Date: 25th June 2018 at 5:02pm
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There is a LOT happening in Russia and very little discussion about it on VS. I think this might be because there is not a ‘World Cup Specific’ article for posters to find easily. Yes? No?

I seem to have watched more games in the group stage this year than any other year since 1966. And there have been so many good performances … many by teams I would least expect it from.

England and our boys are doing well and it’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep it up when the opposition gets stronger. Belgium and our other boys are doing just as well. As they are both in the same group and meet in their next game the adrenaline of all of us should be flowing with a vengeance.

Russia has survived the group stage which is great for the home country and the competition in general. Some of the ‘big guns’ still have some work to do and could provide some WC shocks.

Harry has both the footballing gods and lady luck on his side, as demonstrated by his third goal against Panama. Everything is falling into place so well for him that they may as well give him the Golden boot now! I think it was Real deal who suggested that the test of Kane’s maturity will be on show if he gets a penalty …. in which case Harry seems to be the most mature person in Russia.

Sonny boy scored a wonder goal but looks like he’ll be coming home after his next game. He might well be sitting next to Sanchez on the return journey.

There is a lot to talk about and discuss … so come on VS, share your thoughts on the World Cup and the Spurs boys who are a part of it.

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    • Geofspurs….might be with you there regards “the other side”, think its easier just to stay loyal to VS and all you characters. COYS

  • Hello guys… what is all this crap on here ???? have VS been hacked or just allowing these spamers access for some funding amounts?

    • Just had issues where the spam filter is being bypassed Block D. Working at sorting. Defintely not allowed stuff and no pay to Vital. Baine of our lives these ****** to be honest.

  • Anyway… tonight, Harry to score goal no.6 England win 2-1. As to toby saying he wants to win against england, i fully expected that, he is playing for his country. Why some spurs fans are having a go on twitter etc. is not right. We fully expect Harry to say he wants England to win, so that is international football World Cup !

  • Obviously Southgate doesn’t want HK to win the golden boot, otherwise he wouldn’t leave him out against a depleted Belgian team in the dead rubber game tonight.

  • Rose was our best player. Concentrated well, gave them problems all game with his pace and stamina.

  • That was one poor match today between England and Belgium. If there is a south gate, find it and toss out the manager through it.

  • Danny Rose England’s best player, can’t understand how Young gets in in front of him. Likewise can’t see how Phil Jones ever got into the 23, he is average at best, Ratchford not that impressive, Vardy chasing shadows, but to be fair to him he hardly got a pass all game. Eventually we got the result giving us an easier passage to the semifinal, but very few of the “first XI” need worry too much about losing their spots.

  • Not what I wanted to see but it doesn’t surprise me at all that we played like that. As it was basically a training and match fitness exercise for our second 11, bar 2 or 3 probable starters v Columbia…

    I’m not going to criticise any of our players for what happened in a match that really wasn’t crucial to our eventual WC progression, whatever the result. Especially knowing that almost all of our key first choice players were not used…

    In a way, it could well work out for the best. And, it’s the next result that truly counts…

    I’m sure that Columbia will make it tough for us… And that is what we should be prepared for anyway, whoever the opposition…

    I reckon it’ll be an exciting and challenging game of football. I look forward to it… Then hopefully it’ll be… Bring on the mighty Swiss or… the sensational Swedes!

  • Frank …. As you point out, it was not the first eleven and there were many changes to the team. Given this, the result is unsurprising and has little relevance …. apart from giving England an easier track through the rest of the competition.

    Rose did play well. So did Dembele.

    Sanchez awaits!

  • Dembele owned the England boys. The difference in class was huge.

    We have no chance of replacing the Moose.

  • I keep reading about how great and irreplaceable Dembele is for Spurs and how he bossed the midfield yesterday. But to me, if a combination of his THFC team mates, Dier and Winks had been up against him yesterday, he might not have had such an easy time of it…

    In other words, if Mousa is to leave for China or wherever, i believe that Harry Winks is a very good replacement for him in waiting…

  • Having said that, Dier had a bad game yesterday… But I’m thinking Spurs here more so than England

  • Botch has wasted 3 seasons trying to make Dire a DM instead of making him into a good CB, now he has become a utility player, however, spurs fans will be forced to watch his slow pondering sideways/ backwards play as a DM because Botch likes him. However, botch has messed up his international career by making Dire something he never was. Well done Botch.

  • I have to say that I really like what Southgate is doing for and with the England team.

    He has been bold in looking to the future of the England team, whilst attempting to prepare a young and relatively inexperienced squad well, to be as strong and competitive as they can be in a WC, right here and now…

    And all this is in a relatively short period as manager. Albeit he has had a head start of sorts, in knowing some of his younger players abilities and qualities from being the U-21 manager…

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