Date: 6th December 2018 at 12:00pm
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With victory over Southampton in midweek, Tottenham Hotspur more than put Arsenal disappointment behind them and we now look to register back to back victories as we make the trip to the King Power Stadium to face Leicester City on Saturday evening.

A stupid, Premier League-inspired 7.45pm kickoff is bound to hack off a number of fans but at least the armchair fans will be warm and comfortable (and be in bed by 11pm).

The injury situation for manager Mauricio Pochettino is easing (bar a groin issue for Kieran Trippier again) and we may possibly have Erik Lamela back for this one looking at a few injury tables but there’s bound to be the normal level of rotation ahead of the game again.

We go into the tie having maintained our third place in the top-flight table and we will be hoping to close that six-point gap to Liverpool in second spot.

With Spurs being all or nothing this year, if we can start changing a few defeats (they will happen) into more draws the season will continue in a positive manner.

What the rest of the week brings is anyone’s guess at this stage though.

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131 Replies to “Time To Outwit The Foxes – Poch Goes For Back To Back Spurs Wins – Match Thread”

  • I hope City crush Chelsea at the Bridge. As for our game, I am getting increasingly worried about Kane’s workload given the tough schedule coming up, but I also accept that Kane does give us a better chance of winning than any of our alternatives would.

    I also assume that the Barca game on Tuesday is looming large, and factoring into the squad selection for Saturday.

    Leicester are on a bit of an unbeaten run and it’s not going to be easy. I would fancy our chances at full strength, but a lot of it is going to depend on rotation (if any). Fingers crossed.

  • BS …. That’s the big question. How do we rotate for Leicester and Barca? Difficult one, that! If MP gets it right, he’s a genius. If not, he’s rubbish. But neither would be true. Who’d be a manager.

  • Let’s outwit the Foxes. Outfox the witless and beat them bloody senseless!

    Foxes 0-6 Cockerels!

    I don’t see why not…


    We out Barca, Barca, at the big Camp Nou
    ‘Cause to dare, dare, dare
    Is to do, do, do!

    Audere Est Facere
    At the big Camp Nou.

  • It’s normally the Fox that raids the Hen coop, but swapsie on Sat night and the Cockerel is going to raid the Fox’s den and come away as a winner, with the Fox’s well cocka-doodled & feathered, for me 0-2.

    It will be a tough game but we are hard/talented enough to handle it. COYS

  • You never would HT!!…tough call here, especially as I don’t think we gonna win on Tuesday , Ill put Harry on the bench for both the Leicester and Burnley games, as we should win, and play him for 90mins at Barca, as these are the games he’s really wanna play in.

  • BS, you say Leicester been on a good run, but I’m not sure any of the top 8 or 9 team were in that run.

  • Ossie – I still think it’s a moral boost for them. Yes, they haven’t played anyone too strong (but then again, they did beat Watford, something we failed to do ;-)) but they have been working along quite nicely.

    However, I agree that we should pose problems which none of the teams they have played recently can do.

  • Leicester will be tough, they are playing well. They have in Maddison a very promising MFer who we should have perhaps been in for at the time he went there. They could certainly teach us a thing or two re. recruitment in recent seasons, following the signing of the likes of Vardy, Kante, Mahrez and Drinkwater etc with the likes of Maddison and Gray. I think we may get our first draw of the season, predict 2-2.

  • Certainly wouldn’t want to see the repetition the last game of the season at Wembley. Not good for the ticker!…but the end result would do.

  • On a side note, I think we should be wary of our GD. Seeing that 3rd to 6th placed teams are gonna be playing snakes and ladders, it may just come down the the GD.

  • HT… have you been drinking ?.. LOL 🙂

    If Vardy is still out injured we should contain their attack, but I can see vardy targeting his runs against Foyth, forcing him into mistakes due to inexperience, So Toby has to play back line with eric or Jan who has not played many games. and after red card, so he will be up for 2 games in a week.

    • Yes block d spurs…

      I think was I must’ve been totally off my face or mad or… both drunken and insane!

      Why else would I be so optimistic, cheery and good spirited? Why else would i write such silly non-sensical verse?

      What with Spurs being so Spursy, Brexit not really being Brexit and Trump being more Trumpety-Trump, Trump, Trump by the minute and, all conspiring to bring me down.

      They should lock me up, tie me up and feed me Valium all day long… For my own good and for the good of VS, Harry, England, Saint George, Poch, Jesus and all mad, bad, sad and lonely soccer-depressives, everywhere!

  • Is Jan not banned as a result of the card, in which case Foyth is a shoe-in with Alderweireld I would imagine. So Jan will be fit and ready for Tuesday.

    If Lamela and Trippier have knocks still, I’d leave them out too! We should win and if we get an early lead, early subs could be the way forward. Agree though this is not an easy game, especially if Vardy and Schmeichel are on song!

  • Off topic….

    Those of you remember Coopsieyid……. he has ITK on new stadium test events…
    1st test game 30 dec.
    2nd test game 6 jan
    1st prem league game 13 jan v man utd

    Should be announced next few days…….

    I hope this is fairly accurate, as fed up of making the long trek to wembley and back

  • Block d, where did Coopsie post this? Of course, most of his ITK quite rightly bore the label of nonsense, although like a broken analog clock he was right twice a day. Has Fannie Adams or Big Cockeral sign off on this one?
    Nice to have the new year ring in matches in a new stadium. Knock down José Mourinho while he’s generally down. That’s my kind of new year. COYS.

  • TK, It’s from his spurs fans website. Seems like info. from a senior management /worker and couple of others at the new stadium. As I said I hope its right, but again could be “nonsense” His nonsense articles were all transfer speculations…….. now regarding the new stadium, Coopsie posts what he comes across that has a decent element of possibility.

  • Tough match coming up and we could do with the 3 points considering we’re only 2 ahead in 3rd place. 1st and 2nd gone now, we’ll be fighting for 3rd place with the double scum. Not happy to hear of Trips still having problems – definetly needs to be rested for this one. Would be good to have Lamela back in contention as he was on fire up until his injury. Foxes have got some quality players – many already mentioned but there’s 2 Portu-geezas been forgotten about in Ricardo and Adrien Silva who are also good solid players.

    Lloris, Aurier, Toby, Foyth, Davies, Dier, Sissoko, Ericksen, Alli, Son, Kane.

    Although I’ve been advocating for 2 winger forwards like on Wednesday night, it’s away from home and in a tough match so go with our best players and most experienced.

  • No rest for Kane unfortunately – he’s got to play surely – he’s our main goal threat. Should have been subbed on 55 minutes on Wed nite but so be it. Even against Burnley will be the same – get the job done as quickly as possible hopefully and then look to rest him. Plus he’s after the golden boot so……!

  • El Jefe….that’s the conundrum, rest “Our Arry” as in rotate, take him off early to rest when game is in the bag, but then the “Golden Boot” is mentioned, therein lies the problem how many goals could he score in his “rest” times, so basically over to you Poch and of course “Our Arry” himself. COYS

  • I believe Jan is available. It’s a 3 match ban for a straight red, but he got sent off for 2 yellows and I believe that’s only a one match ban, which he served against Southampton.

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