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Over the last two seasons we have seen Toby Alderweirld develop into one of the best centre backs in the Premier League. Some say he is the best in the league. For me he has been the best CB in the Premiership for the last two seasons. I would even say the best in Europe.

His positioning, strength and general reading of the game is world class. His tackling and aerial ability make him very hard to beat aerially and on the ground. Add the fact he also has a bit of pace once he gets going and has fantastic vision. It`s not hard to see why other clubs are looking at signing him.

This season Toby`s form hasn`t hit the heights of the previous two seasons. There has been plenty of talk about him not singing a new contract and will he sign a new deal and stay long term. Is the contract talk getting to him? Or is a new system playing with new players also causing a few form issues?

Over the next few months I`m sure the club will do their best to offer him as much money as they can to keep him.

Will he sign a new deal? Or will we sell him next summer for a massive profit?


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  • We’ll see. He has said on several occasions that he is happy at Spurs and just wants to concentrate on playing his football.

    Personally, I haven’t seen any real dip in his form at all. There has to be some room for adjustment, with Sanchez’ introduction and with Toby moving to the right of central, but I think that Sanchez has fitted in very well, very quickly and the transition has been pretty smooth, all things considered. I think with Sanchez in the middle of the 3, it gives both Toby and Jan more freedom to press forward a bit more and that can’t be a bad thing as they are both very good at it.

    If Toby doesn’t sign a new deal anytime soon, it’ll obviously be down to the choice of him and/or his agent.

    For now, let’s hope he can just get on with his job and ignore the constant media and supporter speculation on what is essentially a private affair between him, the club and his bank manager.

  • He’s more than just a centre back ,he is our best long ball passer ,essential for counter-attacks.He is our Bonnucci & I can’t say more than that. £100k a week Levy or you will lose him.

  • The player is in control. If he wants to go we have to deal with it. What I don’t like is his protestations of loyalty while his agent shouts about how much he can get elsewhere. He could either admit he wants to leave or tell his agent to shut up, he doesn’t do either. Echoes of Sol Campbell in his last year.

  • jod – I disagree. I think it’s the club’s lack of transparence which is ruining the situation. How much is Toby asking for? If he wants 200k per week, that’s a non-starter and he’s as good as gone, and I think he knows that. But from what I’ve read, he’s just asking to be on par with the highest earners at the club, without breaking the wage cap. That is in theory something the club could do. The club could very easily make this go away by saying: “finish the season strong, and next year we’ll give you what you want”. I think he decision to stay or go will largely depend on his ability to get more money, but he could very easily get more money and stay within the wage structure – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. At this stage the only thing he can say is that he wants to stay. His agent is just doing his job, trying to justify why he deserves a raise, and justifying that 100k per week is a relative bargain. I don’t really see anything too wrong with the approach.

  • We will see, thats all we can do, Im not one to believe all the stuff read, I think he will, definitely hope he will.

  • We will see, thats all we can do, Im not one to believe all the stuff read, I think he will, definitely hope he will.

  • BelgianSpur – I think its a little more complicated. He is supposed to want parity with Harry Kane. There’s a game trade unions in England used to play called “differentials”. It goes like this – Toby says “I want the same money as Harry”. He gets what he asks for then Harry says “I’m supposed to be the highest paid player at the club” so he gets a rise. Then Toby says “I was supposed to get the same as Harry” …. End of pay structure. One thing they did teach me in the dim and distant past when I did management studies was that people don’t just look at their actual earnings, they compare what they earn to what their colleagues earn and that often provides their motivation.

  • Please – don’t compare Alderweireld to Sol (less) Judas Campbell. We saw similarly long negotiating periods with Kane and Eriksen and Lloris recently. I’d say it’s normal enough and both parties are relaxed but eventually at some point this season we’ll get the trademark pic of Poch with his arm around Toby as he signs on the dotted line

  • jod – the only thing is I think you’re using the wrong benchmark. The market fir a player is set not by what the highest earner at the club is earning, but what Toby’s peers are earning at his position. Strikers always make more money, on average, than defenders. If Toby’s agent is using Kane’s salary as a benchmark in his negotiations with Levy, he’s an idiot. He’ll more likely be pointing to the likes of Gary Cahill, Vincent Kompany and so on.

