Date: 20th March 2018 at 1:39pm
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Paris Saint-Germain have entered the race with Manchester United and Barcelona for Toby Alderweireld, according to Daily Telegraph journalist Matt Law.

The paper reports that Levy will only sell if Poch gives the go ahead, and it is believed the manager is willing to let the player leave. The Belgian has been hampered with injuries this season, and combined with contract talks stalling, it seems as though the club are looking to cash in.

It looks as though £40m will be the asking price, but the club are hoping that an auction could take place if three teams do enter the bidding. PSG and United are believed to be the favourites while Barca`s intentions are not yet as clear.

Toby`s contract does expire in 2019, and although we can extend it by a further year, this triggers his £25m release clause. If no new deal for the player arrives before the summer, it seems more likely than not that we will offload him in order to get the best offer for him. It remains to be seen whether we`ll see a breakthrough in contract talks before then.


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  • Why oh why don’t Spurs acknowledge what others see as the obvious, that Toby Alderwiereld is one of, if not the best CB in the PL, as his stats and our comparitive stats when he is, or isn’t playing suggest, and offer him wages commiserate with his class, quality and ability. If clubs of he quality and financial clout of those showing interest in him are keen, are we just playing hard ball for it’s own sake. The guy is class so let’s pay him the going rate for a top, top, defender. He would get in any team in the PL comfortably.

  • It seems that Alderwiereld decided a long time ago to run down his contract. He must have fixed up his next club (Spanish?) or he would have signed a new contract when offered it a year or two ago It might be about more money, the length of contact or something else , who knows! Similar to Emre Can at Liverpool who is even better placed as his contract runs out this year and he has not resigned either.

  • I wish people would stop being naive and keep spouting pay the players what they want or worth. Fact we have to work within a budget, fact poor business decisions leads to trouble, football is a business. Fact it is risky to pay over top for older players who have been injured, not just this season Toby has got injured, last season as well. Fact, we are trying to build something proper well as proper as we can in such a volatile stupid business environment. Levy would have offered him a decent wage for sure, but it seems to me he prefers to go where he can get a lot more, that is business, we cannot compete with some clubs I the PL or abroad, so we don’t try, and we certainly don’t get drawn into making decisions that could hinder us financially later down the line. It’s the same as though who are moaning at ticket prices. The same people no doubt who want us to throw money at the players in wages and throw money at transfer fees, where is the money coming from. Too manhnpeople are happy to spend and waste other peoples money and put others into debt. Toby said something a while ago which showed me he is not bothered where he plays. He said missed Belgium, he also said he left it to his agent where he played, he was quite happy to go back to Southampton. Toby has not got an attachment to our club eve after the few seasons he has been with us. His age is now dictating where he is going, and I’m afraid it’s where the money is and if there is a chance of winning a trophy all the better. Toby is a very good player but replaceable. On current form I would say Herts is more important, and some players would be too hard to replace, like Kane. No way will or should Levy givenuim what he wants, he has built a secure business and now a stadium through keeping within a viable budget and that should remain the way. She we reap the rewards of the new stadium player wages will increase further, but there will always be some clubs that can pay more or attract players for the country, or the fact they can win things. I say, if he isn’t happy with what we offered then move on. The PL is the hardest title to win other than CL how many Spanish, Italian, German etc players have won a PL title. BALE won titles and cups in Spain but he hasn’t won the hardest league title, the PL. It all depends on what your motives are. Walker went for the money and I expect t opportunity to win things with a club who are buying trophies. How will it feel on his death bed! Not as sweet as it would if he won things the fight way, or as much right as can be achieved again in a stupid business environment. I agree with MP it’s not just about what you win, it’s HOW you win things. Strikes me most players want instant glory and as much money as they can get as if they have the right never to work again after their football career is over. Many people have short careers and then they have to do something else but footballers say need to earn as much as I can as my career is short, well get a bloody job when you retire like most of us have to do. I accept Toby decision to move for more money if that is the case and we don’t know, with his age he will be looking at earning more if he can, it’s a job and unless their is an emotional attachment then we all move on to so called better jobs. Also our project is a WIP and he may feel we are not going to win anything just yet and he wants to try and achieve that whole he still has mileage in his tank, but no way should we just paynuim what he wants that is irresponsible and nog good business practice.

