Date: 12th January 2018 at 11:33pm
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A game that has 0-0 all over it. Unless…

If ever there was a game that was crying out for a home goal before the game kicked off it is this one. Everton hire Big Sam to save them from relegation, but he appears to be doing so and boring the football world to death with a no attack policy.

Two out of three games with zero shots on target will hardly win around a sceptical Everton crowd and may ultimately cost him his job in the summer as surely the fans will demand the right style of football moving forward and Sam may have to prove he is building a solid base, but has definite attacking intent moving forward.

Of course time will tell if the big money signing of Cenk Tosun will pay dividends, but it`s as much about the style and intent to try to take the game to the opposition that`s key at Wembley and beyond. Will Big Sam sit deep and hope to stifle and frustrate Spurs and score on the counter or a dead ball? I`m guessing so and that will possibly make for dour viewing. However an early goal could force Everton to rethink things and we could again give them a football lessen as we did at Goodison, but surely they can`t perform as badly again.

Spurs perhaps have to consider who and how they set out the midfield. Is is Wanyama or Dier, perhaps both, but is that too safe. Can Mousa Dembele play a significant part or do we bring in Erik Lamela are drop Eriksen or Alli deeper to give us extra spark? Surely Aurier deserves a start as he looks better all the time, but with no Rose, it`s Davies on the left, which means it`s more important to have that extra drive on the right. Davies, like one or two other has looked a little tired at times. Hopefully the free midweek will freshen up a few minds and bodies and give us a vital three points…


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  • Well, against Hammers Poch chose a line-up to counter the potential of facing Caroll and Arnautovic and it backfired as neither started and they frustrated us. I expect another frustrating day at Wembley and hopefully in anticipation, Poch selects a dynamic eleven. I don’t think we’ll need two DM’s (but can change if needed later on) and I would like to see Lamela and Son start to provide trickery and guile for those runs at defenders and both like to shoot. But I expect Poch to go with one or the other. My line-up would be Lloris, Aurier, Sanchez, Vert, Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Son, Kane. I just feel with Dier in the team will slow us down a touch and Sissoko will lead to misplaced passes and breaking our moves. Need to score 1st. Sam will make it very difficult for us. 0-0 at half time will make nervous viewing. 3-1 Spurs. COYS!

  • And there you have it MP, said we are nowhere near signing a player … l don’t u derstand why not, we need to consolidate a top 4 spot … beggars beliefs if it’s true

  • Yes. That midfield partner to wanyama is the biggest selection question. Agree that it could be time to rest Dier and see how we perform. Aurier is a slam dunk on the right on this seasons performances and our need of pace.

    The dream is an on form dembele with the ball regularly in more advanced areas of the pitch. But we just don’t know if that’s what we’ll see if he plays.

    Winks’s passing is crisp. With Wanyama back in the game could that be the ideal combo for high tempo ? Is there a chance he’ll be out muscled though?

    I sometimes wonder about dropping Dele back into the middle. I remember some great moments there when he was breaking through. Then play Kane Son lamela and eriksen against the bus parkers. That’s probably a bit much though. Maybe dropping eriksen back with Wanyama?

    Lamela and Wanyama coming back are bringing these good selection problems with them. Let’s be clinical and hope for no soft goals conceded from set pieces. I hate when sigurdson lines up against us.

    Spurs 2-1.

  • Not another bloody park-the-bus manager and team coming to Wembley!

    Let’s teach them a footballing lesson.

    0-0? I don’t think so

    Spurs 4-1 Toffees!

  • Sam Allardyce recently said that the Everton supporters would’ve preferred being bored in getting their defend-in-numbers draw against Liverpool rather than watch Everton playing open and attacking football and perhaps getting beaten 4-0. (Something like that). I think he was probably right as long as we assume that those supporters don’t think the team is good enough to beat any team of note, in the first place, let alone Liverpool. But that would be like Pochettino parking the bus against Arsenal whilst conceding that they are just too good for us to give it a go. What Spurs fan would find that kind of defeatist language acceptable when playing our main local rival, let alone any other club?