  • He is a Spurs player, has shown no desire to be anything else, and the club are more than happy with him. Both club and player have said a new contract will be negotiated when the time is right. Everything else is rubbish, just the usual media circus which enjoys connecting our players to other teams (usually Madrid or United) when they start to shine. There?s a lot of light shining in the academy so we should get used to it.

  • Of course defenders get paid less but Toby is more than just a world class CB, his ability to start counter attacks, spray long passes while also remaining solid as a rock makes him a unique CB. I wouldn’t break our wage structure for him but he is certainly entitled to earn what our top earners earn.

  • Forget the media gossip non of us know what the hold up is but I would suggest its nothing to do with not wanting to pay him on par with other players. Levy has been pretty good at giving out contracts under Poch so I would say its something else which leads me to think another big club has been in touch and he is interested or he is asking far too much probably more than our higher paid players, which he could do if he wants to force a move out anyway.

    The other possibility is that Poch may be thinking with his age he doesn’t want to tie him down to a expensive contract and that he himself has a replacement in mind. If it is true he has two years left and another one we can activate (whether there is a clause or not, I don’t think there will be because levy never does clauses) then effectively we have this season and two more which takes him to about 30. If you look at Vertonghen he has been having relatively short contracts at end of season, no more than two years, may be this is what levy and Poch feels. he will be 30 at the end of his contract and they don’t want to give him a long contract. We just don’t know but I don’t buy into this Levy not willing t pay him to be on par with our highest earners, I think there is something else going on which is probably, just a guess he has been informed of a potential big club wanting him and he wants to go while he still has a few years left in him before he starts to decline. I seriously don’t think he will get a PL move, but if Barca or RM or PSG have shown interest he may be interested and may be Levy and Poch will be and will cash in. On the other hand it could be his agent just trying to sqeeze more money out of levy like bonuses and Levy isn’t budging yet.

  • …. I don’t agree his form has dipped this season. I also think its worth mentioning that Poch is a manger that doesn’t seem to concern himself wwith players leaving, he is confident in his ability and isn’t really fearful of change, and this is important because it makes the club a stronger hand with players. Some players have left thinking they are worth more, whether that is more money or more playing time and many have not achieved anything since leaving. We are a top team and while we don’t pay as much we have a great manager who brings the best out of players and he makes the ‘unit’ work and that is why some players when they leave don’t far as well, because its the unit that works. Toby could leave and no doubt do well because he is class anyway, but thats not always the case.

    I really hope he stays, but I am not so concerned if we lose him because now I believe in Poch and I don’t grasp at players anymore, its a team game and players will come and go. I only get concerned if a player leaves for a rival like Walker to City, that didn’t make sense to me because I hate to say it but I think City could well win the Pl or a trophy.

    On the subject of players a lot of gossip around Dele to Barca. What do people feel about this. Myself, I would like him to stay and realise his potential with us but I am getting a bit fedup with the media attention is he drawing to himself with his antics and the way they affect us as a team. he could cost us with his rashness and while he is not on form at moment I don’t see that as a problem, he is 21 and it was inevitable he would have a dip and we need competition for him to help us as a team but also poush him to work harder and realise his potential. This is why I would like barkley, and looking forward to Lamela realy hope we get barkley and Poch works his magic on him and lamela comes back better and then we have a serious squad. I really hope LLorente gets some chances and gets up to scratch because he seems like a good addition but if he doesn’t get match fit and doesn’t fit in it will not only be a waste, and next years he will be a year older it will mean we will need to try and get another back up striker.