  • Well said, It’sME. I agree in principle to all of that… Even so, this is just gossip once more and none of us know what the real situation is with Toby and we can only speculate on what I suspect is pure speculation from the journalist in the first place. Then again, as Toby has yet to sign anything new, this is obviously the reason for such ongoing talk.

    Personally, I don’t care how good a player is, I just can’t get over-sentimental about individuals. And especially if they are seemingly not satisfied with their lot, at Tottenham. For me, I support the club, the team and, that will always come first… They come, they go. I stay!

    Toby has barely played in what is only his 3rd season at Spurs. And when he joined, I didn’t notice that PSG or Barca etc, had any interest in him back then and so he looked at what was offered to him at Spurs. I presume he was content with the deal at the time and so he signed. If he does now feel the need to move on, then good luck to him and good bye.

    It really is about the team/squad/club with Poch (so it should be), and this shows up very well, when we are well on our way to appearing in an FA cup final and again on route to another top 4 finish. And this, with the likes of Alderweireld, Wanyama, Rose (three ‘Un-droppable’ ones) and Lamela (missed by many), out for such long periods. Even at this crucial time of the season, with Harry missing, many supporters are now confident that we can still do well without him.

    Put it this way, if we do finish in the top 4 and perhaps win the FA cup but without Toby’s input along most of the way, will supporters really care too much about him and his apparently failing contract talks? I certainly won’t. In fact, I won’t give a damn, even if we don’t achieve all this!

  • The trouble is, Frank, that not all clubs have the same capacity to ‘pay the going rate’ within the confines of their particular budgets. I know that is not a satisfactory answer …. but it is the reality.

  • Atleast Sanchez and Verts have gotten used to playing with each other this season instead of it coming as a bit of a bombshell at the end of a long and hard season so a partnership has had a chance to develop and flourish, if it is the case that he leaves us. Shame, quality squad which will be tweaked in the summer at least, moving into new stadium, getting bigger and better every year more or less that he should want to leave us now. He’s just turned 29 so I guess this is his last big payday and decision time on trophies – if the option’s are there – Walker bowed out – that’s why Verts has to be considered a legend already alongside the likes of Lloris and Dembele. Let’s see what happens, hopefully they can turn his head in the dressing room if nowhere else.

  • Being fit for a friendly is quite a bit easier than being fit for a competitive match also Belgium do not pay him his wages!

  • I say sell him but not for £40M. Why so cheap?

    With all the biggest clubs wanting him surely £100M+

  • No wonder we can’t win things when we romantically assume that players ply their trade for other than earning a living, that they have to have a affinity etc etc. You can have the best training ground, the s*****iest stadium, but if you want to be consistently successful you need to attract and retain quality players and show some ambition to win things. It’s all very well having the best paid chairman in the league and having a frugal players wages policy, but the best players will become frustrated and move on. Even some mediocre clubs pay their top players more than us. You don’t pay everybody top money, but those of proven top quality, show an entitlement, and should be suitably rewarded.

  • We seem to operate double standards, we don’t want to suitably reward the bloke in one breath, then in the next we deem him worth at least £40M, surely he is one thing or the other, either a valuable top player, or a player not worth the going rate. It isn’t mid table artisan donkey clubs that are chasing the possibility of his signature, but top quality outfits, I wonder why.

  • There is no doubting Toby?s quality and I doubt highly that DL would consider £40mm even close to his price tag, when he just paid more than that for an unproven Sanchez. Come on, let?s get real, if he goes he goes for north of £70mm. I?ve said it before we will be raising our wage levels, we just have to wait to see where they set it with Kane. I do believe the club will listen to Toby and will work with him to determine the best option for him. Let?s face it if PSG or Barca want him and he wants a trophy for certain before he retires, where do you think he will want to play. Most we can offer is a competitive team, whereas PSG and Barca are certainties to win a trophy every year (just about). I personally would like to see him be a spur but if he wanted to go, no problem, I think we can get Mawson for less than £50 so pretty sure we will come out ahead. In a couple years Mawson will be one of the best English CB and we will have the best backs in England.

  • If the team is going to sell Toby, let’s get minimally 55 million, not 40. this is not a fire sale.

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