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The World Cup!

No, not that one, silly. The other one.

Back in August last year I submitted an article ‘Will Mrs Kane Ever Play For Spurs’? In other words, could women ever compete with men in football. I make no apologies for continuing with that theme. It was written just after the ‘Tournament Of Nations’ last year. I believe many comments on that thread indicated a degree of denial in terms of how competitive the female side of football could be and brought out the historically conditioned responses and attitudes toward women that have prevailed in the past.

If anyone has been watching the WWC they would have some idea of what I was implying in that article. Women’s football is growing and improving at a rapid rate.

The quarter-final between USA and France was about as entertaining as a football match could be. It was expected to be a good game between two very good teams …. and so it turned out. It was initially hoped that both teams would meet in the final instead of an earlier round. But fate intervened when the draw was made. The standard of football was excellent in terms of skill, tactics, stamina, and commitment. It was quite a spectacle. The semi-final between USA and England was also a spectacle to behold. And there were many other excellent games.

Now, in the previous article, many comments concerning the ability of women to play football focused on their perceived lack of attributes when compared to men …. speed, strength, skills, etc. But these comments failed to take in some very telling aspects of historic factors when comparing the ability of both genders:

Throughout history, until very recent times, women have been treated as second-class-citizens in virtually all aspects of life apart from childbirth. They were simply dismissed out of hand when it came to competing with men …. in anything. They were never allowed the resources to realise their aspirations in any particular chosen field of endeavour.

In terms of football, women lacked financial support and all of the specific training requirements and support that their male counterparts have enjoyed … and their progress has been substantially restricted because of it. The financial imbalance, which underlines everything to do with progress, is being corrected as half of the planet’s population demands greater equality, treatment, and respect. Many top football clubs (including Spurs) now have a women’s team. That has to be a huge step forward for women’s football in general. There is a long way to go but the elite female athletes of today (and there are obviously substantially fewer than males) are beginning to show what they are capable of. France v USA was an example.

All of the attributes that we enjoy in the men’s game were also evident in this World Cup …. speed, strength, skill, tactics, flare, passing, movement, and some glorious goals. It was all there.

The fact is, as I previously suggested, that in football’s evolution process women have only just begun to develop because, suddenly, they have been given the opportunity to do so. And this is just the start! The evolution process appears to know few boundaries and has no favourites.

My question to those who watched any of the games is … what did you think?

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50 Replies to “The World Cup. No, not that one, the other one!”

  • Looking forward to the ashes now block, shame that won’t be free to air as well! What a day for sport it was, I had the cricket showing on my TV, the British GP on my laptop, and the Wimbledon final on iPlayer on my phone. Could have done with some of those proverbial ‘eyes in the back of my head’! :- )

  • What a WC cricket final yesterday, didn’t do my old heart any good lol! it was so up n down, we’re going to win this, then we are throwing it away, then back to we’re going to win this, my god what a match, best WC cricket final I have ever watched, well done the lads, commiseration to you Kiwi lads. COYS sorry COYE.

