he gets another five years on his current £95k per week deal?), so what reaction is the author trying to get? Apoplexy? If everyone else improves while we do nothing, we fall back, possibly or even probably, out of the CL places, so the positives of the current stagnation at Spurs are eluding me – pass me my rose-tinted specs, someone.

    • Absolutely right Cheshunt Boy. There are no positives unless you are one of our rivals for a top four and CL spot. We will still have most of our first XI intact apart from those Levy might sell after the EPL window closes, we will still have less than adequate cover and lack of alternative selection options in several positions, several of our best players will suffer yet another season’s frustration at our failure to mount a realistic challenge to win anything, this may result in an exodus in January or next summer to pastures new where their ambitions can be better matched,likewise unless he has become a Levy disciple, MP must be frustrated, following the statements he made about transfer intentions at the start of the window. Regarding the new ground, who says it is for the benefit of THFC. It may well be for the benefit of ENIC it will reap increased revenues that may never be seen by THFC, and enhance the sales value of the business into the future ready to be sold. There has been zero indication in the last 18 years that performance on the pitch is a priority, as our meagre trophy haul indicates, it is far cheaper to run a club just on the fringe than a contender.

      • Frank. Did you agree then when we spent ALL the Bale money on 5-6 players. This was supposed to strengthen the squad for EL/CL depth. We all thought this was right and turned out to be crap. Most have gone and those left have taken 4 years to get to their current level. Diesnt always pay to spend big as we hope our rivals will find out. Reputations do not necessarily cut it in the PL.

  • On the whole, I agree with geofspurs because we have the best team that we have had since the 1980’s with more talent and a great manager who is learning to manage his players better each season. Even the ones that ‘want away’ appreciate that Mr Poch appreciates hard work and dedication from his squad. Most of our players have learned from his system and would be a first choice to any other side. Perfect, we are not,yet! I cannot wait to feel the atmosphere in the new stadium. Please call it the ‘White Hart Lane Cauldron’? (Acknowledgement to ASSE)

  • lol, good article, I now think we should never sign players in TW’s, as there’s more positives than negatives, but if we do sign Grealish, is that a positive or a negative??, lets just hope no ones signs!! makes you just that little more excited for the forthcoming season, not like Liverpool fans( we’ve be laughing at them!!)…


    Big news coming out of Villa Park.

    Sky sources: Jack Grealish will not be sold to anyone in this transfer window, despite interest from Tottenham and ‘other clubs’ this window.


    Aston Villa’s new owners says Tottenham’s £25m bid for Jack Grealish has been rejected outright.

    • Grealish is not worth £25mn – nowhere near. He scored 3 goals last season – that’s in the Championship! We were lucky to avoid that one. Martial would have been worth having, but that one seems to have gone.

  • I know this is tongue in cheek, but actually I think it’s not far from the truth. If you look at our squad, who would you add that we could A. afford, B. attract and C. would want to join us? I agree that 1 or 2 strong addtions like Zaha and Martial would have a good impact on the squad, but if you can’t bring these in and you already have a very strong squad, why bring in players that are not good enough just for the sake of it? If they’re not good enough to play in the first team, does it really provide competition for places. Personally apart from the striker position, I don’t think we lack strength in depth anywhere else on the pitch. If we do need to freshen things up and can’t bring in anyone new, maybe its time to promote a few of the best kids. Of course Levy might still pull off the impossible à la Van der Vaart at 5:55 pm tomorrow!

  • So pleased to hear on SSN that Grealish hopefully will not be coming to Spurs, it’s prob just a way of getting an extra 10m out of Levy, I am resigned to no signing … unless Levy has a major coup I don’t see the point in buying for the sake of it. .. very disappointed he didn’t back MP, btw, said he only way he will leave spurs is of, he’s sacked that is positive news

  • I’m not getting too excited either way about signings. I don’t think we’ll sign anyone and that is OK because our squad is solid. It’s not good enough to win anything major without a large dollop of luck dropping on our heads but it is probably good enough to keep us in the top 6 and maybe the top 4 if one or two of the usual suspects has a poor season. However, is being solid enough for the fans being asked to pay the most expensive season tickets in the country? Is being solid enough for the top players in our squad to stick with us for another season or two when more money and more possibilities to win titles are on offer elsewhere? Is being solid enough for MP and his team to stick with us for another season or two – especially after they asked the club to be brave with our transfers and do our business early? Is it being solid when us, a top 4 Premier League side that is in the Champions League, cannot sign a Championship player that MP wanted? Solid is fine as long as you don’t try to sell the fans the dream of us being anything more than solid. That’s the problem – we’re a solid club but our owners try to make us believe we’re a lot more than that, that we’re ‘winners in waiting’ just waiting for that ‘last piece for our inevitable jump to success’ without ever supplying the backing to actually make the talk become reality. That’s why some fans get a little bit frustrated. Don’t try to sell us something you’re not willing to go the extra yard to deliver.

  • The only positive for me personally is that my stress levels will go down @ 5:00PM Thurs, regardless whether we sign or ship anyone. Alas, the stress will increase on Saturday if we start playing catch-up from the off. So, I have a day and a half to live stress-free! COYS!

