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Tottenham’s PL Champions League

With the way that the Premier League has played out over the last few seasons, it would be fair to say that the top six clubs are so far advanced of the opposition that they make up a Champions League, within the PL, in their own right. But only four of these clubs will progress to the real Champions League competition by the end of this season.

City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham are the clubs that form the equation. We all know that none of these clubs have a god given right to finish in the top four. It’s far too competitive for that. Having said that, and with the results of last season in mind, it would be extremely surprising if City did not occupy one of these places and, more than likely, it would be the one at the top. Unless there is a remarkable implosion at City the remaining three places are up for grabs.

The PL is far-and-away the most competitive football league in world football at this time which is great for neutral spectators but fills specific club supporters with the full gamut of emotions found between the extreme outlooks of optimism and cynicism. Another tough, emotional season, is looming. It has to be said …. gotta love football!

European commitments for all six clubs put them on an equal footing. The top four clubs will play in the CL whilst the lesser clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea, will have to navigate their way through the EL. What a satisfying use of the term ‘lesser clubs’! Not too sure it’s correct but it sounds nice.

Personally, I will be more than happy if Spurs end the season in 2,3, or 4 place. A lot depends on all the issues that have been discussed on VS during the past few weeks …. the effect of the WC on fitness, the WC’s impact on pre-season training, and the effect that the Transfer Window will have on each of the top six clubs. All of them unknowable until the season is underway.

I believe Spurs are quite capable, with the current squad, of remaining in the top four. We have a pretty well balanced squad which has become more seasoned the longer they have played together. Although a Champions League place is within our capability, it won’t be an easy destination to reach. Of course, when Modric joins us for the measly fee of 670m, the title will belong to Tottenham whether we want it or not! But that’s a different story.

As for United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal …. who knows? I don’t. United could well be unsettled by their manager, whose greatest attribute is his ability to unsettle everybody when things don’t go the way he thinks they should. And one of the highlights of any season has to be his post-match interviews when United have lost!

Arsenal have a new manager which could mean anything. The motivation for most of their players, you would assume, would be to impress their manager …. and finish above Tottenham (although this thought will only be found in their subconscious). That will result in two very entertaining games at the least.

I can’t avoid this uneasy feeling that Liverpool are on the rise … mainly because Salah appears to be a force unto himself and will be Pool’s un-secret weapon. I feel they are ahead of Arsenal and Chelsea in the CL stakes.

When attempting to predict the top four this season I can only get as far as City and hopefully, Tottenham. As for the rest …. what do you think?

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55 Replies to “Tottenham Are Part Of The Premier Leagues Very Own Champions League”

  • Firstly, I think Everton will be just as competitive as arsenal this year. Secondly, we are rising throwing everything we have worked for away with our inactivity in the market. I’m not sure where or how Levy has managed to ascertain this reputation for being a late deal specialist. It infuriates me beyond all possible belief. Did Levy get Zaha last season? Did he get Berahino? Did he get Moutinhou? Did he get Barkley? The list goes on… Our must successful signings of late… Toby (completed very early), Lloris (completed earlier than normal for ourselves) and Sanchez (completed very early). Getting Sissoko on the last day when the manager wanted Winjaldum 2 months earlier is not a success. Seeking Bendigo and

  • Selling Berbatov and getting Fraser Campbell is not a success. I don’t understand how we think that 70 million is a fair valuation for a 29 year old defender with 1 year on his contract and 75 million for a teams best player who single handedly kept them in the premier league on a long term contract is somehow too much. We had the opportunity to invest now and soloist our position as a top 4 club challenging for honours every season. We don’t need players to walk in and improve our first 11. We need much greater squad depth that gives us competition for places and genuine options from the bench. Levy has been atrocious and he will soon see how pointless a 62 thousand seater stadium is when you are playing Thursday night football and Eriksen and Kane are playing in Madrid! Levy out!!!!

  • Also West Ham are looking very strong this year. I’m saying a top 8 with the other 12 all in a massive relegation scrap.

  • Levy out? Leave it out!

    City and Spurs to fight it out for top spot. The rest can form a disorderly queue…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Don’t write Burnley off…let’s see how they cope with Thus/Sunday.

    I expect one of the newly promoted sides to again make a strong start and end up fighting relegation.

    Hammers and Toffees could be fighting out with LeArse.

    As for Spurs, let’s avoid a slow start and not having to play catch-up from the off. A smooth transition to the NWHL where at least the pitch size shouldn’t be an issue.

    Hope out ‘new’ signings, namely Moura & Lamela hit the ground running.

    Last season the team surpassed my expectations, so I’ll predict another 5th place finish to be pleasantly surprised in May.

  • As Leicester demonstrated its not nailed on that only six clubs can get a top four finish. It just takes someone to have an exceptional season. One thing about this season is the level of uncertainty. We will clearly be hurt by the World Cup, its just a question of how much. Arsenal and Chelsea have new managers, no one knows how they will perform. Arsenal are also faced with Kroenke taking complete control of the club, which fills their supporters with dread. Mourinho is busy complaining about his own club to the world. Only City appear to start the season in good shape.

  • Lewis – Berahino ? Barkley ? Moutinho ? do you seriously think any of them are up to our standards ? Even Zaha is only good in patches. You seem to be one of those who see spending money as an end in itself rather than looking at what you are actually buying.