  • I think i am in a position to talk woman’s football as i am a woman who played football. Unfortunately i was in a era as a child were like the history of woman’s football i was surrounded by chauvinistic men and my school didn’t allow girls to play football. It’s typical of the human culture when it comes to men and power. Even now woman are often seen as weaker and not recognised in many jobs, sports and whether we like it or not it still feels like a ‘mans world’. Anyway that’s another subject. I didn’t get to play in a team until about 24 years old, so seeing the transformation of woman’s football these days is great. What chovenistic men dont get is wkman can and do love the game as much as men, watching it as a fan or playing it. The womans game doesnt have to be compared to the mens game, its woman living their dream, like men are. Just like woman fans shouldnt be compared to men fans, neither should the game or the players. As a fanatic football fan and player i cannot believe the way woman have been treated in this sport, the history is there, but like j said, it’s not the first area in life woman get the raw deal, its all about men controlling and thinking they are superior. Why wouldn’t a woman want to do what she loves. Not all footballers make it in the highest tier but there are loads playing at lower level, why is it any different for woman. It may not get to the level of mens football, that doesn’t mean woman shouldn’t play and live their dream. Just like we say to our children, do what you enjoy it doesn’t matter about winning or being the best. Fortunately woman’s football is now getting the support it was robbed of decades ago and people like me have missed out. Just think about how you feel as a parent when your children misses out on something they love, well i was one of them. Born in the wrong era and wrong environment. When i played football at a younger age with my brothers in the garden i was better than all of them and their friends, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, i just was. I understand the game better than many men as well. Woman have the technical skill just like any other sport, and with the right coaching and support and investment it will get better and better, no doubt. We live in a world of technology and knowledge and woman like men can achieve great things in sport. When you look at how fit men have b3come in the modern game, it will happen with the woman’s game. Its not going to happen overnight, and much more investment is needed, but its now on the right track. Will it get same investment as the mens game, not yet, probably not, because we are back to men calling the shots. It’s a mans world still, that my opinion. Woman are still fighting for equal pay in jobs never mind sport, so its not going to be easy. Its life, men dominate in many areas even though we have had two woman prime ministers. To me football is football, whether you play for a Sunday team or a top PL team, whether your a male or female, its the love of the game that attracts everyone. This isn’t new either. My mother has loved football from a early age, supported spurs since she was 18 she is now 84. She has never played the game, she came and watched me, and she got voted best supported of my woman’s team one year. The woman’s game is on the up and about time too. Too many backward thinking people in life with all this conditioned thinking about roles and what people should and shouldn’t do. The woman’s WC this year showed a marked improvement and there was some good entertaining games, lots of skill, lots of technical ability and some good fitness levels. These woman are living their dream, why shouldn’t they and who has the right to condemn them. Football isn’t a mans game, it’s a game full stop.

    • Well said Loz. What women have to do is not rely on men to promote or organise their sport. Even the thorny subject of gender and testosterone levels should be left completely to women to discuss and agree. Personally I cannot ever see women playing for teams at the elite men’s level. That’s not to say a very few couldn’t hack it but it introduces too many complications. I don’t see why mixed teams couldn’t work at lower divisions however if sufficient female talent was there to justify it. That unfortunately is the rub: too many girls lose interest in sport generally after puberty.

  • Loz… well said in your post. Women football is well on the way to being an established sport. The USA have years of experience in this from their high school & college system. Hence USA have won 2 world cups and are no1 team. In Uk / europe we are catching up very fast , but are about 3 years behind USA at present.

  • Loz/LT/B108 …. I think you’ve all highlighted the point of this article; the women’s game is now evolving to the point where they are making rapid progress …. and beginning to catch up.

  • Well that’s it, Trippier home grown English World Cup star, creator of more chances than anybody else in the competition, goes for wait for it £21M, total madness when a 21 year old uncapped player in the same position goes for £50M. If we also lose Rose and Alderwiereld, where will we be defensively, answer we will have gone backwards. We really do the strangest most outlandish things at times.

  • Seems to me the moneybags clubs are starting to reap what they have sown. Real Madrid are a typical example where they are now largely stuck with players they want to move on but very few can afford the stupid wages they tempted them with to join or to stay. If you take Bale as the obvious example, the few who can afford him aren’t going to pay such wages for a 30 year old so why woudn’t he see out his contract playing golf. Serves them right!

  • A bit of gossip that we might offer sick note (Lamela) in part exchange for Lo Celso, that would be a decent bit of work on Levy’s part if he could pull that off and keep Eriksen at the same time.

  • Trippier and Rose despite being good players are not top end as shown for example by being England cover instead of 1st team – if we want to win things we need to be ruthless and now appear to be being so. Trippier is full of defensive errors and Rose cannot cross despite at times getting into very good position’s – he gives his all but that is not necessarily enough. I love Danny and even Trips but like I say ruthlessness is needed to get to the very top and it looks like we are being so. A shame as they are also home-grown but that’s not reason enough to keep them on. Foyth has looked competent at RB including for Argentina in the Copa America – defensively solid enough, it’s just a question of how good he can be going forwards and Sessegnon looks to have a great future ahead of him and risk is also necessary to reach the very top and now is the time to make the move.

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