Date: 4th October 2017 at 4:30pm
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It is irksome when people argue without them or anyone else knowing what they’re arguing about. Is Harry Kane world class?

Without defining what is meant by ‘world class’ the winner of that argument is normally the one who shouts the loudest/is the most sarcastic/is the smartest arse/cites incorrect ‘facts’. Then, when all the sound and fury is over, we still don’t know whether Harry is world class or not, simply that two people disagree about it, loudly.

Some of those who say our hero is not world class argue that he hasn’t won major trophies with Spurs. By that argument Gareth Bale was not world class at Spurs but he is indeed world class at Real Madrid. Now, however ‘world class’ is defined, one would have to think that it is a measure of a player’s intrinsic ability and worth that it cannot change one way or another with the team-mates a player has around him and whether they together are capable of winning a trophy.

So either Bale is ‘world class’ or he is not, irrespective of who he plays with. If he now moves, say, to Crystal Palace, would that mean he is no longer world class? Another argument I witnessed had a Spurs supporter claiming that Harry is world class because he has now scored as many goals as Cristiano Ronaldo did in the Premier League, in 73 fewer games. But a fellow called Don Hutchinson shouted loudly – mocking the silly Spurs fan – that the two could not be compared because Ronaldo is a winger!

Well, to my mind Ronaldo might start out wide but he is most certainly not a winger. Anyone who notes the positions, mostly central, that he takes up when Real Madrid attack would have to concede this. Also the fact that he is always his team’s leading scorer should conclusively prove that he is a pure striker and relied on more than anyone else for goals. There’s lots of other nonsense being said about whether Harry is ‘world class’ or not, but nobody defines the term, or what boxes to tick when deciding. I am certainly not arguing one way or another, because I couldn’t care less about a meaningless epithet attached to a player I prefer to think of simply as ‘one of our own’!

A clue to what ‘world class’ might mean: I once had the privilege of chatting to former Charlton Athletic striker Eddie Firmani, still I believe the only player to score 100 goals in both England and Italy. Firmani also had in his CV that he coached Pele at New York Cosmos. Comparing Pele to Diego Maradona, Firmani said: ‘Maradona was very good, but Pele made everyone else in his team look brilliant too.’ That’s what I’d call world class.


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  • Harry has the perfect game. MP said recently that Kane is young and will improve?! I have no idea how he can improve any part of his game or even add to it …. unless he learns to fly. That’s the astounding thing, it seems impossible to criticise any aspect of his performance. He makes everything seem so basic and so simple …. and we all know it’s not. I’ve pretty much given up trying to describe him at the moment as he amazes me every time he plays. I can’t see anything changing that in the immediate future apart from injuries.

  • I had this argument with several friends lately and won them all over. There are 3 facts that people cannot argue with. 1. He is one of only 4 players to score 20+ goals in three consecutive seasons (Henry, Shearer and Van Nistelrooy) are the only other players to achieve that feat (the very definition of world class and world class company). 2. He is one of only five players who has won back to back golden boots (Shearer, Owen, Van Persie and Henry). 3. He is the second highest goal scorer in 2017, Behind Messi and ahead of Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Neymar and Cavani etc. No one has an argument to those stats and the only people that do are nobheads. If anyone uses the argument that he hasn’t won anything then you use that to prove he is even better by claiming he has achieved all this in a team that isn’t far superior like Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski…

  • Amazing player to have in a ‘Harry Kane Team’….envy of all the big bucks teams. There is ALWAYS areas EVERYONE can improve on and if I have to nit pick one, it’s his selfishness. I know it didn’t do Ronaldo any harm being a ‘me me’ player, but one has to admit there have been several (recent) examples where a simple pass to a team mate would’ve got us another goal. May be he’s just trying very hard to make up for a barren August. I bet Lukaku is wetting himself in the race for the GB.

  • CS …. I wondered if anyone would bring up the ‘selfish’ comment. Personally, I hope that never changes (at least while he’s on form) because it’s something all confident strikers need. Having said that, I believe that Kane’s football nous will ensure he provides assists when appropriate. Obviously he will make mistakes, and have barren spells, but far less than most strikers.

  • There are still ways Harry can improve, but all are on the mental side of things. The August drought, for one. His performance with England under pressure (ie at a big tournament) is another. As a Spurs fan, that second matters less to me, but there is past evidence that he has struggled in high pressure situations. But he’s so good already.