    • Jod – they are all targets that levy hasn’t got over the line. I never mentioned quality… Do I believe that improving the squad improves the likelihood of finishing higher and competing for trophies… Yes I do!!

  • with all the goings and no comings this could be a really bad season for us its almost like we f*cked up the stadium cost so lets get enough money in to ease the pressure i was under the impression uncle Joe was a spurs fan ? he has more money than he can ever spend in the rest of his life why if he loves the club does he not bail us out after all we have done our bit double the price season tickets its all take no give we the fans are Enic s cash cow

  • Spurs have enough quality players to make T4 and with the chavs and arse in europa, which fixture wise is tougher than the CL gives spurs another advantage. Spurs should/could make top 4, however, i don’t think spurs will win a trophy.

  • I’m slightly less convinced that the squad is capable of remaining in the top 4. All of our direct rivals have sought to address their problems in this window, so you’d have to be crazy to think we could avoid the market entirely and consolidate a top 4 place. I believe we’re short on quality beyond the first 11, this window had to be about making the squad deep enough so Poch could rotate and possibly surprise teams while maintaining high levels of performance. We absolutely do not need to spend fortunes to achieve this which makes the lack of activity baffling. Yes, player prices have risen sharply in recent years but so have the club’s profits. Does anyone actually think a 75-100 million outlay would destroy the club? Nobody is suggesting we buy Neymar and Mbappe for a billion pounds. You can’t refuse to pay the best defender in the league and then refuse to pay any transfer fees for new players at the same time. Clubs that do that are either skint or not interested in the football.

  • There’s usually a couple of teams that surprise us each season; one by over achieving, and one by under achieving. I’ll be happy to be in neither category. I hope we just keep doing what we’re doing …. despite what may or may not happen between now and Thursday!

  • I’d say 4th, assuming Kane scores 30 goals (or thereabouts) again. However I don’t think we have done enough to realistically improve on what we did last years, ie top 4 being the pinnacle of our season, and having a go in the cups but with little chance of winning any.

    I’m curious to see how Liverpool and Everton’s seasons go.

  • If we finish third or fourth with no trophy then we can kiss goodbye to half the squad and the manager (if he didn’t quit before then) when the vultures come curlin circling next summer. We are not matching the ambition of either the quality in our first team or the manager. This is the moment when we threw away the opportunity to become a domestic and European force. Poch has worked miracles, taking a bang average team, with no funds and turning us into a regular top 4 team. No other manager has come close to that in the last 20 years. I will not forgive and I will not forget. It is by absolute sheer luck that Enic and levy find themselves in this position

  • The problem we have is there are not many players who are available and willing to come that we can realistic afford that will improve our best 11. We are looking at Grealish and they want 30 – 40m for him, a championship player,,its hard. As for top four, cant call it but expsct city, liverpool to head the way, and utd probably due to mourinho experience. So imo the last plaxe will be between several clubs, us, Chelsea, arsenal, but also Everton may be a surprise as may Burnley and westham.

    • Loz – we have a great starting 11. We need to improve the squad. We need better competition for places. Subs that will scare opposition defenders and managers and an ability to rotate without losing to much quality to ensure that the side is as fresh as possible over the course of the season. As far as I am concerned Rodriguez or Rondon would be a massive improvement on Llorente. Meyer would be a massive improvement on Sissoko and Zaha or Martial would improve any squad in the country…

    • I am sick of hearing that player prices have risen, of course they have, as have the revenue streams, ticket prices, in fact everything we buy, particularly when quality is a factor, as it definitely is where players good enough for the PL are concerned. If there were umpteen thousands of players available they might be £5 each, but there aren’t, there are very few, they have a scarcity value. Therefore you can withdraw from the market, as we have, irrespective of the likely consequences, or you can do what the other 19 clubs in the PL have done to varying degrees, you can invest in an attempt to improve either the team or the back up squad. Of course this requires the presence of a genuine interest in the success or failure of the football club, which is where we struggle, our owners interest is much more centred on enhancing their property port folio than the football aspect of THFC which to them is simply a cash cow.

  • Im hoping for a Mourinho meltdown season. He appears to be making his excuses already. One of their best players last season, Martial, 3x player of the month, more than any other player, despite only playing half a season, doesn’t want to be there. Sanchez is a little older and doesn’t seem to fit Joses tactics. Pogba was much more like himself for France at the World Cup and doesn’t seem happy at Man Utd and their fullbacks are both 33. Their only significant signing is Fred, who struggles to make the Brazil squad and they are being linked to a CB, despite already having a very good defensive record last season.

    Not sure why people are talking up Everton. They’ve failed to win all their pre season games, other than a ridiculous 22-0 win against a team Ive never heard of and I haven’t been impressed with their signings either. Their squad is a bit of a mess imo.

    Liverpool look really good on paper. Hopefully Naby Keita doesn’t adapt to the league.

    Arsenal and Chelsea will hopefully have a transitional season. Not sure what people see in Jorginho. looks a bit overpriced to me, but maybe he proves me wrong and has an excellent season.

    Man City should have enough to win the league again and depending on how quickly we acclimatise to our new stadium, I can see us finishing 3rd or 4th.

    Looking forward to seeing Wolves. They played some entertaining football last season in the Championship, but will they be able to replicate that in the EPL? Will they even try to…

  • Anyone who seriously believes that either Zaha or Marsial would not improve us is seriously misguided, either of them would give MP significant selection or tactical options.

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