Date: 6th January 2018 at 7:47pm
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Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur, once Kings of the FA Cup…

Have we now disregarded the nations once adored cup for European adventure and the race for a top four place? In many ways we cannot blame Poch and Levy for concentrating on the richer pools of the game, but is our tradition and thirst for silverware something that should make us consider being up for the cup?

Even in rightfully resting several key players against an AFC Wimbledon side that currently sits in the League 1 relegation zone, though they will be heartened by the fact they sit 2 points behind MK Dons, with a game in hand… surely we have the quality in depth to make this a straightforward afternoon, even as Poch bigs up the difficult task of playing the nations minnows.

Sunday will represent an emotional or at least a “What might have been” day for two players suggested by some as potential Spurs stars in Dean Parrett and Andy Barcham who have never quite hit the footballing heights, but might also have that pang of wishing they had had a manager with the vision of Pochettino to entrust their careers in when they were coming through the Spurs ranks.

Though this season has been a struggle for Neal Ardley and his boys, They may be inspired or terrified by a trip to Wembley, but you would like to think that this will also be a far more intimidating task than the Checkatrade trophy game in October where Spurs played with a team comprising of youth and the nearest we indulged Wimbledon with our “stars” was the start with Amos and Sterling.

Sunday may well and for me, should see starts for the likes of Walker-Peters, Foyth, N`Koudou, Llorente, whilst perhaps we will see the likes of Anthony Georgiou, Tashan Oakley-Boothe and Kazaiah Sterling get spots on the bench as we prioritise resting a few tired legs, as well as offering opportunity to others. It`s also sensible to give valuable minutes to Lamela and Wanyama as we push them back to fitness.

These games are impossible to pick teams, but could we see something like Vorm; Trippier, Sanchez, Foyth, Walker-Peters; Winks, Wanyama; Lamela, Alli, N`koudou and Llorente, as an XI? A team enabling us to rest key and no doubt fatigued players, but also showing we take the competition seriously and who knows, we might even try to win it!…

Written by Oxfordspur


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  • If the fringe and academy players want to shine and wanting more game time, they’d better step up. If through this round and draw another lower division team, that’s about all the opps they will get this season. I truly hope that the long awaited appearance for KWP and another outing for Foyth will drive them on to start challenging the 1st teamers. I seriously think KWP should develop in to a regular RWB. Llorente another chance to put a few away. I’d like Gazza the goalie over Vorm as we need to be planning for life after Vorm (34 yrs old), with latter probably has another couple of years left in him?. Let’s see all these spring cockerels running amok on the big pitch. 4-0. COYS!

  • Ox, for me there are too many kids on your list to be starting in this game. If the U23 performances (& league position) is anything to go by, nah, imo, 3 max + our main squad players to guide them through.

  • Hi Ox… While i agree we need to rest players, we also need to win this game. As critical says our U23 players are not at the top of their league… So we need mainly rotational squad players with 3 young ones, IMO.. poch has to try to win the FA Cup as it is an important sliverware which will keep the main squad players happy…Toby etc. and shut up all who say poch is not good enough to win trophie, because he has not yet……. Remember how close we have been to winning silverware in 3 years of poch management… Its 80% fault of the players who did not perform on the day of the big games, 20% poch tactical errors. COYS.

  • The problem is whenever Spurs meet decent opponents in the cup they lose, since the players are variables and MP picks them the inability to win trophies with good players is a problem MP has to solve. Walker looks like he’ll win a trophy with a Manager with a track record but won nothing playing for MP. I hope spurs win the FA cup, it could happen if the stars align.

  • I agree with Block D Spurs, I think we should make a concerted effort to win the FACup. We made a nonsense of the League Cup, we are not going to win the PL or the CL, it is 10 years since we have won anything, so an FA Cup win would be very welcome. It is a disgrace the way this historic competition has been devalued by the bigger clubs, and we should take it seriously.