  • Geof I agree with your counter point. I’d add two points. 1) our stats for shots on goal are impressive, but the end result perhaps could be better. 2) we’ve drawn v the like of Swans and Burnley where shots on goal seemed like desperation stuff and Harry and to equal extent Sonny are both guilty of that. Yes, selfish streak is a vital attribute for any striker (ala Defoe) but with experience I guess they will make better decisions. Suffice to add that I am very impressed with the maturity that Kane is showing and we’ve often said that our young team lacked leaders and is sets a great example…. hope the same follows for the Three Lions….I mean, ‘The Harry Kane Team Mk II)’.

  • What you have to understand is for some people its not about how good a players is, its about how pretty his football is. Kane does not play pretty football, neither did Shearer, neither for that matter does Lewandowski. For these players its about efficiency, about putting the ball in the back of the net as often as they can any way that they can. For me Lineker’s tap ins were always worth more than Ginola beating the same player two or three times, but some people just don’t see it that way. For them style will always be more important than substance. Incidentally Ronaldo and Messi’s goal tally would be a lot more impressive if they had scored them in the premier league.

  • jod, good points. The thing that impresses me most about our Harry is his two-footedness. That 2nd goal v Huddersfield (left footed) had some power and control as it hit the back of the net. His awareness and making space to get a shot off is on par with Messi and Ronaldo. I just feel if we can get Eriksen and Dele move up a notch and be consistent, we’d have the scariest attack in the PL.

  • CS …. All the top teams have scoring problems against ‘bus parkers’ at some stage …. as did Chelsea and Pool recently. United and City will hopefully have the same problem as the season progresses. despite their attacking strengths. Some days the ball just won’t go in! Under MP we have taken more points from promoted clubs than any other team so that suggests the ‘old’ days are gone and we have upped our game. Defoe was a useful striker (despite a complete lack of understanding in regard to the offside rule) but I think his ‘selfishness’ was more harmful to the team than Harry who has a more mature football brain.

  • My warm-up game before the England match starts is the Syria/Australia WCQ (first leg). I’m sure you are all excited about that one! 🙂

  • Harry’s selfishness in front of goal is the top strikers’ prerogative. It’s just doing the job they are all paid to do. However, I have often found myself shouting at him to “pass.” Still, I soon forget all that once he puts one or two of them away. Maybe if he was less selfish in and around the box, he wouldn’t score as many goals as he does.

    When we look at Harry’s all round play, he is far from selfish. He is not a goalhanger (which is not really possible to be in the modern game, anyway). He spends very little time actually in the box. He always comes deep, makes many runs out wide and is always actively involved in the perpetual movement and space-creating for others, as well as himself. He continually brings others into the game with fine lay-offs and through balls etc. He then will more often or not be the one to finish it all off with the crucial strike on goal. Again. this his main job, as our main striker. He also works as hard as the rest of them do in closing down the opposition in their own half when we are playing the “high press”. (Pochettinos philosophy?) – He is also often the one that clears the ball with a strong header, upfield hoof or a neat lay-off that forms a counter-attack from our own box when defending corners and free kicks. He is strong in the tackle as well. And so, in many respects he is one of the least selfish strikers (footballers), I can ever remember watching.

    Harry Kane is a man-machine of the highest order. (Except in August, of course). And, he’s one of our own!

  • Dele, on the other hand, has a lot of progress to make …. hope his mentality allows him to do it because the natural talent is there.

  • For me “World Class” is about being in the top 2-3 players in the world in your position. So what makes you the best? I think it’s the wow factor at a consistent level with very few mistakes: the save no other keeper would make, the last minute saving tackle no other defender would reach, the quality dribble and pass that no other midfielder would see/execute, the goals/assists other strikers can only dream of. I reckon Kane, Eriksen & Alderweireld are all there or thereabouts!

  • I remember when Harry got that “Kung Fu” kick to the head when out on the byline, going for a 50-50 ball. (Was that for Spurs or England)? He just got up, shook it off and got on with it. He’s a tough son-of-a Spur!

    Dele needs to just get up and get on with it as well. He does do most of the time but when he doesn’t he will nearly always be punished for it and in turn, punish the team as a whole. He will not just get himself a ticking off, yellow card, sendings off and/or more suspensions. He will unfortunately serve to make things even worse for himself. It’ll just increase the likelihood of being more of a moving target for opposition players’ niggles and jibes, Spurs and England supporters frustrations and impatience, as well as increased negative, media headlines alike.

    Having said all that, I’m confident that he will learn his lessons well. Hopefully in good time to get back on track asap and, find the form he had for most of last season.

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