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A comment on a recent Vital Spurs thread got me thinking. The comment was, ‘a club like Spurs deserves to be at the top.’ The comment equates to Spurs deserve to win silverware (assuming that to be at the top is to win trophies). This line of thought, I believe, is the cause of many fans’ frustration and anger. First, they feel we deserve it, then they expect it, then they demand it and become the victims of their own thought process when it doesn’t happen. That’s not how football works. It’s not personal. It’s just football.

The fact is that no club deserves anything, they have to earn it. Twenty clubs compete for the same prize and there are so many variables that will decide who wins it. The top clubs in the PL are constantly juggling these variables around in order to achieve success in terms of trophies. And they have the best ‘variables’ to juggle! The history of every club goes out the window when a new season starts and, as far as next season goes, we deserve nothing …. yet.

Before the Champions League final, I thought we were in the mix and had a chance of winning. I certainly didn’t think we deserved to win, or that Liverpool deserved to win. But I hoped we would. After the game I thought we ‘deserved’ to get something from it. But that came from hindsight and the way the game went.

But if any of us think we deserve to win, deserve success, then we are very likely to become disillusioned, frustrated, and angry. Emotions that are sometimes expressed on VS threads. Disappointment and criticism, after a game, is normal, and something quite different. As Bill Nicholson said, the game is about entertaining supporters with glorious football. That does not necessarily mean, winning trophies but it does mean exciting entertainment, which is how football should be.

‘Glorious football’ is something THFC has produced at different periods in our history. Those periods never last forever for any club, which is good for the game. But they are certainly entertaining and something Bill would be proud of.

Come August, everything that went before has no meaning on what will eventuate next season. Realistically we deserve nothing but, also realistically, I know what our team is capable of and I’m hoping for everything.

Don’t get me wrong. All emotions, good and bad, are quite naturally experienced by all football supporters. It’s normal. But ‘expectations’ have to be based on reality and an understanding of the competitive nature of the Premier League.

So my question is …. football being the emotional roller-coaster ride that it is, can thinking we ‘deserve’ success, or unrealistically expecting success, feed our frustration and, sometimes, lead to unjustified anger and resentment?

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  • Of course nobody deserves success, but some clubs try harder than others to achieve it, while others are quite content to surround themselves with a luxury stadium and major property development, without making any investment in the team. The result of this last season was that due to squad weakness at the latter end of the season, we fell away due to injury and fatigue and lack of quality cover we fell away to finish 20+

  • That last post finished by accident. I was going on to say we finished 20+ points behind the top 2, we failed dismally in the domestic cups, and yes we got to the CL final by hook or by crook, but didn’t win it. It appears that this transfer window shows every sign of going the way of previous ones,and we will no doubt be settling for less than inspired cheap options to the big names that have been bandied about. We will never break through and start winning things with the mentality of ENIC, there is just no will to invest on the pitch, to compete.

  • This could be an interesting thread, but… ?

    It’s really a philosophical question that is being asked: what does one deserve? And the most obvious answer is that no one deserves anything, depending, of course, on what one means by deserving anything. In a sense, the only thing anyone or anything deserves is a fair chance, but such rarely is fairness granted. The richest 600 families in Genoa 600 years ago remain the 600 richest families in Genoa. The poor remain poor. Surely none of this is deserved. And surely Britain deserves something better than Boris Johnson or or that Hunt chap as a PM, and surely deserved better than Theresa May-not. And while I’m at it, doesn’t Britain deserve a better alternative than what Labour has been offering in the past few months? Or is Britain getting exactly what Britain deserves? Ditto for the Americans with that Trump character–or lack of character. But perhaps these are exactly what is deserved in a world that grants what has been earned by a people. Our nations look out only for their own self interest when we should look to lift up those elsewhere who are in need. We all know this. We went to kindergarten where we were taught to share.

    The word deserve raises a question that essentially is ethical or moral, and I’m not sure that winning trophies is in any sense a moral right. Anymore than getting wonderful political leadership is deserved in any earned sense.

    Our fate, it seems, is to be disappointed most of the time in this life, especially when we pout our emotions into something as ephemeral as success on a football pitch. Miserable lot that we are when we hand our hearts over to a club, we think we have a right to momentary elation.

    All of that being said, COYS! Make me proud by playing intelligent, passionate, effortful football. Don’t be cheating gits on the pitch. Play hard, play with all your effort, play fairly, play to make me proud, in the same way that I want my son to live life decently. Don’t made me ashamed by playing like a selfish git. Play as a member of a proud inheritance. That’s what I feel I deserve when I give my heart to you. Give your heart back to me. Play with heart. Play with dignity and earn respect for yourself and for me as your supporter. And most importantly: Do not embarrass us with selfish and stupid play. Share the ball with your teammates. Do not try to hog the glory. Love your opponent while you play to win against them.

    The exception is playing against Arsenal, but, oops, I’m slipping on a banana peel now. Sometime the passions override what I know is right. Emoji of the raised eyebrow placed here, please.

  • And Frank, that you for being Frank, who provides more consistency than I have come to expect from anyone or anything else in this world. I knew what I was going read in your comments before I read them. Few other things in life are as consistent. Well done, mate. It’s always good to know that Frank is being Frank, just as reliably as the sun comes up in the morning and sets in the evening. All I need to do is stay put to observe this.

  • Nice post total knobhead but to be fair to Frank he has proved to be correct in his assessment in every transfer window that I can remember so why would anyone think it will be different this time. COYS

  • Total I’ll be perfectly honest in that I would love to be proven wrong, I would love Fagin to have a brain fart and go out and buy some genuine quality to bolster our squad, give MP more options, more injury cover, or simply to allow him to make selection decisions without weakening the team and possibly close the 20 point gap to the top 2. I would love it but I’m confident that it won’t happen, why should it, it never has since ENIC happened along, and won’t till they move on, never mind, we are used to cheap alternatives.

