Date: 10th August 2018 at 9:27am
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THFC …. Game On!!

On Saturday Spurs travel to Newcastle to open their season. This is not a match thread as OyVeh would have submitted (he is far better at it than I am. If you are reading and going to do one OyVeh, email it to, but rather a thread to take us through week one of the PL. In that respect, the game, before and after, is open for discussion …. as is everything else to do with THFC and the PL in general.

Having said that, I see little point in continuing to complain about what did, or did not, happen during the Transfer Window. The focus now should now be on the Premier League games in front of us although I realise that this will be difficult for some posters who will be in meltdown due to Bale, Modric, Ronaldo, or anyone else, not wearing a shirt with a cockerel on it. But the reality is that the TW is over and it is what it is.

The most interesting thing about this game (as it was for many games last season) is who will be on the team-sheet. Pochettino has already stated that he will not play any of our world cup players unless they are fully fit. None of us know what that means. The other interesting thing as the season progresses is how the manager will utilise Toby in terms of recent events. But if we play a back three, Verts, Toby, and Sanchez make a formidable defence.

As far as Newcastle is concerned I believe we have enough strength, whoever plays, to get a good result. As the season progresses it will be a great asset to the squad to have Winks, Toby, and a more experienced Moura, back in the squad.

So, it’s game on! Over to you VS people.


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  • Here’s a fascinating fact:

    Wolves now have as many players from Portugal in their squad as Porto, arguably Portugal’s most famous club.

  • Pochettinos like the store assistant standing behind the counter, regularly taking heat from the customers, thanks to his bosses decisions. The excuse Pochettino probably intended to use, was brexit effecting stadium costs

    I never believed an £800m stadium wouldn’t effect transfers at all. Arsenal were making the same claims, while barely spending a penny. Reason for lying, possibly being that the club is even less attractive to players, making it even more difficult to sign and hold onto them. What top player wants to join or stay at a club going through an extended transitional period, unless they are financially compensated? Hence budget likely distributed more towards significant wage increases for both manager and players.

    Either way, Poch could publicly turn against his boss, but then he might as well quit and we’d likely have a similar (probably worse) season to Chelsea last year, with Conte moaning about lack of funds all season. Then a new manager comes in… same problems. The manager either gets with the program, or gets out.

    Thats my, likely overly simplified take on this.

  • Should be a comfortable win. They have an average team but have a top manager.

    Win this and stop the negative feel around the club quickly.

  • Ah well the summer TW is over now we can all look forward to January 2019 TW, cannot wait lol.

    Are we up for it, of course we are.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. Come On You Spurs.

  • I make you right Guvyer….I think it was obvious in the end that the stadium costs affected the TW, anyway it is what is it is.

  • Guyver, your dead right going on pochs comments, I posted a month or so back that were going down the Arsenal road and now I’m for the match all depends on the starting eleven if it’s weakened team at best a draw.

  • It’s official, Winks gets #8 shirt. Anyone know who had that last season?… I rarely look at shirt numbers when watching our players… unless I am at Wembley top tier and can’t make out anything from that distance! Specsavers, here I come.

  • Am up doing my job, at the mo having a rest and a read of VS, I am excited and looking forward to our first win of the season, also ” Our Arry” getting his first goal in August.

    Wink gets the no8 shirt, mini promotion for him, love the lad, he is going to be big for us this year, just like a new signing, only one that fits straight in and not need a season to get used to the Prem. COYS

  • Pompey & C_S – You might want to wait until after today’s game to go to Specsavers. Apparently we’re wearing our new third kit today and it is quite a thing! I’m not sure how well it will go down. You might prefer to have a bit of blurred vision when we wear that shirt. 😉

  • I think spurs will win by odd goal, so 2-1. Toby to play in back 3 Lets get back to playing and winning games…

  • spurious, do they sell the rose tinted type?…seeing our transfer windows (non)activity, I might need those type to get me through the season.

  • Sorry to refer to the Man U game, just that a couple of things that got me…

    Fred should’ve been sent off for doing the Beckham type lashing out whilst on the ground.

    Moaninho kept a number of WC players back and said Fellaini could only manage 10 minutes!… may be some truth in it, but noted Rashford played most of the game. Anyway, wished Leicester were more clinical and would’ve made a great start to the season.

    Back to countdown to kick off! COYS!

  • I think it’s shameful that poch has come out and make all these excuses for why we haven’t spent a penny this summer,where is the fuuuckn chairman stand up levy and at least make a statement because your hanging your manager out.if poch has to continually answer these question after every poor result because that’s the narrative the media are going with and would you blame them it will be open season.

  • Pauric …. You’re probably right that Levy should make a statement, but Pochettino is a big boy and he’s been around football long enough to be able to deal with any criticism quite comfortably. It comes with the job. He’s a very smart and calm person too, which helps.

  • Wow, nearly got it right HT. Trippier left home. Moura for Son, otherwise as per your prediction.

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