  • palmover …. Walker will win a trophy because he’s currently playing for a better team. It’s a lot more to do with that than it is about the managers. It’s the way football usually works.

  • Frank … Yes, and there are few clubs with a greater history than THFC when it comes to the oldest cup competition in Europe.

  • Frank, it’s not just the bigger clubs who field weaker teams – every team in the EPL and Championship does it now (and possibly further down if I knew the teams well enough). Having said that, it was quite noticeable that Liverpool, Everton and Man City fielded almost their strongest teams at the weekend, and whilst Chelsea made numerous changes from the team that played Arsenal, it was still a team full of established players yesterday and they brought on players like Morata towards the end.

    Fitness permitting, I wouldn’t make wholescale changes either – last season’s match against Wycombe at this stage of the competition is still fresh in my mind. We need to be totally professional and get the job done as quickly as possible.

  • In defence if the team I suggested with too many kids playing. Only Nkoudou, Foyth and KWP are not players that have already made several appearences. Two of those were signed for close to £10m each. I accept the bench shoild also have a couple of youngsters. But I wiuld like to see is say to aomeone like Dier or Vertonghen to simply take the week off and recharge. They have played almost every minute and probably will benefit from the break. Obviously there is a balance of getting a side to win and resting/giving opportunity, as we dont want to end in a reply and get that extra game. But surely that XI is still balanced and strong enough to get a fairly comfortable win and you still have a team that if sold, you could buy Wimbledon and mK dons and remerge them…

  • I think a team such as the one Oxfordspur has suggested could storm the Championship and win the title with flying colours. Trouble is, those guys don’t all play as a team, week after week. And so I think that it’s not so simple to choose a perfectly balanced team without having some of the big guns in the squad.

    It is a bit of a dilemma these days for top PL clubs, with which competitions to prioritise when in the CL and fighting for a top4 position. And, unfortunately, this sometimes puts less focus on the FA cup these days.

    Supporters (and Chairman/owners?), of course now expect the team to do well in all competitions. And yet many fans will wonder why, when there is not more rotation when we play in the domestic cups. Others expect almost a full-strength team. But many will often complain of course, that the wrong rotation has been used if we lose. Or that Harry and co looked knackered and not enough were rested. Or, the wrong ones were rested.

    I do expect that a few will be rested but which ones? Pochettino needs to pick a strong and well balanced team, enough to win the match and should know better than us who may benefit from a rest and who is in need of a run-out. Wanyama and Lamela are back and could probably do with some more game time. KW-P and Foyth are surely good and ready enough to play, being part of the 1st team squad and of course, Vorm, Winks and Llorente. Who is perhaps in need of a rest from Dele, Eriksen and Son? Harry on the bench or Sterling? I haven’t a clue.

    Surely a win is on the cards, whoever Poch picks to play. But anything can happen in the FA Cup and football is not always as predictable as we would all like it to be. But, it’s also why it’s such a popular sport and why the FA cup has a strong history of upsets and giant killing.


    But, to which team?

  • Got to agree, OX, last thing we need is a replay. Good game for Wanyama and Lamela to get in a full 90 Mins, those two back in first team for second half of Season will give us a great chance of Top 3/4. COYSS!!!!!!

  • Ox, I wrote my post as you were writing yours. It turns out that you’ve basically said the same as myself. So I’m in agreement with you there. No replay please.

  • HT, as long as the attitude of those picked Today is correct, I can’t see any problems. Famous last words, eh!!

  • As for winning the FA Cup this season forget it, we all know Man City will win every game for the next Ten Years!

  • TE … That’ll work out just fine …. in ten years we’ll be settled into our new home, our team will all be very well experienced, and all the City players will be well past it. Onwards and upwards!

  • My team would be:
    Tripps, Foyth, Sanchez, Davies;
    Wanyama, Winks;
    Lamela, Youth player, N’Koudou;
    Subs: Gazzinigga, Rose, Dier, Kane, Alli, Son, Youth player

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