  • Can’t argue with you there frank.
    Time some of us stop making excuses for enic and levy.
    Quality stadium needs quality team….all round.
    Having subs that make no difference or makes things worse makes no sense.
    Come on man.
    Every worthwhile transfer has to enter a drag race???
    Then the go cart breaks down and another goes by .
    Time for change.
    And I don’t need anyone telling me what others of the big six have or have not done, don’t care about them.
    I’m Spurs and only concerned with Spurs.coys

  • My problem with DL is that I can’t decide whether he’s consistently good for the team or horrible for it. On the one hand he’s kept THFC in sound financial condition, so I have no worry that one day I’ll find that we’re sliding into the Championship mid level. I don’t expect any financial crisis. On the other hand, he seems absolutely unwilling to take any chances whatsoever that might be needed to put us over the hump and solidly into the top tier. Either a mixed blessing or a mixed curse, I’m afraid. Much like my third and fifth wives. LOL. by the way, I’m with the fifth now. Unlike DL I’m willing to take chances. ????

  • Bring back the old site run by Ox with the hassle of writing in html and all. Maybe I’m just old, but sometimes the old days do seem better. Come home, Martin.

  • TK …. Are the old days better? Is the current day better? Will future days be better? The answers are found in the great unknown.

  • Tk….dl is good for the club,not the team.
    He needs to give the team job on transfers to someone else.
    But then he might still be unwilling to sanction the funds.

  • The short answer is yes!

    Working backwards, the resentment comes from disappointment, fed from frustration, which in turn is based on expectation not being met, often as a result of it being unrealistic to begin with.

    Here are a few facts which may be relevant:
    Average points per season
    1994 – 1999: 52 points
    1999 – 2004: 49 points
    2004 – 2009: 55 points
    2009 – 2014: 68 points
    2015 – 2019: 74 points

    Since 3 points for a win was introduced (1981) Spurs have never finished consecutive seasons with 70+ points until Poch took over.

    Since Enic took over (2001/2) we’ve only finished 10th or lower 3 times. The 19 years prior we finished 10th or lower 10 times. We were known as a good “Cup” team then.
    In the last 10 seasons we’ve not finished lower than 6th.

    In 27 years of PL football Blackburn (1) and Leicester (1) are the only teams to win the title outside of “Big 4” and City.

    I’m sure many of us have been irked over the years by other supporters seemingly feeling that they deserved a title.

    In the years of Leicester’s title win and the following season of Chelsea taking it neither team played in Europe, so I do think Spurs were unfortunate to have not won the league, given we had the best points total over that 2 year period.

    It was disappointing and since then I think some fans felt we had broken the ceiling and had earned our place at the top table, which was fair… although we are last in the queue at that table.

    Some fans sound like they think we’re Fergie’s Utd or Liverpool of the 70s/80s; getting ahead of ourselves and believing the media hype without anything tangible to justify it.

    Let’s be realistic – this is the best we’ve had at WHL since the 1960s, but there are bigger clubs than ours.

    I’m glad we’re not a “cup” team anymore, and that’s not to say I don’t want to win them, but as Poch said once “When a top top player wants to come to Spurs and expects to win trophies, then we will be on that level.”

    …Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

  • Well said, mello. I agree that we are no longer viewed as ‘just a cup team’. We are now a top six team with a competitive chance for CL football and domestic cup success. What’s not to like!

    • When I chose to support THFC I can’t ever recall anyone promising me anything,no chairman offered me deal or even a say in how or who the club is managed and run.Throughout the years,I endured diabolical managers and even worse chairman.Before all seater,there were many games I could easily walk from the Paxton to the Park lane ..I sat in seats that weren’t even the right colour blue and in crap stadium watching crap football listening to the old twats waffling on about a bygone era that I’d missed out on. I was one of the young lads who chaired Perryman off in our final game after relegation ,without ever hearing a word about boards,managers or sackings ..Now to read this crap about where we are and where we should be is frankly Frank laughable showing you up to know bigger all about the reality of supporting Spurs and the myth of a bygone age of supposed glory but forgetting the horrendous state and almost bankruptcy some of the previous managers led us to? In my years,this period is bar none the most exciting I’ve ever known and although there’s been no silverware,we are eating at the top table,without paying the bill if truth be stop whining on about myths,because like unicorns they’re non existent,whereas the fact Levy has made us a force … and he’s done it with petro milliond, billionaire handouts or countless years of earopeanean champions League money.If Levy was a player he’d be worth an absolute fortune to clubs like Newcastle,Everton et Al ..

  • Imo trophies are a bonus, a prize. Chelsea won the uefa cup, Spurs runners up in the CL. Does that mean they had a better season? Not for me. I do not believe trophies define success. Imo Spurs would have won the league in the year Chelsea last won it had Chelsea been in Europe. There is such an obsession with fans and trophies.

    Spurs under Enic have grown in popularity and notoriety because they are consistently in the CL. They bring in more and more revenue every season and now have one of the best stadiums in the world. That is success and trophies will eventually follow.

    Unfortunately we cannot all have owners with endless amounts of money, willing to put some of that money into buying the best players and managers in the world. However, I do wonder if Levy and Enic are capable of taking Spurs any further and competing with the elite.

    I thought last summers transfer window was the one to pull the trigger and invest heavily, I think we all did. If they couldn’t do it then, can they do it now?

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