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The World Cup!

No, not that one, silly. The other one.

Back in August last year I submitted an article ‘Will Mrs Kane Ever Play For Spurs’? In other words, could women ever compete with men in football. I make no apologies for continuing with that theme. It was written just after the ‘Tournament Of Nations’ last year. I believe many comments on that thread indicated a degree of denial in terms of how competitive the female side of football could be and brought out the historically conditioned responses and attitudes toward women that have prevailed in the past.

If anyone has been watching the WWC they would have some idea of what I was implying in that article. Women’s football is growing and improving at a rapid rate.

The quarter-final between USA and France was about as entertaining as a football match could be. It was expected to be a good game between two very good teams …. and so it turned out. It was initially hoped that both teams would meet in the final instead of an earlier round. But fate intervened when the draw was made. The standard of football was excellent in terms of skill, tactics, stamina, and commitment. It was quite a spectacle. The semi-final between USA and England was also a spectacle to behold. And there were many other excellent games.

Now, in the previous article, many comments concerning the ability of women to play football focused on their perceived lack of attributes when compared to men …. speed, strength, skills, etc. But these comments failed to take in some very telling aspects of historic factors when comparing the ability of both genders:

Throughout history, until very recent times, women have been treated as second-class-citizens in virtually all aspects of life apart from childbirth. They were simply dismissed out of hand when it came to competing with men …. in anything. They were never allowed the resources to realise their aspirations in any particular chosen field of endeavour.

In terms of football, women lacked financial support and all of the specific training requirements and support that their male counterparts have enjoyed … and their progress has been substantially restricted because of it. The financial imbalance, which underlines everything to do with progress, is being corrected as half of the planet’s population demands greater equality, treatment, and respect. Many top football clubs (including Spurs) now have a women’s team. That has to be a huge step forward for women’s football in general. There is a long way to go but the elite female athletes of today (and there are obviously substantially fewer than males) are beginning to show what they are capable of. France v USA was an example.

All of the attributes that we enjoy in the men’s game were also evident in this World Cup …. speed, strength, skill, tactics, flare, passing, movement, and some glorious goals. It was all there.

The fact is, as I previously suggested, that in football’s evolution process women have only just begun to develop because, suddenly, they have been given the opportunity to do so. And this is just the start! The evolution process appears to know few boundaries and has no favourites.

My question to those who watched any of the games is … what did you think?

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50 Replies to “The World Cup. No, not that one, the other one!”

  • PY …. If you stop thinking of it as women’s football, and just think of it as football, well, like I said, there were several very entertaining games and every football skill was on show. It deserves to be acknowledged.

  • It’s okay PY. It was more a request than an order… I ain’t no facist dictator!

    But, when you say that a lot of people knew that history already. Point is that probably many more are completely ignorant of it. Most folks I have spoken to about it didn’t have a clue about any of that, male or female…

    Anyway, I just don’t get why anyone would make the distinction between mens and women’s football. To me it’s all just football. And because I love football, I’d probably get a kick out of watching a herd of ageing elephants (male or female), playing the game…

  • What’s more it’s probably gonna be the case that I will be watching the Spurs ladies live more so than I will the men next season. I can’t afford to go the games often anymore. But I still need my live Tottenham fix. The ladies are the next best bet for me. They are THFC as well. And I just know I’ll love it.

    My first Spurs ladies game will be Chelsea at SB. (And it’s free!) There is also Arsenal at the new WHL to look forward to…

    Who needs Harry Kane when we got Sarah Wiltshire banging therm in!

  • Breaking transfer news reports that Spurs have hijacked the Gooners signing of 18 year old centre back prospect William Saliba, oh how I hope this is true! lol

  • HT … I hadn’t thought that Spurs women’s games would be more accessible than the men’s game, but i guess you’re right. Unless I change to Optus (which I’m trying to avoid) I might be seeing more of the ladies. But they’re all cockerels at heart.

  • Well we nicked Sarah Wiltshere from the Gooners. So, why not pinch them before they even get there?!

  • TQ2 … That news is getting a lot of attention but I wonder how much truth there is to it. One media outlet makes a comment and heaps more copy it, rightly or wrongly. It would be kind of nice to steal an Arsenal target but I’m not sure if their supporters could survive it.

  • I don’t pay too much attention to the gossip Geof, would just like it to be true for the obvious reason! :- )

  • TQ2 …. That’s not very considerate of you! I would feel very guilty, even devastated. Mind you, after 5 seconds of that I’d spend the rest of the day laughing. : – )

  • HT….no probs, I understand about your love for the game that is Football, as I do, but you know my opinion regards the ladies side, its just my opinion as is yours being the opposite.

    As I said prior your post was great and I do agree, but do you not think it is pretty sad that the history has to be taught on a football website to those who do not know, you have to ask yourself “why don’t they know?”, oh that’s right we have to be ashamed of our history. Enough said! COYS

  • PY … Not sure what you mean. Personally, I had no idea of the history of Women’s football which is why HT’s comments we’re so interesting and informative. There were probably others who read those comments and learned a few things, too. There are a lot of other things I don’t know as well and will probably only find out about them when they interest me.

  • Sorry Geof I probably wasn’t clear in my writing, yes I knew the history of women’s football, but what I meant the most was the history of women doing the tasks that men generally did in the 2 WW’s, which at the time they did very good and held the fort while their men folk were away fighting, that was my main meaning of history, sorry again if I my miss writing/garble lol! caused any miss-understanding. COYs

  • b108 …. I watched it on TV. It wasn’t much of a game but these games are often pretty boring. A mate wanted me to go up to Perth for it but …. what do I care about United!

  • My nerves are just about shot thanks to the final of the world cup, the cricket kind that is. Boy, what a tight finish!

  • TQ2.. A very nerve jangling win for England. A cricket equivalent of football penalty shoot out down to the last kick. Or in this game last ball, and 1 run… 🙂 COYE Cricket team. World champions 2019.

    That has to be the best 1 day game ever… and the old country beat the down under team.

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