  • Well if we do actually end up signing no one after exhausting our scouting resources not just in Europe but across the entire world and found not one single player to improve the squad without bankrupting the club so close are we to going into administration, I must say I can’t wait for the trophies we’re nailed on to win this season. Sure, our direct rivals have bought players but they’ll all fail. Not one of their additions will offer anything this season. We keep hearing that we at Spurs have a really strong squad that’s downright impossible to improve upon after winning the “We beat Real Madrid trophy” and the elusive “We beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge trophy” last season, so the reasonable conclusion is that we’ll close that insignificant 23 point gap on City and win the title and everything else on offer with absolute ease. Sissoko and Llorente to combine for 40 league goals this season. Don’t worry about injuries either, we have an army of 16 year old’s ready to step into the first team and contribute immediately so prolific is the academy. Like I said, cant wait! The 2+ grand season ticket will have been totally worth it.

  • Levy has pretty well ensured that this season will be the last for a while with Champions League football. Either,

    1. The stadium has gone so far over budget there is no money for transfers.
    2. ENIC are selling soon so they have no will to spend on players.
    3. Levy is an even more incompetent business man than I thought.
    4. Levy’s controlling personality where he always has to be seen to get a bargain at a cost of all else is still very much in play. The man simply cannot help himself.
    Either way, several players and one manager will be out of the door nest summer along with many fans who will refuse to be ripped off by Levy any more.
    Pathetic embarrassing management of the club we love.

  • This Grealish saga is not all down to Levy and his late bids. They would have been discussing possibilities of transfers for some time and its normal to feel the waters, it was delayed as well because of the new owners coming in. All week and before Bruce has been saying it’s going to cost a premium, players are not for sale, he has a done pr job to hike the price up. Levy would have been looking at others and comparing prices and abilities, sounding players out, discussing options with MP. So they decide they would like Grealish, making a offer and its rejected, it happens. They couldn’t put offer in sooner because it strengthens owners hand and besides my be villa wasnt ready to take bids, or they were not giving much indication they would sell, they needed time to discuss their way forward, as i say, delayed matters and besides if they were not overly wanting to sell you have to wait to see things change, or wait until their back is against the wall to make a decision, this is how it works..i said it reminds me o nthe Berahino saga. WBA went public we wanted him and Villa has done the same through Bruce. It now remains to be seen if they are bluffing or not. If spurs bid 25m i think that is decent bid, maddison went for similar. Villa are desperate to get as much as they can and with new owners they will be empowered wanting to make their mark. I feel for the player if he really wants the move, but we don’t know how he feels. It puts things in perspective, if villa want 32m for Grealish is us wanting 75m for Toby outrageous, think not. If reports are to believe uds only want To pay us 40m, so Levy is right in holding out. Its getting silly how, championship players going for that sort of money, then again the whole market is mad. Personally i think we may hear more on this one.

    • Sorry Loz but that’s nonsense! Bidding for a player late when you haven’t signed anyone strengthens the owners hand!

  • Anyone remember when arsenal stopped bothering in the transfer market and didn’t sign a single outfield player. How are the club that dominated is for 20 years doing again? Anyone who doesn’t think this is inept, woeful, simply not good enough and asking to lose our best players and manager is either a complete moron or completely deluded!

  • Tony Borg – In what parallel universe are you living where Villa were ever going to sell Grealish at anything less than twice his worth ? In case you’ve forgotten they started off at an asking price of £40m. Yet you are pretending the price has been going up.

  • If you read through the posts moaning about the lack of signings its noticeable that, as always. they don’t tell us who we could and should have signed. That’s because they aren’t really concerned about strengthening the squad. Like a shopaholic its about spending money, what you get for it doesn’t matter.

    • Firstly Jod, £25 million would have got Grealish 3 weeks ago when villa were in a bad way. Secondly, Zaha, Martial,Meyer, kovacic, fabinho, Rondon and Rodriguez were all possible and would have all improved our squad… I wouldn’t mind if we’d had his knocked back but we haven’t even tried. Do you honestly think that there is no one in the world of football who could improve our squad within our budget? Get out of here!

  • Late bids rejected ..levy sighs
    Happily looks at the checkbook… And cries
    Tears of joy and thinks… Oh I really tried
    Fans now will think…here comes the lies
    But i am levy
    I love my money
    So transfer window
    Time to say

  • Spurious I completely agree with your 12.57 post. By and large you reap what you sow in this game, and perhaps Levy would realise this if he got another jolt like he got when Ramos had us in a relegation position after nearly a quarter of the season, and he brought HR in to sort out the mess, finishing up halfway up. Nobody is immune, we are only 2 or 3 long injuries, or nightmare form loss for 1 or 2 key players from struggling, our back up squad is simply not good enough to given us cover or selection options. I am glad in a way we didn’t follow our rivals in strengthening, if we drop off from the top 4, as seems likely, some may at last see the ineptitude of Levy as a football man, rather than a land management graduate, although he might not be that clever at that given the budgeting, scheduling, and project management of the new stadium. It is late, and considerably over budget.

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