    Looking at Everton’s very expensive and talented squad, is it a team that looks like it should be playing such negative tactics just to avoid defeat?

    Maybe they will surprise us and attempt to outplay us with some attractive, open and attacking football. Maybe not.

    Should Pochettino double bluff Sam and park his own bus? Nick a goal on the counter and then see what happens. I’d pay no money at all to witness that one. And yet Spurs supporters will tend to complain about our own, often patient, possession tactic of (at least) attacking football against these brick walls of defenders, rather than criticise the opposition for their blatant and cynical, anti-football negativity.

    C’mon Everton, show us what your made of.

    Come on you Spurs and make my day!

  • I’d like to see Eriksen drop deeper – slightly in front of Wanyama – for this match and play Lamela, Son, Dele and Kane ahead of him. He’s a superb passer of the ball and has the creativity, guile and vision to provide our forwards with the service they need to gt behind Everton’s defence. And he can join the attack when appropriate. Against West Ham we simply didn’t get enough men in the box. I felt sorry for our forwards because they worked their socks off to try and create something but they constantly had two or three defenders around them. And far too often they were playing with their backs to the goals and coming deep to get some space and because the service from midfield was too pedestrian. At times Eriksen was picking up the ball from our CBs ffs. I think he can orchestrate the play from a deeper role. However, as has been pointed out, Poch does prefer two fairly CMs and my fear is that he will pair Dier with Wanyama.

  • Gary …. I was hoping for Winks and Wanyama in the middle but Winks is injured. I like the look of your selection but I expect MP to start with Dembele.

  • With Wanyama back, I feel really confident for the rest of the season, superb passing and his ability to break up opposing attacks. Geof your 3-0 looks good to me.

  • I hope we play more wide attacking Everton’s defense, and get more players into the 18 yd box than we did at west game. Big Sam will have done his homework and I expect him to play similar to their Liverpool game, and as west ham against us. Im off to wembley soon, and 3 points more on the table for spurs COYS

  • Agreed Geof, Wanyama and Dembele is likely. On last season’s form that would be perfect. They controlled most games and gave our forwards a firm platform. But Dembele isn’t the Dembele of last season and Wanyama is going to take a few games to get fully up to speed.

  • I’d like to see Dele in central midfield to make way for Lamela up front. If it doesn’t work out Dembele or Dier can replace Dele in midfield (assuming Wanyama wiill be playing) leaving Dele to take up his usual role in place of Lamela. That’s the way to open up bus parkers!

  • Personally, I think we deal quite well against teams that turn up with a view to not losing. It might seem that we aren?t positive enough at the start but I think we play a steady, controlled, possession -game. Nobody panics if we are not ahead at half time. There is a belief within the team that we will score …. eventually. And we usually do. The team also believe in each other. The game lasts for 90+ minutes and the winning goal can be scored at any one of them. I often think that some supporters would enjoy the game more if they remained as patient as the team. Then again, we?d be in big trouble if the team spat the dummy as quickly as some supporters.

  • Certainly that was true last season Geof, and to an extent the season before, but we have undoubtedly struggled at times this season, particularly early on. We seemed to have turned a corner with the Stoke & Soton wins, but then back to early season form against West Ham. Your point about staying patient is well made and last season I always felt confident we would score no matter what stage of the game we were at. But I haven’t felt the same this season in some of the games, particularly against West Ham when I was actually quite surprised when we did score. Everton will be a stern test (on paper at least and with Allardyce in charge) which is why I’d like an extra attacker on the pitch. I don’t think there’s much downside because Everton don’t really have much pace to counter-attack.

  • It’s difficult not to see a Spurs win, Gary, but football doesn’t always follow the expected script.

  • Just had a look at our bench. Wow we really don?t have much in the way of game changers, do we? We really need about 2 or 3 really top players who would make this squad really deep and allow us to make changes which don?t weaken the team on the pitch when we bring them on. No wonder MP is in no hurry to make changes during a game. Sad!

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