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There is a LOT happening in Russia and very little discussion about it on VS. I think this might be because there is not a ‘World Cup Specific’ article for posters to find easily. Yes? No?

I seem to have watched more games in the group stage this year than any other year since 1966. And there have been so many good performances … many by teams I would least expect it from.

England and our boys are doing well and it’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep it up when the opposition gets stronger. Belgium and our other boys are doing just as well. As they are both in the same group and meet in their next game the adrenaline of all of us should be flowing with a vengeance.

Russia has survived the group stage which is great for the home country and the competition in general. Some of the ‘big guns’ still have some work to do and could provide some WC shocks.

Harry has both the footballing gods and lady luck on his side, as demonstrated by his third goal against Panama. Everything is falling into place so well for him that they may as well give him the Golden boot now! I think it was Real deal who suggested that the test of Kane’s maturity will be on show if he gets a penalty …. in which case Harry seems to be the most mature person in Russia.

Sonny boy scored a wonder goal but looks like he’ll be coming home after his next game. He might well be sitting next to Sanchez on the return journey.

There is a lot to talk about and discuss … so come on VS, share your thoughts on the World Cup and the Spurs boys who are a part of it.

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  • It has been odd jod…

    Yes, indeed, there have been some crucial decisions made with the aid of VAR that were correct and it did its job well… But since when does a blatant, premeditated head-but only warrant a yellow. And that was after the supposed benefit of VAR reviewing it, as the ref hadn’t seen the incident in real time…

    As an England supporter, I’m proud that in the face of so much provocation and downright dirty deeds, that all the team managed to keep their cool… As for being a Spurs supporter, I couldn’t be more proud that our lads not only kept their cool when being kicked, etc, but when taking those pens… Nerves of steel. And that can only be good for Tottenham.

    Also, Davinson Sanchez was one big reason, that England didn’t win that game within the 120 minutes. He was outstanding… He also showed an obvious affection and respect for his Spurs team mates during the match, whilst his fellow Colombia team mates were cheating their buts off and all without any respect at all for the opposition, the ref or the game of football itself… He, at least, stood tall…

  • The World Cup is going perfect for the clubs new White Hart Lane reopening as H Kane World Cup winner golden boot winner and also team mates and the winning world player of the year at end of season the advertising is going to be crazy for the opening . Coys

  • I’m going to give yet more praise to Kieran Trippier… Because I think he deserves it.

    If anyone still doubts his abilities as a wing-back and one that lacks pace… Replay last nights match… He was fast. He showed some real pace when needed…

    So, he was fast, strong, cool under pressure (penalty), and skilful too. Being our main goal-chance provider yet again. From dead balls and open play…

    Not just all that but, he was also very honest and dignified when owning up to making a mistake when conceding that last minute goal… Saying he was gutted for it… I think he was being unnecessarily harsh on himself, given his overall impact and influence in this WC so far…

    And, unlike Kyle Walker, he didn’t pass the buck rather than criticising himself. Whereas Walker more or less blamed Trippier for his own poor defending in giving away that penalty v Tunisia… (Even if I didn’t think it should’ve been given anyway)… Haha!

    I still rate Kyle highly too but, Kieran is still the Spur in all this. And a shining WC star, so far, to boot. Along with our Harry…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Some very positive, enjoyable posts on here today regards “our own” players, on both sides of the field/pitch from everyone, so why is there always one troll belittling every one and thing said, it just does not make sense to me. COYS

  • Geof it gets worse for Man City and the fact they bought Walker and not Trippier. Trippier should not have cost them anything, he was there as a young un couldn’t get games and moved on. He then did well at Burnley, we scouted him, nicked him, and the rest as they say is history.

  • Agree with Bazdog – if HK10 can win the golden boot and even player of the tournament along with England atleast reaching the final – should not only bode well for our advertising avenue’s but even player recruitment. We’ve got 5 first teamer’s in the England squad – be great if they came home with some kind of medal especially a golden one.

  • The one thing tactically I couldn’t understand was why KT was deployed on the post for their goal which went over his head, him and Danny Rose are two of the shortest men in the team totally unsuitable for that duty as the goal proved. We have several 6 footers in the team who would have had a good chance of heading it away.

  • Frank….for years that question has been asked why short players guarding the posts, my answer is I really don’t know, it was the same when I played in the senior/semi-pro leagues, maybe because a lot of fullbacks are/were shorter than 6ft odd.

    My query on that goal was why didn’t Jordan Henderson challenge their man, he was supposed to be marking him afterall. COYS & ENGLAND

  • Job done! Good to see Dele get a goal, he needed that. Harry had a fairly quiet game by his standards. He had one good opportunity to shoot, and decided to pass …. very unHarry like.

    But …. there were way too many misplaced passes and long punts up-field to nobody. That can’t happen in the next match.

    Whatever happens, it has been a successful World Cup for England and will have a positive impact on the Spurs lads.

  • El jefe , also Belgium in final looking likely? Dan is smiling that’s for sure only Alderweireld contract prob going up again lol it’s happening coys

  • Brazil the only one who let me down as regards the semi’s lol but looking on paper Belgium probably had the best players and they all performed last night – should have had a penalty though Brazil and might have made all the difference. Still think it’s France v England in the final – been backing England for a while now – the shock will hopefully come in the final by beating France and getting a 2nd star – what it’s all about! Saw Spain get one in 2010 – now hoping England get a 2nd one!

  • Interesting stat as we reach the semi finals. Spurs still have 9 players left in the World Cup (more than anyone else), Real Madrid have 3, Arsenal have Danny Welbeck. Its not a scientific measure but it does indicate just how good our squad is. Which begs the question, all these names of players we should sign that are flying around – how many of them are as good as the players we already have ?

  • Jod, is so right about the squad team . That says same as I have been saying lol take it 9 players two short of team , players at World Cup … gg, cd,,,cd,, lb,, rb ,,, dm,,,am bbm,,, king Harry ,, so needed winger world class in making or zaha for poch to turn up a notch or two . One more winger as Lucas Moura is in to play more inside like his play in Brazil before going to France . Coys . This World Cup is making Tottenham no1 club team in world ????

  • That’s weird … England and Croatia are supposed to play on 11.7.18 …. I can’t find the result anywhere and it’s 12.7.18! Maybe all the Australian news outlets have missed it.

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