  • If he is planning to go it has to be at the end of this season or even January when Levy could drive a good price with 18 months left on his contract plus a possible extension. After that he will be approaching 30 and I would have thought any club would be wary of paying big money for someone that age, although a big signing-on fee might do it for him. We don’t know how Levy plans to apportion the increased stadium revenue and what if any of it is planned for player’s salaries (and his own of course). It would be nice to think that he will communicate his plans to the squad ahead of next season and upgrade everyone to the best we can offer. The last thing he and we need is a disgruntled squad going into our new stadium. I hope Toby stays but if not then maybe Foyth is the Plan B.

  • One things for sure if we do sell Toby the best CB we have had since KING we won’t be replacing him anytime soon. I believe Sanchez is the long term replacement and for me will become the best CB around. But that will take time, so hopefully we get a few years out of Toby yet. Wean Sanchez in over a few seasons.

  • It’s the eternal dilemma about proven assets and potential. Toby is proven, Sanchez – and Foyth, for that matter – may (or may not) be as good one day, but costs less. I think that depending on the club’s position, the mix between proven assets and potential has to vary. If you are a challenger and you’re aiming to bridge the gap with better teams, you are probably going to accept a bit more risk in your recruitment policy. Gamble on potential, and hope that a few players become stars. That’s what we did 3 years ago and we are reaping some benefits now. However, once you have reached a level when you are in the conversation for titles (ie our position today), it’s time to stop taking gambles and pay up for proven performers (as long as they can still stay within our wage structure of course – I’m not advocating 300k per week wages… yet. If our revenue continues to grow and we’re one day in a place where we can afford to pay the highest wages out there, why would we forego the opportunity to sign the best players? But that’s not our reality yet). In the meantime, I think our current situation would certainly allow us to give Toby a significant raise without bankrupting the club, and at present he’s still way better than Sanchez or Foyth. If and when other players reach his level and we’re in a position where one player is expendable and easily replaceable by someone else at the club, then fine. But until then, I will always lean towards extending proven, settled players over gambling on new ones. I’m still not convinced that anyone currently at the club can equal or better Kyle Walker’s performances at present time. The last thing I want is yet another “new project” in our defensive unit.

  • Spurs have had the best defensive record in the EPL for the past 2 seasons running. And so far this season (with 2 new additions featuring), we have conceded just 5 in 7 PL games and 6 in all 10 matches played, with Hugo keeping 5 clean sheets. So when it comes to Pochettino’s judgement and skill at organising it, I have total faith in our very impressive defenders and defence as a unit, carrying on in the same vein, whoever is played.

    Toby is a very good player but he is not solely responsible for “keeping it tight” at the back. I’m certain that we will do just as fine without him if and when he leaves. We may even improve. (We may not).

    (In the past year or so, most of our players have had their wages doubled, at the least. If this is not the case with Toby then it’s surely safe to presume that it is him and his agent that are stalling a new deal and not Levy, Poch and the club).

    Whatever is the case, we are not a one man team (as with Harry) and we are not a one man defence either. Alderwiereld missed the same amount of PL matches as Kane did last season and we fared quite well without them both. So, either with or without Toby, and it being a team game, we are and will continue to be a very good team, under Pochettino. Of this I’m sure

    Toby is not, by any means, irreplaceable. No matter how good he is

  • I should’ve said that most (not all) of our main players have had their wages doubled or thereabouts. All have had significant increases apart from the ones that arrived last year and at the start of this season.

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  • All the top clubs that win things try to have as much continuity as possible. Every big team relies on a core of a few players in each line. The way I see it, Toby is definitely in that core and certainly a mainstay in our defensive unit. We will one day have to make do without Toby (mother nature spares no one), but why reach that point sooner than necessary? If we can afford to keep a good player, why wouldn’t we? It’s all fine and well to believe that “no player is bigger than the club” when it actually comes to the stage that the player himself doesn’t want to play by the club’s rules. This isn’t what the current situation looks like, though. Toby isn’t asking Levy to smash the club’s wage structure. He’s asking to be paid as much as he can while staying within the club’s wage structure (which is still probably significantly less than what he could make elsewhere). It’s a perfect example of a player willing to compromise.

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