Date: 31st May 2018 at 8:00pm
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The situation surrounding the stadium is looking a bit confused at the moment, so I have outlined three scenarios that may happen, depending on whether there is a delay in finishing construction.

1) Everything goes as planned

The stadium is ready for its first home game in September. We will play any home games scheduled in August away from home with permission from the Premier League.

Test events will be scheduled in August, first with a restricted 30,000 capacity and then with a full house of 61,000 to iron out the kinks before the club move in and take up permanent residence at our new home.

2) Delays cause a temporary switch to Wembley

Construction delays mean it may only be ready in November or December. If that is the case, we will have to decide on whether to play all of our home games at Wembley next season or look for special dispensation from the Premier League.

Currently, as things stand, the rules state that no club can play home fixtures at two different venues during the same season. If the club wants to move in by November, they would have to play home matches at Wembley and get permission to play from Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore and his board of directors.

The FA have given us another two weeks to decide if we want to play at Wembley early next season. If we don’t take this option up, this solution will be off the table.

3) Another season under the arch

We have already left our option to play another season at Wembley to expire, but both the FA and the club refused to comment when asked by Sky Sports about whether we have submitted a request for an extension to the deadline.

This scenario would be a huge setback for Daniel Levy and the club as a whole if we had to admit defeat and stay at Wembley. Hopefully, completion of the stadium is on schedule as the alternatives are certainly not appetising whatsoever.


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  • Hope that after buying a season ticket for the new stadium we actually move in on time.
    Wembley is such a soulless shithole, barring a couple of games there this season there was a distinct lack of atmosphere.
    The team did so well to make it as much of a fortress as they did. There’s no doubt it rallies every other team playing there. Without a doubt it is the same as playing away when being at home.
    Please God let WHL ‘2’ be ready!!

  • It was nearly a hundred and twenty years of White Hart Lane, in waiting for this new stadium of ours.

    What difference is another month or two more when there’s maybe another 100 years or so of it’s own standing?

  • As HT says in the long term it doesn’t matter much. I was involved in enough major construction contracts when I worked for a living to know they are never easy. This one actually appears to be going about as well as you could hope for. Given the stage we are already at and the fact we are past the point where work could be delayed for bad weather I would imagine they have a pretty good idea of when they will finish.

  • If the ground is not finished on time we will have to go cap in hand to the PL to apply to break the rules that say that you have to play all your home games in the same venue all season, meaning we might have another season at Wembley, if of course Wembley are willing. Surely our land management graduate chairman has not failed to that extent in the project management of the new stadium, after all he had plenty of time to plan it while messing around with Archway Sheet metal, what a mess.

  • According to normally reliable media sources the new ground may well not be our only worry. It is claimed that MP is Real Madrid’s preferred target for their now vacant managers job. It is also claimed that his new contract does not include restrictions on him talking to another club, so if Real are serious they would be able to blow the terms of his new £42.5M contract out of the water, and offer him far more options in the transfer market than he currently enjoys at Spurs, to feed any ambition he has to win trophies. Given that he has received virtually no financial support at Spurs it could be said that it serves them right if the guy leaves. Incidentally now June 1st what happened to ” getting our transfer business done early” and being brave and “taking a risk”, same old same old rubbish that is fed to fans every window while we beaver away making our little profit, to add to the £33.5M profit made in 4 summer windows during MP’s tenure, no wonder the guy maybe tempted elsewhere.

  • Frank – Do you ever stop whining ? At least wait until something actually happens before you start moaning about it.

  • No Poch, No new stadium in the coming year. Only VS could provide such a dismal start to the day. Might as well go back to bed and search for a better life in my dreams.

  • Botch isn’t good enough to Manage RM, he would be a fool to take that job now. In fact whoever takes that job has a high chance of being sacked by Xmas, the standard set by Zidane is off the chart.

  • Frank …. Thanks for putting a negative spin on a project (new stadium) that we should all be proud of.

  • Is it just Spurs supporters that can get all down and doom-gloomy in the close season. With not a ref’s whistle to be blown or a football to be kicked?

    How Spursy-Supportery can it get?!

  • Bleedin ell! just come on, Frank and Palmolive oil you continually whinge, whinge and whinge some more, give it a rest.

    As Jod said the New White Hart Lane build is a major project and will always have set backs. COYS

  • In my opinion, don’t you worry fellow Yids, our Poch isn’t going any where, just more bull from the Spurs hating media.

    Think about it Levy would be a bloody idiot if he allowed it to happen without a fight, if say! and a I am only saying if! Poch was to leave, how would fellow Yids react, empty new stadium no doubt, the current side would fall apart, all that’s been worked for over the past 4 seasons a complete waste of time and money, so Levy isn’t going to let that happen, like I said prior without a fight. COYS

  • Forget the new stadium for a bit, if Poch goes so does Alderweireld, Dembele and more importantly Ericksen and Kane and we are bang in trouble next season for CL qualification, etc as furthermore player recruitment will become doubly hard. When we should be looking forward to happy times with the new stadium and regular CL footy we’re looking at doomsday scenarios. All said and done they sign up and we do enter the new stadium and re-join CL looking at those happy times ahead. What a potential 12 months we’re about to embark upon – stability all out of the window. I guess with Poch we could be getting £42.5m in cash and then pulling the financial strings for the players mentioned but that means replacing half a team (OR MORE given their talent) and we’ll be like I said bang in trouble.

  • Typical as soon as we get a taste of success there it goes and so much for being a “family” unless the sound-bites are in someway to sway certain people’s thinking. Fair play to Poch for signing the new contract atleast if he does go we should get top dollar for him but it doesn’t look good at all.

  • el jefe, I’m no ITK but I can promise you this, right now… Pochettino aint goin’ nowhere soon, other than through the doors of the new White Hart Lane.

  • HT…are me and thee the only realist’s amongst us, as in Poch ain’t going any where full stop, no panic from the rest of you Yids. COYS

  • Frank I love you buddy but you are reading too much “Harry Hotspur”! By-the-way I’ve been banned from that whinging man’s site for posting comments suggesting alternate views to his columns.

    Looking at the Poch situation from his interview in Barcelona where he is doing a book launch and vacationing at his home; he has made it clear that he is happy at Spurs and committed to Spurs. His comment that it would be disrespectful to Levy for him to ask for a release needs to be understood in its right context. It does not mean that he is thinking about a move but it would be disrespectful to ask for it, but it is meant to as an explanation of his integrity and honor and as a rebuttal to the suggestion that he would consider a move to RM at this time. I know this because I myself have used the same saying in similar situations…”it would be extremely disrespectful of me to even consider such an option”. It talks of my integrity, my way of life, my ethos, even if the thing being offered was interesting, for me to accept it would make my life a lie and negate everything I had built my reputation on.

  • jvd…”Harry Hotspur” crap, and you’ve been banned haha, you must be to honest and a realist. COYS

  • As far as the stadium is concerned I have faith in Levy’s ability and am sure we will be in our new home for September 1st 2018.

    Of greater concern to me is that I haven’t a clue who we are after in the TW as we are, according to the media, after everyone! The window opened in mid May and closes in early August before the first game, so where’s the solid speculation? Right now it’s like Levy is spreading a smoke screen so thick the media are tripping over themselves trying to find their way out.

  • Not convinced at all – does not look good for this summer let alone next. We need to keep everyone mentioned and move forwards to continue keeping hold of them and improving player recruitment at the same time.

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