Date: 4th September 2014 at 8:23am
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To some it will be just sour grapes, but Tim Sherwood, claims we are a top striker away from being a top four team this season, but to others, he will be spot on.

Perhaps this article is and should be far beyond the opinion of a former employee, however, I think that if we are honest, our realistic status is more top six that the Champions league top four, whether that is due to a lack of class at the top of the team or just a general lack of quality or something else.

Even when we consider that Chelsea look have done some exceptional business and balanced the books, the others of the Manchester`s, Liverpool and Arsenal have spent around £240m more than they have recouped, whilst only Southampton have made more from their summer activity that we have.

Spending money is of course, no guarantee of success, but history shows it helps a hell of a lot and is is becoming harder and harder, just to keep on track with the nations elite beyond the short term, without the ability to but big and buy the best?

Some will point to Spain and last seasons superb season for Athletico Madrid, however will they back that up and beat Barca and Real again after their mass spending and Athletico`s more Spurs like balancing of the books? Time will tell, but whats the betting that they return to the pool below Spain`s massive two sooner rather than later.

Sadly, I always judge a teams long term potential on its ability to spend and then its status in the game. No Champions league is an obvious negative, however if you are a Manchester United, you can get away with it for a while, just as long as you have the ability to pay massive wages and still be seen as playing for an elite club.

Have Spurs ever been seen as a club that might make the breakthrough, as opposed to a club that are most definitely the big four? Its almost always been that we might make the four into a five, but we were always the most likely 5th member and being the Pete Best of football isn`t exactly being a Beatle.

So for me, I will go with a disappointing but realistic 6th place for Spurs this season. My top places are Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, United, Spurs. I can potentially see United pipping Arsenal, however, I can also see Everton nicking our sixth place if we don`t make the required progression. What about you?..