Date: 6th March 2018 at 4:50pm
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I`m surprisingly confident about tomorrow night and I think that just goes to show you how far we`ve come as a side in recent years.

Even when we got to the knockout stages in previous years I never really felt that we`d be capable of doing much in the competition but that has changed now.

Mauricio has set up a side that is well aware of what it can do and how it can achieve it and that well-rounded confidence and ability actually, I feel, makes us a more potent side than Juventus.

Sure, they are a famous name and looking good for another Serie A title but they definitely fear us more than we do them – especially after the first leg.

As long as we perform to our maximum, then, we should win and I`m looking for the likes of Kieran Trippier to really prove a point tomorrow night.

Serge Aurier has provided big competition for the former Burnley man this season but, in all honesty, he’s been rash at times and that is why he`s missing out.

I think at this point in the year it is time Poch stops rotating his full-backs.

I get why he does it, to keep the players fresh, but with two months left in the campaign they shouldn`t be getting tired now.

Instead, we should be playing our most strong side as much as possible and, to me, Kieran is part of that down the right flank of our back-line.

Certainly, it`s a huge match for all of our players to prove they belong on this stage permanently but, for Trippier, it is just as important for him to demonstrate he should be staying in the side until May at least.

Agree with me? Should he be starting week in, week out now?


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  • I suppose there was no point in buying Aurier in the first place. There I was thinking that Trippier wasn’t quite good enough but it was Serge all along. Until Kieran messes up and has a bad day? What about Kyle Walker-Peters? He scored the other day. … Just one more thing, surely it’s toward the end of the season that players are more likely to tire. And especially if we are still playing in 3 competitions.

  • Does Trippier deserve to get this special treatment based on his form and performances for Spurs this season? Not for me. I’d rather take it game by game and let him show us he is worthy of being first choice RB for the majority of games, starting tonight. If RB is still has dysfunctional come the summer, then Poch has to think long and hard whether he can get more out of the 3 players on the books or whether he makes sacrifices to improve it. We can’t have a second season with RB being our weak link if we want to improve.

  • Have to agree with muttley. I haven’t seen anything from Kieran to suggest he’s our long term solution at right back. At best he’s a solid defender with a good cross but no pace, at worst he’s an average PL defender who’d be more comfortable playing for the Evertons of this world. Kieran has shown us everything he is going to be by now, which is a solid enough player who can come in and do a job when your 1st choice RB is out of form, but the sheer fact that we bought Aurier in the 1st place probably says something about how confident the club is when it comes to Trippier. A top 4 PL club should really aim higher. Sadly Aurier hasn’t been what the club hoped he’d be, but that’s another story. It’s a position which should be addressed at some point. Depending on the futures of Toby and Rose, we could be looking for as many as 3 defenders in the next TW. Not to mention a striker.

  • Maybe we only need a 1st 11 and all the rest are just a waste of money? I say this because in recent weeks there seems to be an ongoing theme in some of the articles that keeps pitching one Spurs player against another. We had Son who should be dropped for Moura who has only been at the club for 5 minutes. And then Son who should be favoured for Lamela. Followed with Dele to be dropped, full stop! And now it’s forget Aurier and just play Trippier. ….. This to me has a rather negative outlook to the perceived strength of our squad and this is ironically at a point where many Spurs supporters have been a lot more positive about the depth of our squad than in the recent past. … So, if Kane has a particularly poor game tonight and, Llorente comes on and scores the winner, should Harry then sit the rest of the season out?

  • None of that means that I don’t appreciate your articles White Hart. I do. I understand that you are just asking the questions to open up debate… So, forgive my initial sarcasm.

  • I think Poch’s dilemma is that Trippier played his best football at the end of last season when he got a clear run in the side. He also had a leader like Toby inside him which is massive in my opinion. We also see the evidence of Davies getting a long run at it on the left. Most would agree he is playing his best football since joining the club a few years back. Also, Vertonghen for me has been the best centre half in the Prem this year. Playing outside of him must be a dream for Davies.

    That’s why I can see the logic of trying to get Trippier-Sanchez-Vertonghen-Davies together for the majority of the rest of the season. With Toby and Rose not perhaps being as fully committed to the club as the others, that also might count against them with someone like Poch who likes to look forward. Harsh on Aurier maybe, but this is the business end of the season and he might only find himself playing when we have 3 games in a week. That will happen. First though, I want to see a mature performance from Trippier this evening.

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